Smarter Apps celebrates first year anniversary of Angry Farm with update - On sale now for $2.99

Angry Farm Update
By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2012 01:26 pm EST

The guys at Smarter Apps let us know that they are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their hit Angry Farm with an update and sale. The update brings 50 new levels to conquer as well as the addition of dynamite for those tough to beat levels.

Angry Farm was released a year ago this month and Smarter Apps isgoing to celebrate with a new version of Angry Farm for the BlackBerry Nation! First off we are putting it ON-SALE for a limited time at $2.99. Secondly, we have added 50 NEW and challenging levels for a total of 250 levels of Angry Farm fun. Finally, for any of those levels that the foxes are making it difficult or tricky to get through, we have now added a bundle of "DYNAMITE" which can be purchased to blow up the barn! You can purchase the dynamite via in-app purchase but it can only be used once per hour. All upgrades are free to existing customers for life and Smarter Apps is working on more levels for the future! 

Angry Farm is on sale now for just $2.99, so if you haven't tried it before you should grab it while the gettin' is good. Current users can find the update in BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of Angry Farm

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Reader comments

Smarter Apps celebrates first year anniversary of Angry Farm with update - On sale now for $2.99


As much as I like the game I have to agree they need to work on the various glitches (resetting in Angry farm and the bomb purchase in Zombie Attack) before I spend another dime on their game updates.

sale?? when its 99cents thanks RIM ill keep sideloading my apps until u guys get a clue. u dont have many apps as it is. u were selling madden 12 for 10 dollars when the game sucks ass. plz hurry up and bring OS 2.0

What a whiner. It's nor RIM that sets the price, email the developers instead of being trashing RIM for a couple of bucks.

You can always tell who's an idiot when they blame RIM for prices on apps, not saying any names though.

It isn't smooth at all! I have the free version (or had) on my 9900 - jerky as hell. Pandas v Ninjas is smooth like this should be. Even better - Angry Pigs is smooth and has zoom!