Sling Golf for the BlackBerry PlayBook gets updated bringing new characters, courses and achievements

Sling Golf for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 2 Aug 2011 11:45 am EDT

Back in June we let you know about Sling Golf, the highly entertaining PlayBook game from BoltCloud Corp. The development team at BoltCloud has been hard at work and has just released a big update for the game. Sling Golf v2.0 brings 2 new and unique characters to play as, 3 new challenging courses, and 10 unlockable achievements and awards.

Complete features include:

  • 6 very unique and challenging Golf courses
  • 54 holes in total, 9 per course
  • 5 cool golf characters to choose from
  • 20 Un-lockable achievements and awards
  • Cool animations and sound
New and challenging courses will be added periodically so go ahead and get your golf on! You can grab Sling Golf for your PlayBook for $2.99 and for you cautious folk there is a 30 day free trial available.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Sling Golf
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Reader comments

Sling Golf for the BlackBerry PlayBook gets updated bringing new characters, courses and achievements


this is a great day for me as this is my favorite playbook game. very challenging and rewarding once you get comfortable with the swing meter and physics of the game. took time to get used to. very snappy between menus and overall works very smoothly. i dont see how anyone out there is better than me at this game, im amazing. love that one of the paid apps actually released a worthwhile update. wish app world worked right bc this game isnt in any of the top 25 categories, including the recently updated category, meanwhile its a really fun game that deserves more exposure as opposed to every app on the top 25 currently that is cabbage. glad that the my world tab in app world let me know about the update yesterday. new courses are much more difficult than the original 3 which is good

Agreed, this game is awesome... when i saw the update yesterday i went giddy and was hoping for more courses. I've got a trans atlantic flight coming up this Friday so the timing is great..

Hands down the best game for the Playbook! When I saw that an update was coming in July I couldn't wait. This update came at the perfect time, had a long meeting today & it truly saved me during the "not so important" parts, LOL. Definitely agree, this belongs in the top 25. Thought I'd just play it when I needed to kill time but find myself playing it around the house all the time trying to improve my scores!