Slider Lock by Ajani InfoTech - Prevent unwanted key press activity automatically

Slider Lock
By Michelle Haag on 9 Sep 2011 06:24 pm EDT
A common complaint I see pop up in the forums is in regards to the the touch screen on some BlackBerry smartphones, or more specifically, while the device is in your pocket or purse applications being opened, moved around or deleted and of course the dreaded butt dial. The screen/keyboard lock on the BlackBerry Torch 9800/10 is notorious for locking as it should, but also unlocking when it shouldn't. And the other models aren't any exception to this problem, because let's face it, none of us are perfect and sometimes we forget to hit that lock button.

Slider Lock by Ajani InfoTech is a great solution for all of the problems listed above. With this application, you can set your device to auto-lock after a predetermined amount of time, or when the backlight goes off. You can even choose whether you want the app to not lock your device when certain apps are in the foreground. And with the ability to toggle the entire app on/off, and one-click activation, there's no need to worry about your phone doing things you don't want. Once locked, you simply slide your finger across the on screen slider (for touchscreen devices) or use the trackpad/ball for non-touchscreen. Available for most BlackBerry smartphones, you can grab Slider Lock from App World for $1.99.

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Slider Lock by Ajani InfoTech - Prevent unwanted key press activity automatically


I was w8ing for this kinda of an app for a long TIME !!!
i used berry-slider for my old torch but looks like the dev dont want to work any longer for his APP, but with this new App im happy to try it.

Felling For a contest ?? 20 to grab ?

My excitement about this app is not so excited ATM,
1.On torch 9810 it freeze
2.When i receive a phone call it goes black and cant answer the phone.
3. The slider option sU** big A88 cause when it slides up it will unlock and then u slide back down it lock but when you slide back again it will not unlock and it will freeze so i have to slide down pres a bunch of buttons till my screen comes back again.
4. I find my self Pulling the battery more often and when you put the battery back it will stay on black screen until i have to press a bunch o buttons.
5.The freaking Slider is so Small AWWW...on the picture and on the Store it looks bigger and much nicer.
6.Some time the slider fallow the finger but doesn't unlock...hmmm weird.
7. i used this app for about 30min and im not happy with the app if i know is that blah~ i wouldn't buy it.
8. Hope developer will come with an Update soon cause in this case his loosing customers on they fancy apps.
9. Customer service responded to my Feedback in about 4hours that a plus but with this plus, it still not satisfy the customers.

Hope the dev will come up with something soon cause the potential of this all is amazing but with the poor dev on the app it ruins such a grate app what most CrackBerry Addict will use it.

If berryslider was working on the OS7 i would use it in a heart beat, that app is Amazing!!!


i agree completely with you, on the 9810 it's causing all sorts of problems ..

one thing that i've been experiencing is that the app continues to work ( its sub optimal self) even after it's been disabled in the app menu !!
have written to their support but am yet to hear from them...

I'm using it until (if) PatternLock gets updated to OS7. Not many features and it doesn't integrate with the lock button. Plus, no notifications can be seen through the locked screen. A basic screen locking app. If that's all you need, it'll do for $2.

Notifications can be seen through PatternLock with the paid version (which has a ton of other worthwhile features imo.)

I think he's referring to this program not having notifications.
Patternlock is great, but it seems the dev has no plans to update it anytime soon and it's not working correctly for os7

I'm surprised that CB recommended this app. It sucks on the 9900. Doesn't slide unlock all the time, the bars very small and doesn't unlock when calls are coming in. Just locks up the device. Support hasn't contacted me in 2 months and its ridiclous. Save your money!

+1. Sucks big time on my 9930, I often have to slide the darn thing several times to try to get it to unlock cause it doesn't respond.

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There is also Lock Now. This app is a pattern lock for the new Bold and it has the benefits of being super fast to unlock and securing your device from use.

I don't work or know those guys but the app is really nice. I saw a guy showing off his new droid to someone and he unlocked his phone with something similar and I thought it would be cool. Looked for it in app world and wham. There it was.

I asked the guy what was that other big item under his phone. He said it was a spare battery. Poor guy, he said right away that if he did not use his phone he did not need it but if he wanted to come to the gym and listen to music afterwards he needed it.
Droids have cool graphics but battery life is just not there. I had an HTC Evo 4G that was nice but dropped dead by mid-day. What's the point of a wireless device that isn't wireless? Anyway, the app is cool.

I can't find this in App World on my 9810. Can you provide the developer name? "Lock Now" is too broad a search term. Thanks.

Just bought this app after seeing it posted on the front page of CB..... It only lasted 20 minutes on my 9930... Slider is too small and takes several tries before actually sliding.. Application locks the phone even when its set to "DISABLED".... Then it started freezing my phone.. I've had to do more battery pulls in the last 20 minutes than I've done since the phone was released... DELETED IT!

