Smartphone Experts Pocket Pouch for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Joseph Holder on 28 Jul 2011 01:02 pm EDT

I have not been exactly kind to my BlackBerry holsters. Over the short few years I've owned a BlackBerry, I've owned many; I even reviewed an excellent case and holster combo here on CrackBerry. And yet through one way or another, I've destroyed them all. "Normal Wear and Tear" has never met the likes of me. I've slammed holsters in car doors, rammed them into counter tops, dropped them from great height, and in general, abused the heck out of them. All of them protected my phone quite well, but no holster can withstand forever the barrage of abuse I can throw at it.

Not wanting to buy yet another holster, I began looking for other options. Then I found the Smartphone Experts Pocket Pouch for BlackBerry Torch 9800. It's a hard leather case designed to protect your ‘Berry from the dangers of life in a pocket or purse. Carrying my smartphone in my pocket means I'm not going to slam it into door or get my phone caught uncomfortably in a car's seat belt. Protected inside its case, I don't have to worry about keys, change, and whatever else is in my pockets destroying my Torch's screen.

The inside of the case is lined with felt to gently cushion your BlackBerry inside the case. Though the case holds very tightly to the phone, the felt helps it to slip out with just a little deliberate effort. That effort is helped by a small pull tab that helps bring your phone out of the case. I'll admit it; it took me a few tries to figure out how it worked. Once it I did though, that pull tab makes things a lot easier.

The best feature of any BlackBerry case, the Smartphone Experts Pocket Pouch features that all-important sleeper magnet. Using this magnet, Blackberry smartphones know when they're in a case and will actually change their behavior. Usually, this means the phone will vibrate more, but these settings can be easily customized in the sound profiles.

The Smartphone Experts Pocket Pouch for BlackBerry Torch is a great alternative to holstering your BlackBerry. Its hard leather case and soft felt inner lining give protection to your phone. It's a very stiff case, but that means your BlackBerry isn't going anywhere once it's inside. Finally, the sleeper magnet gives you all the benefits of a side holder without the almost inevitability of slamming it into a door.

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Smartphone Experts Pocket Pouch for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


First -- but just b/c the post ahead of mine got deleted for some strange reason. Anyway, who the heck cares about a stupid holster?

I think I'd like to grab a couple... However, I can't find the darned thing in the store! I've searched the exact name, by Smartphone Experts, and gone through each page of the Torch cases. Nothing. The link above takes me to


This happens all the time. So far I have had purchases made on Amazon and other websites but could never make it on because it always go to the main page and I have to search and look for it, which is easier when I just google it and end up finding it on Amazon. needs to fix this issue or there revenue will just keep going to other vendors.