Slide Lock - Slide to Unlock for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 9 Jun 2012 04:37 pm EDT

There are a few options in App World for having a slide to unlock your homescreen option on your BlackBerry. To be honest, it is not something I have considered until I recently started using my BlackBerry Torch 9810 as my second device. Slide Lock is a simple customisable application which on the Torch works like a dream, although it will also work on non touch screen devices.

Features and settings:

  • Custom lock timeout.
  • Integrated with native app.
  • Option for Enable or Disable if an app is in foreground.

As you will see in the above video Slide Lock will prevent your BlackBerry from making unwanted calls etc when in your pocket. The application will also let you set an autolock option on Native and Third Party apps which is pretty sweet.

"Slide Lock automatically locks your keyboard when the back-light goes off to prevent unwanted keypress activity. No more battery loss because you forgot to lock your phone and an accidental key press launched a GPS app in background. No more accidental calls because you forgot to lock your phone!"

More information/ download Slide Lock

Reader comments

Slide Lock - Slide to Unlock for BlackBerry smartphones


Probably. They have patented everything from the way you wipe your ass to bluetooth time travel.

Check out "Talk Lock Plus"!

I use a password so don't have use for a slide to unlock. However, I find that on my Torch I accidently hit the "speakerphone" or "mute" buttons on the screen wih my fat cheeks during calls!

So "Talk Lock Plus" (which I think is free, I got it for free in Appworld) will activate a slider only during calls and I don't have to worry about pressing buttons on the screen accidentally! I find it really useful and should be a standard feature for us fat-cheeked people! :-)

I use Tiny Lock. It's free, and I find it easier to use the keyboard instead of a slide to unlock.

Best couple of dollars I have spent. My wife was accidentally unlocking her torch slider when she first got it. Downloaded this app and the problem is no more. The torch has such an easy to press unlock button that caused troubles.

I need the "slide lock" that there is an option "lock on holster"
because I just need to lock keypad when entering a holster, WITHOUT PASSWORD.
there who can help me?

How does it affect the battery? I have had other locking apps that ran as an open app and ran down my 9900's battery. I'd hate for this to be the same. Can someone let me know?

With due respect, functions such as "slide unlock" should be an integral part of OS10 coming out of the box.

Sure, there would continue to be other ways to unlock your BB10 device (using keys, etc.), but the "slide unlock" should be baked into OS10, many thanks!

So it's ok for a Blackberry dev to copy the iOS 'Slide to Unlock' function nearly down to the letter yet it's a crime punishable by death when an iPhone jailbreak dev makes his own clone of the Blackberry keyboard....

Hypocrisy sucks :)

Installed the free version to try it out. Works well and looks nice. I uninstalled it after playing with it though. It keeps prompting for access to personal data. No reason it should access personal data. Instead of declining that permission every time I restart I removed the app. Too bad. Not sure why so many devs need to get at personal data for a utility like it. If it is needed then just put the reason in the app discription. Otherwise I assume it is trying to get my email address to start spamming me.