Slacker Radio Plus for BlackBerry giveway - Free subscriptions up for grabs!

Slacker Radio Plus
By David Boyd on 26 Jan 2011 09:40 am EST

It's the day of the week known as hump day. What a better way to help you get through the rest of the week than run a contest for some free subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus? Up for grabs we have 5 one-year subscriptions, 5 three-month subscriptions and 5 one-month subscriptions. Just leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want to win. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

In case you haven't heard of Slacker Radio, check out this CrackBerry Idol Review of Slacker Radio to get all the details. Good luck to everyone!!!

More information/download of Slacker Radio



Would love to win a sub, I just havent been able to list to much music lately but I think Slacker would changre that.


I love Slacker!!!!!! Pick Me!


I could always use some tunes on the go!


I love music and will enjoy to have this


Would love to finally take the premium service for a spin to compare/contrast with Pandora &! Help tempt me to switch!


I need a free subscription because my trial subscription ran out before I could use it.

Robert Calhoun

You would not believe how much I use slacker... Especially now that my new Sony TV has it as well! I would love a Free Subscription!


Gotta be lovin' that Slacker, Crackberry!


I love using Slacker Radio at work while...well being a Slacker!

The endless amounts of music make my otherwise boring day fly by!!
Keep up the great work.


Dont really nid it. Hv no time 4 radio. A gud applicax though!


Dont really nid it. Hv no time 4 radio. A gud applicax though!


Awesome! Would be great for the gym.


WOW!!! i can't believe this ...slacker radio for free, i looove slacker, they rock. i have been waiting forever for something as good as this. i love radio on my blackberry, tunes and more tunes and from slacker WOW. SLACKER rocks BIG TIME.


I love slacker! A subscription would mean I could upgrade from 2.x and still have cacheing!!


This site is blocked by my employer, but I can get in on my personal BlackBerry and jam while at work!


i need a free subscription cause im cheap


My torch wants this!


Who doesn't like music? Why not pick me! :)


#1 I can't believe I've finally found a way to replace my ipod for commutes to work and general music in the field (half office/half field services with my company in Calgary). Never thought I'd see the day that Blackberry would take over.

#2 Is there really any way you'd read through 500+ posts? Winners must all come from the first 10 pages or so no?


I want it pretty please :)


love it. gimmie gimmie gimmie. this will rekplace my expired car sub.


Count me in, use it all the time, would love to upgrade for free!


The radio stations here suck so it would be great to be able to listen to a whole library of music while I'm at work where the only thing I can do to stay awake is to listen to music.


I really need this free subscription, Living in NY and the way it has been snowing I find myself shoveling every week or just stuck. Winning this will let me listen to Slacker radio both when Shoveling and Trapped inside. Looks Like its going to Be a Long Winter ! Wish list: Slacker radio or an App. that can shovel.. Thanks


why i want to win? bcoz i never win this slacker thing. it would be great to have radio on your blackberry


Because I love music and everything of the sort. Slacker Plus would be a great getaway on long road trips... something different than the albums I currently have on my Torch already.


Pick Me Pick Me! I love music. Period.


Slacker kicks Pandora in the bahookie


“Music is what feelings sound like.” and I've got plenty of feelings and not enough music :) thank you


I like Iheart, but i'll be willing to try this one out for a year or so for free.


please have me in your give a way list, I'm 52 y/o and love tunes, thx in advance


I would love to win this not only because it would be my first time winning anything on Crackberry but also the fact that I'm a Slacker.......Crackberry Rocks!!!!


I spend roughly 6-8 hours a day at work on my computer doing tooling designs. Our company has blocked all streaming media through our interent. If it wasn't for Slacker Radio, I could never get my "design face" on and get my work done! Great App and I just haven't sprung the $50-60 bucks to subscribe...and the adds get old at the end of the day.


Slacker is awesome, Currently the free version has alot of ads, so now Id be thrilled to see how the paid version compares.


I'm cheap and want free slacker!


I would want 2 win cause I love hearing all the greatest old and new songs slacker radio plays plus having a limited data plan the cashing feature is really helpful too


Awesome! Hope I win! Lost all my music recently when my laptop is stolen. This would be an excellent surprise after hitting a rough patch. As always, thanks for another great contest, CB!


