Slacker Radio Plus for BlackBerry giveway - Free subscriptions up for grabs!

Slacker Radio Plus
By David Boyd on 26 Jan 2011 09:40 am EST

It's the day of the week known as hump day. What a better way to help you get through the rest of the week than run a contest for some free subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus? Up for grabs we have 5 one-year subscriptions, 5 three-month subscriptions and 5 one-month subscriptions. Just leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want to win. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

In case you haven't heard of Slacker Radio, check out this CrackBerry Idol Review of Slacker Radio to get all the details. Good luck to everyone!!!

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Slacker Radio Plus for BlackBerry giveway - Free subscriptions up for grabs!



i deserve a free subscription based off when my blackberry died , i had a slacker g2 overnighted to me... didnt want to go without my tunes from slacker

other stations are cool enough to provide service in Canada!! Slacker you Rock!! I have it installed my bb and my Ipod touch!!!! thank-you for the chance to win!!!

I don't want this for me...I'd like this for my girlfriend's 9650 since she likes Slacker over Pandora. Plus, she's awaiting graduation to get herself Sirius Satellite Radio in her car, so this would be a great lil' reward for her hard efforts as she approaches graduation from culinary school.

Add to this that I've not won anything on before (and the fact that I'm not even wanting this for myself since I think of others before myself), and I feel that I could be a nice candidate for this contest.

Thank you very much for the many great offers from! =)

I want to win because I'm a winner baby, and that's the truth.

Never could believe the things you do to me,
Never could believe the way you are.
Every day I bless the day that you got through to me,
'Cause baby, I believe that you're a star.

Everyone's a winner, baby, that's the truth (yes, the truth)
Making love to you is such a thrill.
Everyone's a winner, baby, that's no lie (yes, no lie)
You never fail to satisfy (satisfy)


Never could explain just what was happening to me,
Just one touch of you and I'm a flame.
Baby, it's amazing just how wonderful it is
That the things we like to do are just the same.

Everyone's a winner, baby, that's the truth (yes, the truth)
Making love to you is such a thrill.
Everyone's a winner, baby, that's no lie (yes, no lie)
You never fail to satisfy (satisfy)


Let's do it again.

Everyone's a winner, baby, that's the truth (yes, the truth)
Making love to you is such a thrill.
Everyone's a winner, baby, that's no lie (yes, no lie)
You never fail to satisfy (satisfy)

Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Oh, baby...

I listen to Slacker at work,I listen to Slacker in my car.
I listen to Slacker at home and I've made all my friends switch from that other one!!!

i want to win because i love music and when i am at work the radio cant get singal but my phone can plus i keep running out of minutes on my lite version of slacker

i would love to go back to when slacker was almost always commercial free. now its almost as bad as radio and their commercials are 10x as loud as the music which loves to play havoc on my speakers. maybe this would make me love them again

As my new Torch has become my new Business friend sitting beside me keeping me company while working in my office. Slacker Radio would be nice to add to the beeps that email has arrived. Much better for entertainment.

Used to love Slacker, then I got a Pandora subscription. I've been thinking of giving Slacker another go.

use it all the time when i'm walking to pick up my son from school!! but hate having to be limited to skips..

I use slacker radio all the time and I am sick of the privacy star ads! Lol I want a subscription!

Ok... so definately there's no doubt that Slacker Radio is actually (not best).. is THE MUSIC SERVICE!!! Crackberry fellows PLSSSSSSSSS take me in consideration for the ONE year subscription!!! Pleaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

I gave up XM Radio for Slacker. A decision without any regrets.

Now a complimentary subscription would be great!!

Thanks in advance.

I listen to Slacker daily at home and in my car. My plus membership just ran out again recently, so I would love to win a free one!

I would love to win this contest. I work as a field tech in the oil industry. There are times when cellular reception is not that great while traveling from rig to rig. Having a subscription to Slacker would allow me to cache my favorite stations so that if I lost reception, I could still here my music.

I would lev to win this app. Who doesn't lave slacker radio, plus how can you beat free? Hope I win. Thanks.

I love Slacker! Listen to it a couple hours everyday, not sure what I would do without it... The problem is I'm a broke college student, so any extra money I have laying around each month is spent on beer. A free subscription would be awesome!!!!!

because of crackberry, i use slacker and i am now finding music that i've never heard of before, but love. also, i'm making great use of the 500mb of data on my phone :)

I would love this! i used to like pandora but now that i have this app i have been using Slacker Radio more! great selection of music compared to pandora i just hate the annoying commercials! but having a subscription from crack berry will fix that problem!

I just lost 100lbs over the last year. And one thing that drives me at the gym is a good playlist. Slacker helps for that. I never paid for subscription.. but it would be great to win this.

I think I'd take it as a sign to continue the hard work to lose more pounds. :)

Slacker is far better than listening to most radio stations. Count me in as I would enjoy a free subscription!

