Smart Communications introduces new BlackBerry packages in the Philippines

By DJ Reyes on 21 Dec 2010 03:29 pm EST

Are you a BlackBerry owner in the Philippines and on the Smart network? Then read on. Smart have introduced what they're calling the BlackBerry Lite Bundles which Smart say will give users the most value for their money.

There will be two Lite Bundles available - the BlackBerry Lite Social Bundle and the BlackBerry Lite Email Bundle. From the names themselves you can see who they're targeted to. The Lite Social Bundle will unlimited (unli) access to your favourite social networking apps, instant message (BBM). The Lite Email Bundle gives you push email and BBM.

Both Bundles are priced the same at P35/day, P100/week and P299/month from now until January 31, 2011. These charges will be on top of the monthly postpay fee while for prepaid customers the charges will be deducted from the load (top-up). Prepaid customers will also need to maintain a minimum of P1 in the account throughout the duration of the service.

There are no details as to what the prices will be after this date. The Bundles are currently available to current Smart subscribers who own BlackBerry on either a prepaid or postpay plan. To find out more text BB HELP to 2207.

Source: Sunstar

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Smart Communications introduces new BlackBerry packages in the Philippines


Globe also offer similar packages at 300/30 days. Still it's good news for pinoys that are low on budget but want to maximize the use of their BBs.

yup Globe quickly imitated! can't wait for Sun Cellular to offer prepaid data plans too! they currently offer 999 unlimited bis for postpaid/month. 50/day 75/3days 250/7days too. cool huh. that's everything, not lite packs. thanks crackberry and cellunlock my Globe Curve is now unlocked! :)