Slacker radio isnt about slacking... its about slacking in style...LOL!!! I love the custom stations...


I would love to win! Slacker is great and no commercials would be even better! :)


Slacker is a great app, and I would love to save some $!


Slackers really changed allot since I've last taken them into consideration... I guess they're no longer slackers! Well here's to hoping I win, and will have something awesome to listen to on those long bus rides home....


Pick me need the music at work to drown out the I phone users !

Joe Grind

I need something to listen to during my weekly Oriental Massage sessions.


I can only skip an Adam Lambert song 6 times with the free version.


I use the slacker free version almost everyday, love it, would be nice to have a paid version.


I need this, I miss my cached stations after upgrading.


Just got my 1st ever BB, a 9670 Style 3 months ago. Best phone I have owned in years. My mother in law insists on calling them 'blueberries'. I activated a 2nd for my wife last evening (purple). Told my wife to tell her mother that she is now the proud owner of a 'purple blueberry :<)' Would love to win a free subscription to Slacker radio for either or both myself and my wife.

Thanks for the consideration. Tom


I can use a free year of Slacker. I have been paying for it for two years now. Thanks.


I love slacker. Plus subscription is great!


I would love a copy of slacker radio


I enjoyed using the trial last Hallow'een for that channel, and I'd certainly use a free subscription. Thanks.


I already have the free. Version having the full one I could skip as many times as I want.


Oh! I could use a subscription to slacker. please baby, please baby, please baby, please!


I love crack berry, slacker, and blackberry so pick Me!


Slacker is great app. I enjoy listening to music during the work day. I'd sure like to be a winner!


I love slacker even more than Pandora!! I would be great to win a subscription!


This would be great. I use Slacker regularly and would love an upgrade to Plus.


I would love the ability to have unlimited skips on Slacker!


Slacker is a great app...big fan of Hits of the 2000s!


Just came back from trying out the android phone. So glad I have a blackberry!!!! Send me some free stuff for being a loyal fan <3


Just came back from trying out the android phone. So glad I have a blackberry!!!! Send me some free stuff for being a loyal fan <3


I'd love this. Yes, I'm a slacker. I love slacker, the only thing I HATE is the limited skips - -


Would love to have this for the workplace please. thanks!


I dropped my satellite radio subscription for Slacker to save money. A free sub to Slacker would be nice right now since I could have ad free radio again and still save a few bucks


could use this when I'm being a slacker!


I work a 4am shift with only one other person. It gets very quiet. I could use a few tunes in my life! Expecially that time of the morning! :-P


Slacker! The free version Rules! The paid would be great to try. I stream Slacker several hours in a day in my vehicle. It seems to work better than Pandora lately, I never tried the Paid version but I'd guess the Cache feature would be pretty damn outstanding on my Bold.


I can slack but not without that subscription!


Would love to win this. Never won anything on here maybe I'm unlucky.


hhmm... why I want to win... I like music... i like free stuff :)


I gotta have one! May I have one?


i love slacker but not able to cache skip songs make it not so pleasant of an experience. But slacker radio plus will be soooooo great. I use slacker a lot.


Choose me, please! Thanks!


I would like to win. Winning is fun. At least, I think winning is fun. I've never won, so I couldn't say for sure. I would like to win, so I could say for sure.


slacker, please save me from pandora..


I have been told that I am a Slacker.


I had a free 3 month subscription once but then sorta lost touch with Slacker. High time I get back in the groove.


I'm in on this one! Always listening to slacker!


i think i should win because i love the stylish sleek look of this software as well as it is very user friendly i like the quality of the music and i had it use all the time id never turn it off plus i have unlimited data so i would be a person that would use it so much that in turn i would be giving free advertising Thank you for considering me


To Slack or not to Slack. I say let's Slack, so toss one my way please.


I want and NEED to win . I listen to SLACKER literally all day at my "zombie-fest" job . Its what keeps me sane !


I am going to go ham if I don't get this app lol music keep me sane


I would LOVE a Slacker Radio Plus membership! I have tried the free version, and it works great--would love the upgrade. Plus, my kids think it's SO FUNNY that Grandma wears a Bluetooth headset and listens to dinosaur rock n' roll (classic 70's) on her BlackBerry--THANKS for considering me!