Grab some BlackBerry World bargains with Smart App Shopper for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 23 Jul 2013 07:31 am EDT

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was just one place you could visit where you would find all the discounted apps and games within BlackBerry World? Well, now you can - with Smart App Shopper for BlackBerry 10!

Smart App Shopper eliminates the need to go searching through BlackBerry World for bargains. Just launch the app and anything that has received a discount will be right in front of you. This doesn't just apply to paid applications so to speak. If an app was paid but for promotional reasons has then gone free those too will be shown.

The user interface couldn't be more friendly. You have three tabs at the top of the display for 'Paid & Free', 'Free' and 'Paid', or you can jump into the menu where you can further filter by games or apps.

A genius idea and Smart App Shopper is free to download so there is no reason why you shouldn't have it on your BlackBerry.

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

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Grab some BlackBerry World bargains with Smart App Shopper for BlackBerry 10


Great, something to give more functionality to our lethargic app world system, let's hope those darn GPS maps won't appear on the list :)

Z10 Rocking

Mostly focuses on BB10 but in the updates coming you will be able to specify the supported device you like ;)

Great idea, I agree is should be native but it is nice somebody built this... I wonder, has blackberry thought of the "app of the day" concept?

Hey James, loving the app and game reviews. I have one request, while I've noticed that in some videos, where the app is compatible with the Q10, you have shown a glimpse of it running on the Q10 (such as your FastTube review). For the benefit of myself and other CrackBerry readers, I'd like to see a little more of the Q10 if possible. In a 2-3 minute video like this one, it would be awesome to see you just flick through the menus/features of the app for about 20 seconds and then focus back on the Z10.

I'm sure there are people like me who are on the fence about which BlackBerry 10 device to purchase and it's generally agreed that the Z10 is the device for media consumption and it makes sense to focus your app/game reviews on this device - However, as a potential buyer on the fence, I'm generally quite curious how some apps/games (that claim to run on the Q10/Q5 on BlackBerry World) run on the Q10 so that I can get a real world idea of what it's like to run apps/games on a device with a square screen.

Thanks so much, keep up the good stuff :)

" Unavailable for this device " great!! Thanks Verizon I enjoy not being able to download : not


Doesn't capture all stuff on sale. Several games that are on sale arent even shown with this app. But good attempt

Posted via CB10

The app captures everything. The magic happens on a server that just started to work a few days ago. If the app was on sale at that point there is no possible way for it to know that this is not the normal price...

There are few that came on sale recently at the same time. It captured some kit the others. Sorry to be bearer or bad news. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Perhaps but I'm only stating what i see. Providing additional info.... well the developer knows how to reach me..let them. but it's a good effort otherwise and nice to se that the developer has issued an update already to fix a few issues.

Posted via CB10

What a clever idea for an app! What will they think of next?

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Hi James and thanks for your efforts buddy :-). This may be a little off topic but is this available for Playbook James? Additionally maybe you can pass the following on to the powers that be at Blackberry. How about making BB10 available as a beta for Playbook owners. Then take a Playbook poll who wants it. I guarentee you the majority of us Playbook owners will want it. I still support Playbook and use it daily but really feel the Playbook was killed because of economic reasons and not because its hardware is not fast enough to run BB10. If the inferior hardware iPhone 4 can run IOS 7, superior Playbook can easily run BB10. Please pass this on James. Thanks.

Simple cool and clever. And free as well!!!! Thank god for devs like you harkal!!!

Posted via CB10

Not working on my Z.
Downloads and installs. When I open the program the circle spins for a long time and when it stops nothing is populates in any category.
Any ideas James?
Have deleted, re booted and reload it 3 times.
Works on my wife's Z.

Posted via my PlayBook or CB-Z10!

4Glte and berry's ...just tried wifi as well ...
Hit the overflow menu and I can get to "More apps by this developer" and see 4 apps of yours.
My wife and I are on the same carrier and plan.

Posted via my PlayBook or CB-Z10!