Slacker Radio Updated to version 2.0.45 for BlackBerry Bold, Tour and Curve

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Aug 2009 01:20 pm EDT

Slacker Updated for BlackBerry Bold, Tour and Curve

The folks from Slacker just let us know there is an update to the Slacker Radio mobile application that extends the same benefits to all BlackBerry users that rolled out to Storm owners two weeks ago. This update provides a noticeable improvement for Curve, Bold and Tour owners. Version 2.0.45 features:

  • Improved battery life up to 2x (over previous versions) while streaming
  • Improved usability enhancements to the interface, including a "Home" button to quickly access the station list
  • Added ability to toggle the explicit content filter (on/off) from the main menu

The update is available by visiting from the BlackBerry mobile browser today, available soon on AppWorld and via an update notification over the coming week to the existing application. When you visit from your browser, make sure your browser identification is set to BlackBerry (vs. IE or FireFox) so you get their mobile site.

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Slacker Radio Updated to version 2.0.45 for BlackBerry Bold, Tour and Curve


I like Slacker better because you can cache your stations on your microSD card, so you can listen even when you don't have a connection.

All for your input PANDORA out the door and in comes the new slacker....again Thank you so much I really appreciate your to only get media to down load with out that awful drm error when going from itunes to sync to my bold oh well another day another thread again thank you and off to correct my BOLD WOOO HOO

I rather slacker over Pandora but even when Verizon put it on my Tour after using it i had to do a battery pull to use my camera, which takes like 4 min. so maybe in the update that will be fixed?????

My Tour has the Slacker icon downloaded on it but when I click to access it, it asks me to download Slacker all over again!!! What am I doing wrong? There is obviously a better way or everyone wouldn't be so crazy about this app!

I suspect that's just the download shortcut that Verizon pushed out to all VZW Tours. If you don't actually have the program installed, use the link to install it.
If you actually do have the app installed, just hide the install shortcut.

We've got Verizon to thank for pushing it out to everyone without asking....

This update stinks. after the update I lose connection with my bluetooth headset after each song. Anyone know how to fix this please let me know.

Slacker was developed by the people who brought you MusicMatch a few years back... and MusicMatch ROCKED!!!

I'm a little disappointed with the song recommendations on Slacker. I have an Adult Alternative (Coldplay, The Fray, etc.) station added, which constantly plays classical music from odd soundtracks like Harry Potter... needs a bit of attention, guys.