SlingPlayer Mobile Beta for BlackBerry Finally Available!

By Bla1ze on 30 Dec 2008 08:03 am EST
SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry Finally Available!

After a fairly lengthy wait for its release, it has finally arrived and now the fun begins for all you SlingBox owners out there. Provided you have one of the supported devices and a SlingBox you can now take advantage of a free 30 day trial of Sling Mobile for BlackBerry and if ya dig it enough you can get all the service you want for $29.99.

A quick look through the forums shows a lot of users are already digging their services, so what do ya say folks? Will you be joining in on the action or passing it up? Or maybe you already got yours and wanna tell us all about how great it is... be sure to hit up the comments and let us know what's up with SlingBox on BlackBerry.

For more information on Sling Mobile for BlackBerry check out Sling Media's site and if you are already set up and just need to install the app point your BlackBerry to the mobile site to get up and running.

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SlingPlayer Mobile Beta for BlackBerry Finally Available!


No curve 8330??? c'mon people! weve been waiting for ever for this stinking program!!
I noticed that the bold is the only phone that doesnt have an asteric saying that you have to use the wi-fi connection. I hope you will be able to use the app on the 3g network and not just on wi-fi, anyone heard anything about this??


There is no "official" CDMA or Edge support.. that doesn't mean it won't work. Wifi & 3G are all that Sling is saying is supported so they are not hammered with calls of poor quality streaming.

I also think that the 8830 and 8330 use old processors that have issues with the streaming protocol used by Sling.

Yea I am so flipping hot about my 8330 from Sprint not working I am seriously thinking class action against RIM.

I bought this phone with images of Slacker and Slingplayer in my head and now to find they will never work is not making me feel like a wanted consumer.

I know the whole GSM vs. CDMA argument however to put a AT&T Curve and a Sprint Curve without branding in someone’s hand they will not be able to tell you the difference.

I'm sorry RIM, I love my Blackberry but this is complete BS.
It's like you sold us a Corvette only to get the THIRD oil change and find it really has the engine of a CHEVETTE!

Sure GSM is the most common protocol worldwide but have a fracking CDMA group that has similar launch schedules as the GSM group so the devices drop at the same time with the same features!

I bought the 8830 on day one, then the 8330 on day one.
I will NOT make that mistake again.

From here it looks like you develop phones strictly for AT&T then you might be willing to make a lesser CDMA version if you can find the spare parts to make it kind of work, then you will have these long release cycles to update them as the GSM counterparts are flying high. IMHO this is anticompetitive behavior and needs to be corrected.

It makes no sense why I should have to switch carriers to get an identical looking phone, if you can't support CDMA phones then give up.

I am placing all the blame for this fiasco at RIM's doorstep!

Dude, relax. It's just a beta and they could ultimately support CDMA based BBs soon. Let the GSM users work out the bugs.

I don't get why you are blaming RIM for this. Slacker and Slingplayer are developed by third party developers. If third party developers don't support CDMA 3G enabled BBs, how is that RIM's fault?

Your analogy with the corvette isn't correct. Sticking with cars, I think the correct analogy is perhaps a comparison between a Mitsubishi Lancer and an Evo. Both cars look identical (to an extent), but the Evo is a performance car. It's like you are complaining about how the Evo needs special performance parts and that it's the manufacturer's fault. Similarly, you have been enjoying 3G EVDO speeds while ATT Curve users have been cursed with EDGE, and you are now complaining about how you don't have compatibility.

I understand your frustration though as I went through the same thing with application compatibility with Windows Vista, but if you have a complaint, complain to Slacker and Slingmedia.

PS: I do not work for RIM, Sprint, ATT or any affiliated company.

Why are you blaming RIM? It's not their fault Qualcom makes shitty processors for the CDMA network. You should blame Verizon/Sprint for continuing a crappy network even though it is dead in the rest of the world. If you take your "world phone" to the UK and roam on the GSM network over there, I'm sure you will be delighted to find out Sling works like a champ.

VZW controls the world.... Didn't you know that? They make slingbox not support Blackberry phones without wi-fi. And they make RIM remove wi-fi chips from any CDMA Blackberry, even for other carriers. They also crashed AT&T's network, assasinated JFK, shot down Amelia Earhart's plan, blew up the Hindenburg, killed Jimmy Hoffa, made Sprint purchase Nextel, canceled Family Guy, then brought it back, wrote speeches for Martin Luther King Jr, hiding Osama Bin Laden, covered up the Roswell "incident", and invented the internet....

As for slingbox....its awesome. The fact that I cant get slingbox mobile on my 8830 WE is annoying. I'm keeping the slingbox though

Slingbox definitely interests me. I've been thinking about getting it for a qhile now. I usually have my laptop with me when I travel, so it could work with it (although I usually am working on the laptop). Having the option to watch on my BB would nice (work on laptop, have BB beside with Slingbox running). Once Niagra hits the CMDA market, we'll see if it will be supported. :)

I would assume that if it works on a Curve, or Pearl (flip), or 8820, or the Bold, it should work on ANY version of those Blackberries.

SO ... I'm wondering if anyone with a supported device can find the address for the download page and post it here.

I'm willing to install it on my Storm to see if it works!

It seems to work on the Storm check the Slingplayer forums for the directly download links.

