Share contacts better with Smart Contact Share for BlackBerry 10

By DJ Reyes on 1 Jul 2013 11:00 am EDT

The need to share contact details arises from time to time but sometimes one doesn't need all the contact details you have stored for the person. Sometimes they just need an email address or telephone number. For a lot of my contacts, I have many entries stored within a contact. From multiple email addresses, multiple telephone numbers, sometimes even a home address or a work address. When I need to share someone's contact details they don't always need all that information.

For something quite simple and perhaps should be native to the contacts app on BlackBerry 10, it is missing. What I mean is the ability to just share specific contact details. This is where developers jump in and fill that void. Enter Smart Contact Share. The developers that brought us Hub++ have made an intelligent contact sharing app that allows you to choose which details of a contact you want to share. If you just needed to share an email address, then just share the email address. It's the same process if it was just a telephone number someone was needing.

It's a simple concept and something that is very useful. While you can open the app from the home screen and share a contact from there, most of the time you'd probably automatically open the native contacts app. The developer has thought about this and so they have made the option to use Smart Contact Share via the BlackBerry 10 share option, making things even more convenient for the user.

There really isn't anything else to the app but it certainly fills a gap. For 99 cents you really can't go wrong with it.

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Share contacts better with Smart Contact Share for BlackBerry 10


This is definitely a feature that I think should be a native element of the contact app like the post says. I like to support third party developers, but I hope this becomes native in 10.2.

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Good app; dead simple to use. Should be baked it, but it isn't, so I'm dealing with it.

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My app is in that folder with the rest! :D

Haha sorry, surprised me for a second.

Great app, very simple, but quite useful, love that it's a native app! :)