Sling Player Mobile Now Available For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Bla1ze on 15 Apr 2010 09:06 am EDT
Sling Player Mobile Now Available For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

Its been a while since we have heard from Sling Media. Despite that fact, they just let us know they have updated Slingplayer Mobile to be compatible with the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Key features in SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry

  • Fully compatible with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and other supported BlackBerry smartphones
  • Full control of your home TV and easy access to a wide range of devices and programs
  • Support for multiple viewing modes including wide-screen and zoom formats
  • High-quality video performance over 3G or WiFi networks

Remeber though folks, you do need to have a compatible Slingbox in order to take advantage of the update and the cost of the application and service is $29.99. Slingbox Solo, PRO, PRO HD or a DISH ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR connected to your home video source and to a router connected to the Internet would all do the trick in this case.



I guess don't hold your breath for Storm2 support?

Ya Boi D

Can anyone verify if this version is 9630 TOUR compatible too ???


Still no "official" support for CDMA blackberry's. Makes me ill. We have been waiting for YEARS.


Man when are they going to fill the need of the Storm 1 and Storm 2 owners??? I am almost ready to chuck my slingbox! What is the use if not to view your TV mobile? I don't have one!


So basically Sling Player is available for almost every BlackBerry except the Storm series, which is meant for video and multimedia.


Huh? Why not for that? :-(


the tour, curve 8530 and storm 2 can definitely handle this app i am not sure what their holdup is on those phones. they should at least support the curve 8530 because of the wifi. I can understand how the storms screen might be more of an effort for them than the incremental $$. the BOLD 9650 better be supported when it comes out


I had to do a bit of playing around, but I got it to work on my Verizon 8530. Here's an OTA link that I used to get the software on mine:

I also got the unsupported device message, but it does work. Works w/ WiFi and 3G. Good luck! It's slow controlling, but if you have the patience, it does work. Still like the Sling experience better on Windows Mobile devices, but it's better than nothing.


What's this do that TVersity can't already do, for free?


Works great, although it warns me my old Slingbox may not be compatible with mobile devices... It is working fine tho.. I think that was just an advertisement to try n get me to upgrade my box..




Works fine with my ancient Slingbox AV. Same as with the previous Bold9000 version, it warns me that it may not work and to upgrade my slingbox. But it works.


Upon launch I get the message:

Your Slingbox model is not supported for use with the BlackBerry device. However your current configuration might stream at this time. For more information visit

But after clicking OK, it works. I'm running on OS v5.0.0.591.


what web site did you go to in order to download SlingBox
player for the new bold. I upgraded my OS to v5.0 and now Sling player does not work for my phone anymore.


I am still waiting for my HAVA player to get BB support. It is like Sling with can do WiFi to your router.


When I ran this version of slingplayer on my Tour, it appears to work fine. but when i try to change channels, either the phone completeley reboots or the screen goes black and only the audio works.

I'm also running OS v5.0.0.591.


This is exactly what has happened every time I try to connect on my Sprint Tour with any Slingbox app build: Immediately resets my device. Over and over.

I don't now how any of you have gotten this to work on Verizon or Sprint. Makes no sense to me. I've tried everything.

The fact they haven't released this for CDMA yet is an absolutely Joke.


Why isn't Sprint working with Slingbox? I hate the idea that the founder of Slingbox is a Blackberry user (Google/YouTube it) and he's so slow at getting programs made for all Blackberry phones!!!! I want to use my Sling on my Tour but I don't want to deal with the issues people are complaining about. COME ON SLINGBOX!!!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM (no pun intended :P)


why for the life of me would i want to watch tv on that small azz screen


Us original Storm owners have to be feeling like we got the short end of the stick. No support for the Storm from Sling and the last update to come out from RIM was which was back in October if you can believe it.


I have been using Slingbox mobile on my 9700 since release..... thanks to sling for confirming and releasing nothing.


SlingBox...check! Right model...check! BlackBerry 9700...check! Operating system! Installed SlingPlayer Mobile (US)...check! Will it run...Hell No! (Grumble-grumble)


oddly enough my Verizon Tour with will only connect if the cable box is already turned on, if it is off, I get an error stating it has lost connection and tries to reconnect but never does.


oddly enough my Verizon Tour with will only connect if the cable box is already turned on, if it is off, I get an error stating it has lost connection and tries to reconnect but never does.


I have been using the 9000 version without any problems from day 1.
They make is seem as though this is something new.


Worked well on my 9000 and even better on my 9700 wifi or 3g and listen with my Jabra Extreme. I watch on my laptop more often , but I show everyone that i can watch TV and change channels on my Blackberry.


I tried getting slingplayer to run on my bold. It worked but when I changed channels it would give me an "exception" error and then freeze. The only way I could get it to work again was to reboot the phone, but it would freeze again after changing the channel.

So I downgraded the browser on the phone to an earlier version. The slingplayer worked for a few weeks. Now when I attempt to connect it takes a long time. When it finally logs in the freezes right away.

Anyone know a workaround or what is causing this?