SmartBDocs, create new Office documents on your BlackBerry with ease - 100 free copies to give away!

By Michael Hepples on 15 Jul 2010 09:18 am EDT

Most BlackBerry users have the Docs2Go suite installed on their devices, and many of us use it on a regular basis to handle files in an Office format. One huge limitation of that particular softwarek, however, is the fact that the free version included does not allow you to create new documents. Paying for the premium version can be tough to swallow if all you want to do is add the ability to create a blank Word document, and wiuth the addition of this app, you no longer have to. Extremely simple to use, simply launch the app, click the button for the document you wish to create, and name the file. A new document is saved to your media card, which you can then open and edit with Docs2Go. SmartBDocs is the perfect companion to that software, and costs a fraction of the upgrade fee you would pay otherwise. Available in the CB store for only $.99, you will be hard pressed to find a reason NOT to get this.

Contest: We have 100 copies of SmartBDocs to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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SmartBDocs, create new Office documents on your BlackBerry with ease - 100 free copies to give away!



But, Docs2Go has the great functionality of sycning files with your PC.

If all you want to do is create a new doc, and I presume edit it, this $.99 app sounds pretty good and would have come in handy for me.

But, I use detailed standard forms that I build on my PC, where I spend 90% of my working time, and they sync to my Bold 9700 and are easily accessible and manipulated on the go with Docs2Go.

Currently, I'm on the road for three weeks working from my parents' home in Kansas and I am doing 90% of my business from my phone and the balance on pen/paper and/or my dad's computer.

One downfall of Docs2Go is that it is a hard-wire sync as opposed to OTA.

attractively priced!
indeed hard pressed to find a reason not to get it, but hey I may just win it.. so =P

Wow...This would be really cool to have/own. Going to test the waters and see if I get lucky and win me a copy. And if not...I shall purchase.

Much easier to swallow than $50 for functionality that should already be in a business phone!

C'mon CB ! ! Its your boy down here in HotLanta!!! This would go perfectly on my 9000!!! Let your boy get one of these!!!

Whoever thought of this is pretty bright; they saw a need and addressed it. I'd definitely like to win a copy!

Seeing as this saves me from attempting to always leave an unused doc on my bold -- which I never remember to do -- it would be great.

This looks to be a very useful application for my Bold 9650. I would love to add this to my favorites as I would use it frequently. Thanks CrackBerry for the great work on this review.

$ that's a novel idea. I wish more BB apps were priced like that.

That being said, I would love to win a free copy!

It would be great to have the ability to create new docs... not that I use Docs2Go much, but being able to do something when you need to is a big plus!

YES!!! I've been waiting for this app. Pls, pick me for a free one. Free will be great, I've got to tell everyone I know about this.

Brand new to
This app looks like it would be sooo helpful. Please let me win one!

Now here is an app I could sink my teeth into. I work Training Management for the Army and there are plenty of times that I may be away from my office but need something done "now". Being able to make something on the fly would be awesome!

I could really use this app as a new entrepreneur its always good to be able to do documents on the go. Besides I NEVER wind anything

I have never won one of these applications. I used to use Docs 2 Go on the Palm platform, but can never muster up the financial courage to spend that much again for my Storm2. I hope I win!

This would be very useful as i keep a blank file on my media card so that i can create them as i need.

I would love to have this app. Thanks CrackBerry. I'm always writing articles and using Word and PowerPoint on my BB when I'm on the train.



Well this is easily one of my most wanted apps! As a student, I always need to create new Office docs on the go, and to edit them quickly when I get a brainwave. This would make my life so much easier, as my next year looks set to get even tougher! Crossing everything for the next few days :)

But all you need to do is have a blank document on you berry, open it with Docs2Go and save as a new file. All free.

This would be so beneficial to me in my business when I am out of the office without a laptop. I need this free copy.

ive never entered a contest so i thought id try this one. i wonder if my resume would show up on this app

I've used the Doc app on my friends BB and its so much better than typing your work in Notepad or an email.

I do half my school work on my blackberry and than just email it to myself with this app it'll be so much easier. I hope I win!

I already have the premium version on my BB, but this would be a great addition for my wife's BB! :)

This should be one of the aplications in the Bb system default. I believe this is the best replacement for the DocstoGo app, and i shure would like to own it on my 8800.

Thanks to the creator.

This would be a great app to add to my blackberry. It would help a lot while I am traveling & don't have time to plug in the laptop. I'd love to win a copy!

This would be a real plus to have on your BB. Many times I wish my BB could accomplish this and I would be ahead of the game in my profession. Keep up the good work folks..

Free copy sounds nice. I use mine to hold like a resume to email at anytime. Shame I can't edit the docs tho. If I could get one of those copies can make me a happy man.

It's painful not being able to create docs on docs to go, and i'm not paying 15 bucks for the full version. this seems pretty awesome.

I'd love to have this app on my BlackBerry for free. Work with a lot of MS files so this would be very useful to me.

Try this instead - take a short document/spreadsheet, delete all of the information in it, save blank document. Next time you need a new document, open the template you just created and save as the new name. Not rocket science. Does not require yet another app.

Please enter me into the contest. I didn't know this existed or I would probably already have it. But what's better than 99 cents? Free!

Please enter me into the contest. I didn't know this existed or I would probably already have it. But what's better than 99 cents? Free!

I want a nice app from which I can write office documents right from my blackberry! This app looks pretty simple and looks like it does the job right. Would be really necessary for my university projects, i could just edit the file on the go.

Thanks a lot Crackberry and QuiteSimple for this.