Stay organized with SlickTasks for BlackBerry 10

A powerful task management application at your fingertips

By Alicia Erlich on 19 Aug 2013 08:11 am EDT

In this day and age, sometimes entering or writing down our tasks is not enough, especially for more complicated projects involving multiple items. I am always searching for a different solution to my to-do list woes, and have tried, unsuccessfully, different productivity and to-do applications that offer capabilities either not found in the Remember app or better suit my needs and the demands of the task at hand.

SlickTasks for BlackBerry 10 is one of many such programs available. It is one that utilizes the GTD workflow method of grouping tasks and projects and rearranging them in a comprehensive order to know which one requires completion first. Tasks can be shown in outline view that displays the whole project in a task tree with siblings and sub-tasks branching off from the main one. You may collapse or extend the to tree hide all or only certain tasks, filter by tag (in this case personal or business though a custom one can be created in settings), or group by frequency, priority or tag.

Unlike other to-do applications, SlickTasks goes a step further and organizes them by project so that tasks can be group or dragged and dropped together. This way you can monitor your progress and tick off items and sub-tasks as they are finished without panicking. Visually speaking, you get a much better sense of your progress, knowing what the next steps are, and how to manage your time.

It comes with a no-nonsense interface and easy controls to get things done. Tasks, siblings, and sub-tasks are arranged in a branch layout. Users can customize the color, height, divider and font type, backup and restore via the device or the developer's cloud service, or export as a PDF file.

What does set this apart from other applications is that they utilize their own cloud service to backup and sync tasks. This means that users can access, create, edit, and archive their tasks from any computer via the web. 

Tasks are integrated with the hub and this means that after establishing a due date for any given task, while it does not sync with the native calendar, it does create a notification under that heading. This is a decent workaround for due dates but keep in mind it must be running as an active frame. For reminders, a pop-up is displayed which you can either dismiss, mark complete, or ask to remind you later. 

The one thing I know most will be put off by is the hefty price tag of $9.99 for features readily available using a combination of other native applications. Regardless of cost, this is a powerful task management system. The interface is simple without being overwhelming, is easy to read especially if you choose to color code items, and presents no issues when navigating. It supports the the Z10, Q10, and Q5.

  • Arranges tasks in a hierarchical or tree-like structure
  • Enlists color coding to distinguish tasks
  • Offers reminders and pop-ups in hub and the ability to set recurring tasks
  • Active Frame support displays snapshot of pending items when minimized
  • Manage and sync tasks via their cloud service and web portal 
  • Backup data to your SD card 
The Bad
  • No integration or syncing with local calendar 
  • Font size can be small at times
  • Unable to sync with other services besides theirs (i.e. Dropbox)
The Bottom Line

As someone who clutters up her calendar with reminders, I do see this application helping users become more disciplined in how they organize themselves so that nothing important slips through the cracks. If you don't mind the steep price tag or are just looking for something with more functionality than the native app, I would say give this a try. In addition, the developer will be releasing an update to include adding an entry into your BlackBerry calendar.  

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Reader comments

Stay organized with SlickTasks for BlackBerry 10


"The Bad
No integration or syncing with local calendar "

You are behind your own article!!

Actualy this was fixed with an update just this morning, running it already!
Entries in the app are getting made in to the calendar by switching ON calendar integration just like HUB intimation!!!

Posted via Z10

I did state in the conclusion that feature was coming soon. Timing worked out that it happened this morning. Thank you

Posted via CB10 on my LE

10 dollars is a little too pricey but good review.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

Great programs are worth the cost. This is one of them. Easily worth the price.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Great video, Alicia. Thanks for the review. SlickTasks is a great native task manager app for Blackberry; definitely worth the price tag.

I need alerts without running the app. Any other task management app should be able to do it now that the headless API is out...

Plus $9.99? Dream on.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, which is why I use the Remember app. It does the same thing (lists and reminders) and can remind me without having to leave it open. Why buy something the phone basically comes with?

Bought it months ago, stopped using it because of the Active Frame requirement. Not that I mind leaving it open, but at the time, my Z was rebooting itself nearly every night. Then in the morning I'd have to remember to turn on the reminder app and.... well, it didn't really pan out. My memory is why I got a reminder app in the first place. I'm installing it again to give it another go. The calendar sync may be just what this app needed to be a go-to task manager.

Posted via CB10

There is one thing that I think is worthy of mention is Calendar Integration is officially supported in the latest update of SlickTasks that just released today. Great review!

Ten bucks is really pricey to me from what it brings. I'd rather sideload the latest version of Wunderlist where you can:
- Very nice UI
- Create, manage & sync task across devices (multi-platform) & web-based
- Can set due date/time, remind by notification and email
- Can add sub-tasks and notes
- Can drag & drop tasks between categories
- Add task by email (love it) where subject will be task, content will be created as note
- Set repeated tasks...
- Share and assign tasks
- Doesn't need a active frame
And it's FREE! Of course you can buy Pro features, but for me the free version is sufficient

Love this app! Couldn't imagine going without it, but I agree that the price is definitely steep. Needs a price reduction or trial version to get people to give it a shot.

Posted via CB10

Best app ever for this kind of thing. Love the web sync and the PDF Export as well as the project focus. Thanks for a great app. Price us nothing if you value your time.

Posted by my awesome Z10

I had completed this review before the update was pushed through this morning. I will update accordingly. Thank you

Posted via CB10 on my LE

Can you sync the tasks in this app with the apps in MS outlook through MS exchange? This is one thing that I haven't been able to find on BB10. Reminder is missing a lot of features and I want something better but I need it to work with outlook as that is where I spend 75% of my time.

Posted via CB10

The web interface is a big plus for this app, as it allows me to switch seamlessly between my Q10 and my desktop.

I can even use it to outline chapters in a book.

Why is it better than Remember? Remember doesn't deal well with sub-tasks/sub-categories.

Posted via CB10

It is great.

And with the calendar addition... you don't need to leave it open. It will create the calendar entry, and from there the alarm/reminder will sound.


The developers acted fast with the calendar coordination.

A couple more features, and this would be the perfect app...

- creation of task from text/sms/emails... (select some text, then directly from there create the task...)

- picture attachment to show on phone (only shows on desktop)

- option to password protect any task.

- filters to search and display tasks (by tags, by keywords, by dates, etc).

Thanks to the developers for such a great app!

Posted via CB10

Slick Tasks was one of the first apps I got for my Z10. At the time it didn't support recurring tasks so I never used it. However, a recent update fixed this and I have been using it ever since. The more I use it, the more I like it.

One of my reservations was the necessity of having to keep it open in order to receive reminders. In actual fact, it turns out that the Active Frame is so sweet that I keep it open all the time anyway.

My only niggle is that if you defer a repeating reminder, the time of the next reminder is changed to the deferred time which I find this really annoying.

Datlquoc, any chance of fixing this or is it just me?

Posted via CB10

The only thing I'm waiting for is the ability to have a common list synced between two accounts.
That way my wife and I can have a shared list of things to pickup or chores or whatever.
If that comes, I'm buying two.

Posted via CB10