I tried it on the 8330 and 8830 and there is no dice.

Be sure to check, there is a curve and a bold build of the software to save you some time....

Hi fellow crackheads!
Just fired up Sling Mobile for Blackberry on my AT&T Bold. It works beautifully with my Slingbox AV and Comcast digital cable. Setup on the Bold took less than three minutes. So far, its great!

I'm having trouble with the Bold install of the Sling Mobile. It keeps telling me that I need to support Javascript and accept cookies. I've made the changes to support javascript, killed the browser and even restarted, but it won't let me select the country for the install. Anyone who is using the Bold have any success or advice?

I noticed the same message about Javascript, but once I followed the onscreen guidance, it worked fine. Give it another shot!

Can't believe that newest 3G phone with the largest screen is not one of the supported devices. I have had nothing but problems with my very expensive Slingbox AV and now this. Can't use it with my Blackberry.

Not sure if there is an onscreen volume control since I just started playing with it today! I'm guessing there is though in the remote control bar. In any event, I've been changing the volume with the Bold volume button on the side.

I previously had a Verizon Wireless MotoQ and had Slingplayer in it. and worked fine.
My take is that the Storm (which I now have one) has a touchscreen and they probably need to work on the user interface, inputs and larger screen.
Is only a guess; I can't still understand that this product was announced in CES 2008 12 months ago and is only on Dec30th that they come with a beta version.

Talk about good timing. I will hopefully have a new Curve 8900 in a couple months with wifi capability. This is icing on the cake. I love my Slingbox...I travel a lot so really love the ability to watch my home teams' games when I am on the road. I also use it to watch TV in my office at home where I have no cable or TV. The quality within your home network is amazing.

Screw Verizon and their non-wifi ways. I imagine eventually people will catch on and go to another carrier that doesn't force their customers into expensive data plans...but it may take a while for the masses to figure it out. When choosing carriers on my last contract I talked with Verizon about the slingbox. The rep told me that if I used the slingplayer on my phone that Verizon may shut down my phone. So much for "unlimited" data. To summarize, Verizon's terms and conditions prohibit its use on their network AND they don't release phones with wifi. My only conclusion is that if you like slingbox, Verizon is not the network for you.

Just loaded it to my blackberry works great.

Have the sling box for about 8 months and it's a great thing. Take my mac air-book when I go away and get to watch all the local games, news and etc.

Man when they say sometime in 2008 they dont play.

Of course as a storm user they'd hve to screw me and not have it work for it.

Waited for years with my pearl now they have it working with it but not the storm. flippin figures

I used the link provided and it installed perfectly! However, I get an error that the application cannot find the class "".

Is there a way to manually add "" to my 8830? Perhaps that would work around the 8830 restriction.

Thanks for any help on this!

im new to this whole slingbox thing, but i was just wondering if the curve 8900 will be supported soon?

and also, will this slingplayer mobile work with older slingbox models like slingbox classic?

Slingbox Classic. Storm with .85 leak.

Downloaded latest Slingplayer software, went through slingbox installation. Worked locally on network, worked on laptop through internet. Then tried the Sling Player Mobile software, and works like a charm.

A couple of hints. I needed to go into my mail app, type my password, copy it, then paste it into the sling software to accurately input my password, since the sling player software doesn't turn sideways and allow use of the qwerty keyboard. Additionally, control within the app works like a virtual trackball, so you have to make sure you're highlighting and clicking on the right fields. Takes a bit of practice.

Easy to install and it works great on my home wi-fi network. I have not tried it on the T-mobile internet because I lost that service when my work quit paying for half of my service cost. I will be paying the thirty dollars license fee for this player. I have the Red slingplayer pro and the linksys T-mobile Home router. One problem that I had after installation on my phone was the tv would flash on then it would disconnect telling me that I had to many apps open. To fix this problem I shut the phone off pulled the battery out and back in turned the phone back on reconnected and the tv worked perfectly since I did that. I recommend at least trying it for the thirty day trial.

I installed a slingbox solo at my home. Connected it to a cablevision scientific america cable box. I used the slinglink which uses my home electric wiring as ethernet. (don't know why they don't have wifi built in) since I had the router in another room. Set up the software on the PC and it worked perfectly. I then downloaded the software on my Bold and it worked great on my home wifi. Then the big test. Drove up to Vermont on i-95 and then i-91 with the kids watching in the back while on the 3G network. No problems. Also works perfectly up here in Vermont when a wifi connection is available - ski lodge, condo, etc. This is a killer app. (as an aside, bouth the Slingbox solo and the slinglink on Amazon as a bundle - good price)

I've had my slingbox for over two years and was psyched to have it reach the blackberry finally. Well low and behold the storm is not supported. COME ON!!! I can understand the storm not being supported but there didn't seem to be too many balckberrys that are supported. I can only imagine how long this will take before it now comes to the storm.

Sorry for the rant...

I was looking forward to getting this for my Bold until I found out it was $29.99. I already paid for the Slingbox, I would think that this would come free. I just won't use it enough to justify the cost. I will keep toting my laptop with me, that software was free.

Is the 29.99 price a one time fee or is there a monthly fee for slingbox mobile? the same question goes for slingbox at the house, i dont know much about it. Any recommendations for which one to get?