SlickTasks for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.2.0 - adds calendar integration, bug fixes, and more!

By Alicia Erlich on 19 Aug 2013 10:21 pm EDT

One of the features I've been waiting to be released for SlickTasks for BlackBerry 10 is calendar integration. It just so happened the developer released a new version incorporating not only this important option but additional features and bug fixes and well. The new version is currently available in BlackBerry World and the full change log for this incremental update is shown below. 


  • Calendar Integration: SlickTasks will automatically create an event in your Calendar for every task that has a due date. You can turn on Calendar Integration from Settings page
  • New feature: Sort subtasks by due date, name or priority. You can also move completed tasks to the bottom of the list. Access this feature from the task's context menu in Outline view
  • New feature: Export PDF from current context (from Todo View or Outline View)
  • You can pull down to sync from ToDo View now
  • Bug fixes

I know a few of you were asking about the ability to sync with your calendar and I'm glad to say it now supports this capability. I have to say this feature makes it an excellent go-to task management application. While the price is $9.99, it is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

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Might just try this one.

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Too rich for my blood.

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10 bucks that's is ridiculous

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for 9.99.. i expect more integration than just to the calendar app and a hell of a lot of eye candy...


$10?? Are you fuc#3d?

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What an app! Will purchase when I am dedicated to Q10. Fantastic app on my 9900.


$10 for a task app? Really? Well, if all apps were that price, it would eliminate BlackBerry 10's app world size issue; built-in apps in the OS would be all that matters, at least for a few of us...



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Looks like a great app, even for that price. BUT: the fact that the BlackBerry version costs 3 times more than the other variants is a BIG lack or respect for BB users. For that reason, I would not recommend buying it unless they offer it at the same price for all phones!


I had no idea this was available on other platforms at significantly lower price. This certainly is disrespectful.

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Yes, it is just a shame. I immediately asked for refund when I saw that and I cannot recommend enough other BlackBerry users to do the same for this huge lack of respect.

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Is it possible not to leak info to their cloud?


Calendar support is a major update... $10 is starting to sound like it's worth it.

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I need remember integrated before pay $9.99.


Absolutely we should not support until the price is in line with the other platforms. I could see maybe a small difference but three times is a little much. Appreciate the effort devs but our community is sharp not much gets by us.

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This is the problem with BB... the apps are too expensive. This app on iOS/Android would be $0.99-$1.99 max!




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