Smart Communications slashes BlackBerry data plans by 50 percent

Smart Communications slashes BlackBerry data plans by 50 percent
By DJ Reyes on 26 Jul 2012 05:16 pm EDT

Philippine carrier Smart Communications has slashed its BlackBerry data plan down to P599 from P1,200. The announcement was made through their Facebook page, it is certainly be something welcomed by current Smart customers.

The BlackBerry data plan, called BB Unli Data includes unlimited BBM, email, internet browsing (surfing) and social networking. With Smart bringing the plan down to P599 per month it puts it inline with the other major carrier in the Philippines, Globe Telecom. The new price is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Smart also offer daily and weekly BlackBerry data plans for P50 and P300 respectively. To get yourself the onto the BlackBerry data plan all you have to do is text 'BB Month' to 2207. Of course, if you're just wanting the daily or weekly plan just insert 'day' or 'week' instead of month.

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Smart Communications slashes BlackBerry data plans by 50 percent


Yes, thank you for that. I was wondering how much it represents.

I was wondering although... If one would by an iphone, how much would she/he have to pay foir the same data plans?

Compare against the average monthly pay in Phillippines, which in recent data appears to be around U$5-600 before deductions. Now remember that is the national average, and many will earn much less than that so a few wealthy individuals can earn many times more.

Wow! this is tempting. I just make the switch. Sun Cellular, when are you going to drop your data plans?

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

its only $14USD but i think its still a tad expensive esp for a 3rd world country. plus the speed and quality of the service itself is very 3rd world as well.

plus smart is well know for disappearing prepaid credits. and when you call them, they'll tell you it was used for browsing, but when you try to browse without a full blackberry plan (e.g Social or BBM only), you get the message the service is not allowed, but they still charge you anyways.

The more politically correct term is "Developing Country". Whether you like it or not, in essence, we are still a third world country according to the United Nations and other sources.

Actually cool, I wish SUN would have some cool prepaird BB Play, could really use one for travelling..

Still it is expensive, not to mention BB are not compatible with smart services only a few unit/model will worked....

If BB data compression truly helps unclog data pipelines, it would make sense for carriers to cut rates on BBs and push for their sale.