SmartBDocs, create new Office documents on your BlackBerry with ease - 100 free copies to give away!

By Michael Hepples on 15 Jul 2010 09:18 am EDT

Most BlackBerry users have the Docs2Go suite installed on their devices, and many of us use it on a regular basis to handle files in an Office format. One huge limitation of that particular softwarek, however, is the fact that the free version included does not allow you to create new documents. Paying for the premium version can be tough to swallow if all you want to do is add the ability to create a blank Word document, and wiuth the addition of this app, you no longer have to. Extremely simple to use, simply launch the app, click the button for the document you wish to create, and name the file. A new document is saved to your media card, which you can then open and edit with Docs2Go. SmartBDocs is the perfect companion to that software, and costs a fraction of the upgrade fee you would pay otherwise. Available in the CB store for only $.99, you will be hard pressed to find a reason NOT to get this.

Contest: We have 100 copies of SmartBDocs to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

SmartBDocs, create new Office documents on your BlackBerry with ease - 100 free copies to give away!



Finally... an app that is practical, very useful, and not a monetary deterrent. I am already making a daily list of ways to use this app!

Been an avid user of office mobile suits since the days of winmobile and have agonised about the limitations in the free version on BB. Thanks for this - if am lucky !

Wow...this little gem would definitely be really handy when it comes to starting my papers or PowerPoint presentations on the road since I don't have a laptop. Docs2Go is fantastic...if I'm able to get started on work at home, which I'm not always able to. For someone on the go who wants to get more done, SmartBDocs would definitely be a winner!

I'm receiving more & more attachments via email. It would be very nice to be able to make corrections right on my phone!

I have been in a few predicaments where I needed this app. I don't have to create docs enough to splurge on the upgrade. This is a great alternative.

Im currently in school and Docs2Go is too much for me to pay for. I would love to have this app it sounds pretty good. I hope I win!!!

this would be a great app to make it easier to write ideas on the go. right now I use edit mode in docs2go. I'd love a copy

There is a very easy work around in the free Documents to GO version to create new documents. Just take any open document and go "Save as" and call the new file "blank". Then open the new file, go to edit mode and clear all the data and save it again. Now, when you want to create a new document, just open the blank one and save it as whatever you want. The blank document will always be there as long as you use the "save as" function after editing and give the file a new name.

I've done this with Word and Excel and it works great. Haven't tried it with ppt yet.

This would be a great tool to have. I feel very limited using Docs2Go. Thanks for the chance to win this free app.

There are plenty of times when im sitting in class and I need to start a document. I could really put this to use.

Perfect give-away... this is right up my alley. I could use this while writing on the go. Thanks for the offer!!! I hope to win :)

Would love to start using this more. I just can't break myself of the laptop and BB combo. If I tried a little harder, I could do most of what I do on the BB and leave the Laptop at home.

Please let me win this! It will definitely be a great great great help to me! PLEASE I NEED THIS BADLY!!!! CRACKBERRY IS THE BEST!

Hi there! please choose me! I need this app! It's mandatory to my work! So please be gentle! Congrats for your work!

I'm likely to purchase this if I don't win there a way we can be notified after contests like this saying

"we know you didn't win this contest, but here is a link to download it if you are still interested"

Or just save three files on your media card -- a blank word doc, a blank excel doc, a blank powerpoint doc.

Then you can use docs2go and open these blank docs and save them as a new file. boom, now you don't need a new app.

ooooh gimmie gimmie gimmie. Seriously sounds like a great app as a student I will get a good idea in how to start a paper and it would be great to not just take a note somewhere but put a few lines to a paragraph on a doc that i can upload to my laptop and finish without rewriting anything.

would love to have this since i been making documents on my comp and then transfering to bb this would take away that step that would help very much..

Sounds like a useful app. I use Docs2Go frequently on my Storm 1. I think I need one.. just because I'm stuck with a Storm 1 ;)

Thia will come in handy! I can wait to see if I win though. I issue too many documents and memos not too!

This will be a life saver , no more carrying around a comp when I can use this...... Creating word documents instead of my comp for notes would be stellar!!!!!

I'd compose a letter.
I'd crunch my figures.
I'd present them.
Its not easy NOT to have an app like this.

To be honest this is the one and only thing I miss from my previous phones... The Word, excel, pdf ability to view, edit and create docs...I definitely did not want to pay 40+ to upgrade docs 2 go, but $1 is nott bad at all.

This would be a great app to have, I am a student and am in need of this app. Docs2go doesnt help a bit cuz i can't create documents.

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This would be great to have even if I don't win it. $.99 is WAY cheaper than the upgrade for Docs2Go! I do a lot of Word & Excel work & would love to have this!!

In the course of using my BlackBerry
Complete with new software from CrackBerry
With 'free' SmartBDocs
It really rocks!
And would make my Bold very 'Cherry'.

Of course if one doesn't win, all they need is a blank document saved on their media card, all they have to do is open it with docs to go, write what they want, then hit the menu key and use the save as function. That way the blank doc is saved along with the new document. Creating new document problem solved. :)

This would be a great app to add to my curve, not to mention save time from having to create the doc on my pc and send it to my bb

I would save my $.99 and just keep a blank word and a blank excel file that I could either copy and rename or save as. That's what I did up until I got the full version of Docs2go. I figured such a simple solution was probably used by all BlackBerry users with the free version already. Go figure. Now you need to pay $1 and have a special app? No thanks.

I feel so free to "work on the go" with my BlackBerry in hand, but feel quite limited in my ability to create Word docs. This app would definitely round out my "virtual office" freedom!

please please send me one!!! i would love to use this program and do business from my phone!!!!! sniff....sniff....tear....wipe nose...sniff..........