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Smart Tags – BlackBerry NFC app revealed

Smart Tags – BlackBerry NFC app revealed
By Bla1ze on 2 Apr 2011 05:15 pm EDT

Although a lot of what RIM's plans are for long term NFC usage are still unknown, we're now getting a glimpse at their Smart Tags app. Smart Tags at least, at this point seems to be a rather simple application that allows you to share images and assign tags to those images. Upon loading the app you are given two options, "Create tag" and "Search". Clicking on create tags lets you "Click to add new image" where you can then fill in the details for the image, once saved it marks the image as a "Smart Poster" although, what exactly you can do with it after that remains to be seen.

While images seem to be the main focus here you kind of have to step away from thinking about them as images. They're essentially tags now. Tags that your device and others should eventually be able to read -- and extract information from. That information could be anything from just a plain old URL, to something more specific as your contact details. Of course, we're stuck waiting to see what other things RIM plans on doing with NFC but there isn't exactly a huge rush on it -- NFC is still very new and aside from scanning your own bank card just for the heck of it you'll find very little, if any use for it. You can jump on past the break for some more images of the app.

Smart Tags – BlackBerry NFC app revealed

Source: N4BB

Reader comments

Smart Tags – BlackBerry NFC app revealed


It will be interesting to see what evolves from NFC technology in Blackberry's. Right now I personally don't have a huge interest in it but we will see if that changes as the uses and ideas for it grows.

We use NFC "keys" at my appartment building to get in, it would be great if I could use my BB to get in as I only have two of those keys. Also, I might only need to bring my BB and not my wallet one day... If it only works as a reader, I don't think it would be very useful.

Really? To get into your apartment building sounds more like an RFID key. We use that for access at my job, which many employer sites use. If you have a card, I think it's more likely embedded with an RFID chip. NFC chips are still very young in consumer applications.