Sling Golf for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Who says golf is just for humans?

Sling Golf by BoltCloud Corp
By Michelle Haag on 20 Jun 2011 09:08 am EDT

Golf isn't just for humans anymore. Robots, monkeys, and monsters want to play too! Ok, of course in real life you're not to likely to see these guys out on the back 9, but in Sling Golf by BoltCloud Corp for the BlackBerry PlayBook, they've taken over the course and are ready to play! Choose which character you want to play as and hit the course.

The lite version of Sling Golf gives you one course of nine holes. As you progress through the levels, they increase in difficulty. Your goal, obviously, is to get your ball in the hole, under par. Water hazards, sand traps, trees, and hills all provide obstacles, making the game challenging but still fun. The full version is $2.99 and unlocks 2 more courses for a total of 27 holes in all. Both games come with smooth animation, sound, un-lockable achievements, and awards. If you want to try before you buy, I recommend getting Sling Golf Lite so you can play a full course.

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Sling Golf for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Who says golf is just for humans?


Honestly....though I'm sure this is a great game, but every day there is a game released. Where are the real, work horse apps?

ya thats true but i think it has to do with everyone whined about the phones not having games, for example when i let people use my playbook they always go straight for the games

Supported Countries
All countries except:
South Korea

now could somebody PLEASE explain to me what criteria do app developers use to select their supported countries matrix?!!!!!

this is especially annoying as of late with things like Blackberry Protect suddenly withdrawing support for the United Arab Emirates weeks after being officially launched in the region, and without as much as a reason from RIM or the carriers

South Korea requires all games on mobile devices to be rated by their Game Rating Board. Instead of going through the trouble of getting rated, some devs choose to just exclude availability from South Korea.