SlickPool - Free Animated Theme For Bold!

By Bla1ze on 7 Apr 2009 11:12 am EDT

Oh yeahh! Here is a nice animated theme for all you Bold owners out there straight from the CrackBerry Forums. Obscene has been hard at working making a great many themes lately but this one really stood out to me as I watched the video of it in action. Personally, I have never really been a fan of animated themes as they often times cause some lag on devices, but this one runs absolutely smooth on my Bold.

Crossbar style, base icons, simplistic approach all wrapped up into a nice, useable, animated theme and best of all it's free! You really can't beat that now can ya? You can check out more information in the forums, where obscene has posted a thread for the SlickPool discussion or you can check out his site in the links below. And of course, donations are accepted for the hard work.



I'm I the only one who can't find this theme on the site?


Adjusted, it was redirecting to just the site, rather then the download.


They have some nice themes. I really like the NY Yankees one. I hope they make these themes for the Storm.


I just tried, the ota link still just goes to the website.


Excited by this theme - can't access it!


This is the closest to a pool your BB will get without drowning...LOL.


I can't download it either ... I love the look of this!
The link just goes to the site :(


Am I missing something? The OTA link sent me the non-animated version, with no pool image to speak of.


Garbage doen't work


I love this theme! It looks awesome!


tried link it just took me the main website.....sigh please help.



Butta Jones

Sorry guys, can you try again? I had to adjust some settings on the website.

Can someone confirm if the OTA download is working now? I just tried on my Bold and it works fine.

Here's an alternative link in case:

Thanks for the post Bla1ze!


Looks like some people are getting the OTA to work and some are not. What OS and browser are you guys using? Even after downloading the the .jad on my PC and emailing to myself I can't get it to install. Using the the explore option in the media player to open the file gets me 907 invalid COD error. I'm still using the OS v4.6.0.216 and the BB browser could this be my problem? Should I update my OS or use a different browser?


D**n!! Now I'm getting the infamous 907 invalid COD message. I forget how I solved that the last time.


Yeah, the link is still not working for me. Odd thing is that if I follow from my PC I can download the file but from my bold it just takes me to the website. I'm sure there is probably a way for me to install the theme from my PC but this is only the second theme I've ever used and I have no idea how. Has any one had any luck with the link?


Just downloaded it, and it took a minute or two initially to get going (after I left the setup screen). Looks really nice, but it does seem to reduce responsiveness somewhat.


Like the theme, but I can't find my SMS and MMS icon anywhere. Does anyone else have this issue?


Mine was in the application folder.