Slide Show Maker puts your images to music. Warning: tender moments may occur

By Ryan Blundell on 10 Jun 2011 02:52 pm EDT
Slide Show Maker 

When looking at images on your BlackBerry, you may have noticed the View Slide Show option. Your images you have stored are panned through with style. That’s…pretty much it. Oh, wait, sorry. From the options menu you can only change the interval from 4 to 8 seconds between images.

What slideshow maker does is give you more options to manage the slideshow experience. First off, you can choose each and every image to be included in the slideshow. Another slide you can manage is the title slide; in which you can customise the text and colours. Once that is done Slide Show Maker takes you to a screen where you can choose 5 sound clips to accompany your slideshow. Unfortunately, you cannot choose any music files of your own. After you select the sound clip the slideshow is then uploaded to the Cloud (yes, I also said “to the Cloud”, as well). It only takes a few seconds for the upload process to complete. At this point, you can then share your slideshows by email or on Facebook. I can’t view any created slideshows on my BlackBerry at all – I can only share. If I could somehow add my own sounds, change the interval between images and view slideshows whenever I wanted, I could be a happy man. Slide Show Maker is available for $2.99 from the CrackBerry AppStore.

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Slide Show Maker puts your images to music. Warning: tender moments may occur


So essentially for $3 - you get an incomplete app, that doesn't work on your BB. Apps for the PC and Mac do a better job than this and can be viewed on your BB.

On my BB, I set my own play list and run a slide show which runs my pics, minus the hidden files and the files the media player can't access like wall paper. Works great. try that and if you need to waste $$ spend me a 1$.