Slacker Radio Updated To Version 3.0.459

By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2010 09:28 pm EDT
Slacker Radio Update To Version 3.0.459

It seems Slacker has been pulling some fast upgrades to their streaming radio application. Not too long ago, Ronen over at BerryReview made a post about how version 3.0.458 was now available. Many folks, after reading the post went to download the latest only find out it had been upgraded again to 3.0.459. Strange to say the least but hey, no complaints about fast upgrades that's for sure. At this point we're still waiting for a change log but if you find anything new be sure to let us know in the comments.

Source: BerryReview

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Slacker Radio Updated To Version 3.0.459


I haven't had a chance to download it yet. Can anyone confirm if the bug had been fixed where the songs stop playing with a "Please wait" message on the bottom after banning a song regardless if it's cached or not? Thanks in advance.

Caching (Slacker) is GREAT when on the street without WiFi and NO 3G coverage.
Pandora sucks without Wifi and/or 3G.

Bedside mode (when on WiFi) that it Pandora time.....

Slacker claims to have 3X the songs but not for Rock, acoustic guiter, and jazz guitar. Pandora has way more songs and the logic is way better. Too bad they don't cache :(

is awesome. They actually play a good variety of music compared to pandora- it's the only app I would actually really love to buy if I wasn't such a cheapskate lol

It sucks when a particular app is only available to a specific geographic location.
Wish they would make it available to the rest of the world, especially in the European area.

...what's the difference upgrading? Currently using 2.0.83 on a BB9700. Just curious here, as I'm having no problems with the current version I'm using. I've learned over the years the latest isn't always the greatest...know what I mean?

The biggest difference is that 3.X requires a paid subscription to cache.

So unless you already pay for a premium account, if you wish to cache, DO NOT UPGRADE. Stick with 2.X

Songs changing transitions are improving as well as buffering at beginning of song, does song clear but not sure if it's slacker update Or .571 java storm 9530 update,
There's still some conflict with quickluanch "not launching app
Going into favorites still some lag
Little improvements, but its going (that's a good thing)

don't upgrade to v3. It really is not worth it. I really regret it. v3 does not go back to the headphone jack when it resumes playing after making/taking a call. hopefully this will be resolved with this newest update. .458 still has the same bug.

Hey stridr69, I haven't upgraded to version 3.whatever because according to Crackberry (a while back when v3 came out) you have to get the paid version if you want to be able to cache stations on your BB. If you're still on v2 you can still cache stations for free. If I'm mistaken someone please correct me.

I'm on version 3 and it does allow me to cache. However, I'm unable to bookmark songs anymore and the for some reason v3 is not as smooth as v2 as far as streaming is concerned or maybe its just with me. Either way does anyone know how to downgrade to v2 ? I looked but couldn't find any link to 2.0 :(

Problems as well. When I start Slacker, It will not auto detect the headset is plugged in (oem and vmodas). I have to unplug and plug back in to get it playing through the headset. Did not have this problem with 2.0. If this update fixes that, I'll be getting the subscription...

My Bold 9000 (runing stable 4.6.301) would grind to a halt everytime I exited out of slacker 3.0. It left me no option but to reboot each time! There was a serious bug with OS 4.6! Hope they fixed it. But during this mess, it forced me to try Pandora and I must say I am smitten with the music genome project.

for some time now at home through my stereo, while in my car, and at work via bluetooth gateways and/or headsets. I think the audio quality is much better now than it was in the 2.0 versions, at least the levels between songs seems much better. I'm not having to adjust volumes as much between songs now. I don't know if that's related to Slacker or the BB OS.

Anyway, it's a great app. The most used app on my BB.

I've been getting people to slowly converting my co-workers from Pandora to Slacker. Although many people will disagree, I feel as though Slacker has more music (at least in the genres that I listen to hiphop, and alternative).

I haven't had the problem with the music not resuming after taking a phone call, but I have had the issues with quicklaunch and slacker not wanting to play nice. Hopefully this will be resolved.

Slacker rocks out so hard...I actually pay for a subscription. I had to sacrifice a trip to McDonald's once a month, but it's well worth it.

I'm not having any issues with my older 2.0.91 version, plus I can cache stations (but really don't... haven't had the need to) which you can't in version 3.x.x

Also from the comments it appears that people don't understand that fundamentally Slacker and Pandora are different types of applications. Slacker you can build your own "station" and it plays only the music you selected. Or you can listen to their "stations" which are pre-programed and will play from a selected play list by category you selected.

Pandora you pick "a starting point", and from there it plays music that others "like" who also "like" the point you started from or from the songs you indicate you "like" as it's playing.

Pandora = discovering new music based on things you like today

Slacker = playing the type of music you like, might be new to you, might not be... and provides you the ability to play *exactly* what you want.

I've recreated many of my mp3 playlists on Slacker so I can listen to "my songs" without having them on the SD card. It's my streaming mp3 player.

i'm still on 2.0 something until I hear 3.0 something has cache for free. If anybody cares, I have solved my problem with lag on slacker which usually shows up as a skip after each song plays for about twenty seconds. To solve I turn off data services under options, mobile network while i listen at gym for about a half hour a day. Maybe this lag is related to my particular phone situation which is a 8320 which has wifi but i dont pay for a data plan except email which is allowed under tmobiles plan options. Seems even though I dont have data plan phone while on slacker still trys to send and receive information over the air as i watch the incoming and outgoing arrows constantly sending info while listening. With data services turned off no arrows going back and forth and works fine. Hope this helps others.

Nevermind, read a few comments above and got my answer. Im on a Droid now and same here, you have to pay for caching. I agree with others as far as Pandora vs Slacker. THey both have their place. Thanks people!

I live in Ontario Canada and I am running the free Slacker Radio on version 3.0.454 and I have full cache. I am using the 9700.

I'm enjoying it!

I love Slacker. I canceled my XM Radio for Slacker.