Slacker Radio Updated To Version 2.0.49

By Bla1ze on 9 Sep 2009 08:03 am EDT
Slacker Radio Updated To Version 2.0.49

Just a few days ago there was an update to Slacker Radio and apparently it's already that time again. Slacker Radio has been updated from version 2.0.45 to 2.0.49 this time around and while there is no mention of a change log on the Slacker forums as of yet, some users were indeed having issues with 2.0.45 on their 9630's so maybe this is the fix for those bugs. If we come across a changelog we'll update the information but as it stands now, check out the CrackBerry forums for what others are noticing with the update.

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LOL! I commented in the wrong section. Ignore me please lol.


<3 crackberrrrry! and Empower...pick me puhleassse :)


Well Slacker is OK, but I prefer Pandora, sounds great and have never had an issue with Pandora.


Is this update only for Slacker PLUS?


I wonder what the update was from .48 to .49. Either way I never had an issue with Slacker and much prefer the cacheing for work that Slacker provides over Pandora.


i have had this update for 2 weeks already... update sucks it gets stuck every time a song finishes and when you wanna close the app it take like 3 minutes for it to close.....


Dude, you must be like the only one this is happening to as I have seen nothing but praise @ the changes and speed these updates have given. Works perfectly fine with mine and have been using with my Storm since Jan of this year. Every update gets smoother and faster.


Running a hybrid os on my Tour and I couldn't get Slacker to dl yesterday. With this update I have it back! Woot!!!


just got done with the download...its faster and does not restart the song if you get a text message like it used too.!

best update for it so far!


Is there an excellent weather (radar) software app that will make the radar more legible and easier to expand on the screen or is there a web site that offers a more legible screen for radar?


Didn't know this was a start your own thread forum, I think we're in the comment section of the Slacker upgrade.....FYI Check the forums here @ Crackberry you'll find anything your Curve desires.....


.45 was a total "App Error 200" fest for me. I do believe it "hurt" my phone. Although I do prefer Pandora for selection and delivery, I DO love cacheing. Anyway, fingers crossed. Was just trying to figure out Flycast because of .45