slotRadio+ Music Card - Preloaded Card & 4GB memory for your Verizon BlackBerry - Two cards up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2010 12:27 pm EDT


A few weeks ago I received a slotRadio+ music card courtesy of the folks at SanDisk to play around with. The card is a preloaded microSD card that has 1,000 songs and offers 4GB of memory for saving photos, music or videos. The cards work in all Verizon devices and are available as Billboard HITS or DECADES. Each card has 8 preset playlists and the free slotRadio+ application lets you easily play the music from the card on your device. This makes for an easy solution if you're looking to have some tunes on your BlackBerry, but don't want to go through the effort of downloading songs or installing other streaming media applications. The cards also offer 4GB of additional storage so you won't be out of luck trying to save other media when the card is installed. Currently only available for Verizon devices, the slotRadio cards sell for $49.99. Not the best (or cheapest) soution for getting music, but it gets the job done.

Contest: We have two slotRadio cards (one DECADES and one HITS) up for grabs. Just leave a single comment on this post for your chance to win. Keep in mind these cards and the application only work in Verizon devices. So if you aren't with Verizon, please don't enter. Contest ends Sunday at midnight. 

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Reader comments

slotRadio+ Music Card - Preloaded Card & 4GB memory for your Verizon BlackBerry - Two cards up for grabs!



This is a great idea for people on the go. Thank you for all the fabulous contests and prizes that are for grabs. Keep up the good work and Blackberry speed.

I always wondered if there was something like this around. Then I never found anything like this. So cool though.

This is a must have for me. I have a tour from Verizon and this would definitely give my BB tour a much needed and necessary upgrade. Considering the majority of space taken up on my current memory card is music. And I'm constantly putting new music on daily. Thank you crackberry for these contests I don't think half or us would know about the products or apps without your guys.

Sounds like a cool idea...but is a little pricey. Would work well for me as I really never take the time to put music on my berry since I am on a BES I connect to my pc with a wire about 1 every other month or so...

Good luck to all!


This needs to be my lucky day, cause I've wanted one for my Verizon Blackberry Tour for a long time now!!

I'd really like to win one of these times haha. Thanks for the giveaway. Do you ever get extra stuff and keep one for yourself or other crackberry employees?

Thanks for the contest.

Maybe it's my lucky day; I just pulled my BB out of the bowl of rice that was drying its innards. It took a brief swim in a mud puddle on Saturday and seems to have survived with all data and functions intact.

Hey, Crackberry, I need one of these cards to help make my VZW Tour seem cool again. That is, if I can get this trackball to move to the right....


This would be fantastic in my phone:) I am such a music junkie and the very small (1gig) micro SD card I use is full! Would love to win this!

I guess there are perks to using Verizon as a carrier after all! Choose me! Old people like me would appreciate the decades worth of music.

Wow! Way cool contest to win. Would be a perfect item to complete my new 9650 by VZW!
I never win!
Pick me please!

this would be great to have. my 8GB recently stopped working on me :( would be nice to have some awesome music for my berry ^^

I'm interested in obtaining one of these. My current card is packed to capacity and I'm a serious music lover. I'm excited that there is a benefit to being on Big Red!

This would be great for when I'm exercising. I need to shake things up w/ my blackberry music.

I hope SD and billboard will work out something like this with other carriers. Or better yet this could be a great buisness venture. Customer tells you what kind of music they like and you load a mem card with it and ship it to a customer, all for the low price of $$. LOL, I want 10% if anybody shoots for this

This would be awesome...I never find time to load my phone up with music. This would be great with my storm2! I'm using my 16gb card on my flip cam so I don't even have a card in my phone atm! :(

I got a SlotRadio card with an MP3 player a few years ago (full size SD card, so it doesn't work with BB). It was a pretty good selection of music... reminded me of a satellite radio station.

Adam, my man, so check this out. I workout every week at least three times weekly. I only mention this because my love affair with the gym has worked miracles for me. I'd once been in the USAF, was in great shape, and got married, got out, ballooned to a whopping 335. Since starting the program again, working out, I've dropped to 250 lbs, that's right a total loss of 85 pounds. All of this was possible because of MUSIC, that's right music. It kept me focused and allowed me to "zone" out and forget about the fact that it was going to take me 3 years to reach my goal. So, how about adding to my list of musical numbers to keep me going, HUH? Sorry if it sounds a little jeeberish or corny to boot, LMAO (no pun intended)!

This would be a hot item for the other carriers like AT&T if you focused on genres such as Mellow jazz aka smooth sounds, Hot Sounds: ie: Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg California Girls, etc. Get the hint San Disk....

You have the best give-aways!Would love to win this one for one of my co-workers - they have Verizon! good luck to all~

Oh man I could really use this considering I'm all out of memory on my card now, due mostly to music, this would be great since it already comes with music plus 4 gb of space!

There's no love for the Storm 1 anymore, a little music is just what it needs to feel loved again. I love to show off my Storm any chance I get, some new tunes would make it the shiniest of new toys!!

I would love to win this card, the slotRadio on the card will help my memory problem, and all those songs!!!!!
I hope I win one of the cards!!!!!

can i have it like that?haha!hope this time ill win those one!more power to crackberry!(BLACKBERRY LOVE!)=)