I need to win. I'm such a slacker, I can barely afford to be on the forum right now. I should be looking for a job. Please help provide a soundtrack to the wanton waste of space that is my life.

I listen to Slacker Radio all day everyday. Tried Pandora didn't like it. Been a slacker for over a year now and love it. Need to listen to my comedy station.

I need this because Pandora still isn't compatible with .1015 on my Storm2 9550.
So, yeah... I would really like to win this.

I need it because I will be going on a trip to a couple other countries and I would love to be able to have the subscription so I can cache all my favorite music before I go!

I'd like to give it a shot again since my free trial expired. I'd probably end up using my BB for more than just phone calls and sms/emails if I had an app like this.

Please award me with a plus account for Slacker Radio as I love and Slacker radio almost as much, but when I'm on the train and we lose signal in the underground tunnel it always messes up my jams and I wish I could cache the songs on my Blackberry to avoid this issue. Also I love singing along but am a little tone deaf so I can not usually understand the words unless I am looking at the lyrics but Slacker free doesn't let me look at the lyrics.

Slacker is a great innovation in all music lovers' arsenal, what better than a free subscription to enjoy all of the benefitss?

Would love to get a copy of Slacker Radio - the free trial single-handedly got me through my brutal job last summer - would listen to it all the time if I had a subscription!

SLacker Radio is by far one of my favorite apps. I am new to my BB and when I stumbled across it playing with my phone I was so excited! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it plays in the background whenever I do anything. As weird as it seems my cat loves music and ill turn it on to get her to crawl into bed with my fiance and i. She cuddles right up to the phone and falls asleep! She loves slacker too!

this would be an awesome win since i have been paying for the service for quite a while now, it would be nice to get it for free for a few months!

I would LOVE to get this as I ALWAYS use slacker and Pandora, but Pandora caps at 40 hours a month (get there in 1 week) and slacker, even though it has no cap, is FULL of adds (more then Pandora). Please help prevent my suffering!!!

Hello the reason I would like too win this is because I work on a boat 20days a month and this is my only entertainment I use slacker while I work and do a simple station change when I sleep to relax too slack provides a outstanding selection to listen to and they are just a fantastic place for music. Thank you slacker radio and thank you crackberry your the best.

I NEED to win a free subscription! I sleep to Slacker (Usually to my Michael Buble station I created) and I get woken up suddenly by the Privacy Star commercial every time! AND, I drive an hour to school 3 days a week, and my car radio doesnt work, so I listen to Slacker on my blackberry :)

I've had Slacker for a few years now, and would love to try out a premium subscription finally! I exhausted my trial a few years back, but so many things have changed in the app now...

I should win cuz I'm the MJ of the BB world I need this so I can air out the speakers with the BB hooked up to the whip while I'm cruisin for dem ladies

Love Slacker but currently running the free version because I have no funds for a subscription. Would certainly love a free one!!!

My husband has been giving me crap about paying for Slacker for months but I need it!!! And its always the first app I tell my customers to download.

I love music simple as that. It would be great to have slacker radio so I won't be stuck listening to my car radio when I am stuck in traffic. Streaming slacker from phone to car will be great. Drive around a lot with daughter would love to find radio stations for her when she is in the car. Need a subscription, my daughter hates 10 minutes of straight commercials!!

I would like to get rid of my XM subscription, and Slacker may be the ticket. I already use the free version in the office.

I commute 350 miles each way from work to home on the weekends and use my BB to stream music. Having Slacker would be sweet. It sure would make the drive easier.

I've been in a real slump this week, and getting over the hump really didn't help -- it was more like I slid back down! Since I feel like a bit of a slacker at the moment, I could definitely use a little jazz in my step (or country or rock or whatever gets my toe tappin'!). Slacker Radio? The perfect cure!

C'mon....pick me. You know ya wanna. :-D

Hey I love slacker! Hope I win. Thanks! I Subscribe to you to keep up on my smartphone news.

I really would like to win a paid slacker subscription. I usually have a radio on when I'm in my office or car, but would love to have more control on the programming. Slacker would be great in this dept.

Slacker has some awesome comedy, from Jerry Clower, to Cheech and Chong, to Richard Pryor, to Lewis Black, and anything and everything in between! Also it has some lesser known artists that Pandora doesn't have, and seems to tailor better to my tastes than Pandora, as well.

I lover Slacker, but I wish there was an option to use older versions, because the newer ones are getting slower and slower. I used to be able to skip songs and the other one would start playing instantaneously, but now there is almost always buffering delay.... :( By the way Plus Subscription would be great!

its great to listen to slacker when going down the hill on a snowboard but would definitely be better with the subscription, that would be better quality times :)

I want to win because commuting to work can get boring so having this subscription would help the time pass a lot better :)

I would love to win a subscription because I'm such a music hog and I love Slacker Radio <3 Although I don't have access to the premium features so winning this would be awesome :]

I love Slacker and listen to it all the time---a subscription would be even more of a reason for me to listen to it and be a Slacker