I'm with vsham01 on this one do not buy the app. I purchased an app from them over a year ago and lately it stopped working I've contacted their support but no one will contact me back so save yourself the money and headaches

Too late to to get this app, I already purchase PatternLock last week and it never fails me. Oh well, looks like this app is awesome tho

I too purchased this app, it froze many times, and absolutely zero response from their "support" staff. Stay away!

Purchased this for my 9930 after reading this article. App doesn't work on my phone. Slide works intermittently, display doesn't light up with incoming phone call, app doesn't disable even when you select "disable" in control menu. Really disappointed!

*Update - I was quickly able to get a refund from Appworld by e-mailing with my order number. Thanks Appworld!

I seem to be quite content with pressing "C" to fully lock my device and typing in a password every time to unlock. What's wrong with pressing the dedicated lock button to unlock the phone? If you use a holser, it would be highly unlikely that an accidental unlock would occur. If I was a Torch II guy, I may buy it for the crack though.

This APP totally SUCKS!!!!! Too smalll on the slider and when phone calls come in while on bluetooth the phone won't display. Plus the battery pulls needed to un-freeze certain things from the program blows as well. Why can't someone make apple the only one with a good slider?!? TORCH 9810.

This app sucks, period. It either freezes when I try to unlock it or randomly locks itself while doing something. I'm surprised CB posted a review of an app that hasn't performed to its full potential based on my experience and others and also recommended purchasing it. So Unless CB was paid to post this review, I'm surprised they chose this app over the better ones (ie. Pattern Lock) and has led to a waste of many peoples money. Just wish I had read the posts above before purchasing this and avoided being another victim :/

I use Slidelock on my 9800. Slide the screen open, it unlocks. Slide the screen closed, it locks. Tap the screen lock button, it locks. Tap Back twice, it unlocks. There's nothing simpler. All else is only 'I wish I was an Apple'; ok so give in and buy an Apple, it's what you really want(we won't laugh at you... much XD).

I have a 9900 on mine, it seems to be ok.
3 things i've noticed
1- if you lock manually, you need to touch the screen once and then again to slide before being able to unlock as if you have to activate the screen. However, when the app auto locks and you slide to unlock it works fine.
2- would be nice if the time were displayed 24 hours instead of 12 hours
3- would be really nice if it would show bbm/phone calls/msgs/ events on the screen before opening it

***just noticed something very bad, when someone calls it shows a black screen. you can't tell who's calling. This is getting DELETED. Don't buy until fixed

I have a 9900 and the app crashed my entire device and I had to reload the operating system. When it worked momentarily the "Slide to unlock" icon was way too small to swipe. The developer needed to do more testing and development for BB7 devices. I'm pissed because I lost data - I'll never install this app again!

I didn't personaly try slider lock but my friend did and he felt that it also sucked.(Like amny of the comments above)

What I did try was quickslide v2.0 for BlackBerry® Torch™. (I have the 9800 os can find more details and download it for your BlackBerry at:

Its a great app for the torch and feels like its part of the OS. You slide your torch up and it unlocks. Slide it down and it locks. Nothing to swipe or click just open or close your torch.
You can set the apps that lock and ones that it won't lock on when they are running. Very easy to setup and awesome to use. I think its $.99 right now but totally worth more now that I have tried it. You can also hit the back button twice to unlock the phone if you don't want to open the slider.

Really disappointed that Crackberry is promoting this terrible app. The pictures you have posted make the app look similar to an apple slide lock. Seems to be a lot of the same feedback about this one- still runs even when disabled, slider is very small and rarely functions and little to no support from the developer. Shame on Crackberry for posting this one.

Worst app ever. PatternLock needs to update their app to support OS7 so that 3rd-rate apps like this SliderLock junk won't fool people into buying it. Horrible! Can't change the background, the slider is tiny, freezes when calls come in, can't see message notifications when locked. Urgh!
What a waste of money.

This app is terrible, very annoying to use with my 9800. Do not pay for it. I want my money back.

I bought this app expecting it to work properly. I have the 9900 and it sometimes works. However the biggest problem is the pressure that it requires to use the slider.

I unfortunately had to disable the app since it doesn't work as advertised. The slider needs to be larger and centered...not the tiny slider at the bottom of the screen. I feel they ripped-off my $1.99. And that's the problem with apps. Every app should have a one-day trial. I've bought way too many apps that are worthless. Put this one in the worthless side of the ledger.

Deleted app after 5 mins, good idea and all but it needs some work. It takes several swipes (9930) to unlock, and I don't like the timer options.

They should include an option to set a keyboard shortcut to activate it (like holding down the "a" button?) I don't want to waste my one convenience key on that app.

WoW... something that comes built in with Android is only now surfacing in the Berry World! No wonder RIM is a sinking ship.