SlingPlayer Mobile For BlackBerry Leaves Beta!

By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2009 10:00 am EDT
Sling Player Mobile Updated!

Sling Player for BlackBerry was one of those long awaited applications that seemingly took forever to go live on BlackBerry devices and finally the announcement came that it had been released way back in December. Fast forward to now and Sling Player for BlackBerry has grown up ever so slightly and is no longer considered a beta application with having reached the milestone of 1.0 status. Although to look at the update and the previous version seemingly not much has changed from what I can tell, but I'm sure there's maybe something different (or at least they're satisfied enough now with stability and usage to drop the beta label).

In other news, something for you iPhone fans out there, you'll be happy to know that Sling Player Mobile for iPhone has been submitted to the Apple App Store, so soon enough iPhone and iPod Touch users will get some love as well.

Sling Media is still offering a free 30 day trial of the application for BlackBerry devices. Just head on over to via your BlackBerry and download the installer. After the 30 day trial is up, you'll be looking to pay $29.99 to retain the services.

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SlingPlayer Mobile For BlackBerry Leaves Beta!


I'm running still running the beta on my Storm. Just sucks that it's not optimized for it. (small screen) But it works.

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I bet the Storm version of SPM will be out within the next month or so- In the Sling Community forums, the old manager of SPM Beta, who used to always communicate with us, said the big reason why SPM was not being developed for the Storm was the firmware was not able to handle it at the time.

Well, the next official version for the Storm is coming out soon, I heard March 31st. Since Sling wouldn't release any beta for a leaked version of firmware, they would be waiting until the official version is out, which is coming soon.

I think the problem is that it was not developed for the storm. I was a beta tester and I talked to them about it. The coding is alot different for the storm and this was being written for the majority of blackberry owners. Us storm owners are in the minority when it comes to blackberry users. I say just patience and we will get it.

one there maybe as well is that possibly they are going to roll out a TV product for the storm.

The storm is still young, I am sure they have big media plans for it.

YUP....still doesn't work over 3G on the att bold....only on wifi. Same sh*t as with the beta one. Slingbox provides that really wonderful "it can't possibly be our software thats wrong" type attitude when you try to get tech support. The phone-in support is CLUELESS and the slingbox support forum, well, when you can get the slingbox people to respond, its NEVER an issue with slingmobile software. Funny how ALL my other 3rd party apps work perfectly over att 3G....hmmmm....

guess i am savin' $30 a month too....which is way too much anyway.

Their support has really put me off their product.

Its weird how it works for some and not for others.....

for me it works great on else would I catch March Madness while stuck in a 90 min commute from work???!!!

I bought a slingbox so I could watch movies when sitting in waiting rooms and traveling (hubby driving). Hooked up the slingbox and at first I couldn't get any sound. Called Tech support and they walked me though the process and Finally got sound. After hanging up I realized the sound wasn't the sound for what I was watching. So I called Tech back. I had the sound for my TV going thru the Home Theatre. They said my option was to unhook home theatre to be able to use slingbox. I talked to three different techs and ended up returning slingbox. One of my biggest disappoints ever.