Slacker Radio Plus for BlackBerry giveway - Free subscriptions up for grabs!

Slacker Radio Plus
By David Boyd on 26 Jan 2011 09:40 am EST

It's the day of the week known as hump day. What a better way to help you get through the rest of the week than run a contest for some free subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus? Up for grabs we have 5 one-year subscriptions, 5 three-month subscriptions and 5 one-month subscriptions. Just leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want to win. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

In case you haven't heard of Slacker Radio, check out this CrackBerry Idol Review of Slacker Radio to get all the details. Good luck to everyone!!!

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Reader comments

Slacker Radio Plus for BlackBerry giveway - Free subscriptions up for grabs!



I want to win this 'cause I already have a one year subscription and I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford another!! I'm going to miss it, I've evangelised all of my friends off of Pandora to Slacker, and they all love me for it. Thanks Slacker!

Some use this more than Pandora.... For free I'd try it. Not sure it is worth the hype, would love to be proved wrong.

I want to win because Canada is a second class citizen for available music services and Slacker is to be commended for providing their service here.

I love the commedy channels! My trials almost over and would love to continue having slacker on my torch

The comedy channel is the stuff...Pandora..bleh...and I NEED days depend on it, but upgrading to plus just cant fit in the budget right babies gotta eat:)

I would like to win because everyone likes to win free things. I use the free version already, so might as well try get a free subscription!!

LOVE Slacker, especially the cached station feature - perfect for when I'm playing poker in the doldrums of a casino and can't get good reception to stream the station live!

I would love to win this... it would help me show case to all of our doctors/nurses and amin staff why we should have Slacker- and what a great tool this would be for everyone to have it. Since I am the Administrator of Telecom here with our Cell phone division - this could be a very usefull tool to help grow the Slacker Paying Membership numbers?

Could you please give me a free copy so I can help push the Paid Membership.

Thanks.... your friends at Johns Hopkins University....

I love slacker radio,i'm tired of regular radio. i've even bought an extended battery for my Blackberry to hear it as much as possible.

I would LOVE one of these. I use the basic player all the time (work, driving, treadmill, etc.) but would love to get a rid of the ads and allow caching (which is useful if you're on AT&T) Thanks for doing all the giveaways!

Well I would love to win as recently they clocked a lot of webpage in my office and I get bored. Having unlimited music would help me get through the day way easier!

I would love to win this app. I listen to the free version at least 50 hours a week and would love to hear my music commercial free

Just recently started using it and trying to compare and contrast between slacker and pandora. This would be great

ok, everybody tells me I should be using this application..... hate subscriptions, but if they are willing to give me a subscription to try it out I will. Thanks Crackberry.

I work nights and LOVE using Slacker because it skips long boring commercial breaks and I can listen to ANYTHING. One of the best apps for my Torch!

I listen to Slacker at work from my BlackBerry, in my car with a BlackBerry visor-mount speakerphone, at home with a BlackBerry stereo gateway...I'd love to try out Slacker Plus!

I have to walk EVERYWHERE and need a radio keep me going . I cant wait to try slacker I hear nothing but good things about the service

I want to win so I can listen to my ABC News updated on the hour to keep up with what is happening around the world. It keeps me informed as to what is happening while being a truck driver on our nations highways, driving all 48-states.

I love listenening to slacker radion and the customization and randomness of what you can do. Great product and service.


Been listening to Slacker for a few years and have considered a premium subscription but can't fit it in the budget. Would love to try it out and see if it is worth the $. Slacker rules!

Slacker is great now that it's free in Canada! The upgraded benefits of a subscription would be a nice to have.

Oooh ooooh ooooh pick me! I'll use all the $$ from my (current) subsciption to buy items from CB! Promise! Please, please, please and ty :)

I listen to the free version all the time when walking to/from work, would love to not have to hear privacy star ads everyday, especially for free!

Slacker is a real good service but what sets them apart I the cache stations, that is awesome.

I want to win because I would love commercial free radio on my BB! My wife was recently laid off and we have to pinch every penny!

I recently attended a small sad funeral for my once beloved true love (my BB 8900). He died of a tragic drowning accident in a dreadful glass of soda. Although loved, when I went to purchase a replacement I was wooed by the fast talking salesman and against my best judgement purchased a... dun dun dun... android. Ugh, I know what you're thinking. I'm sorry BB.

As it's turned out, my misguided splurge has caused me much turmoil. I miss my BB. I want nothing more than to have a BB again. Life is hard to swallow without you to help me get by. Your maps and quick access to applications made day to day living so much more tolerable. Please grace me again with your presence.

Oh... and did I mention... my android is soooo slow I can't get anything 'streaming' to work on it. I don't even have the luxury of enjoying Slacker Radio! Life is lost without my BB. =/

Long time user since the original Storm 9530, when the iphone users were all about pandora. I would love to win a premium subscription to try out what slacker can really do.

Without listening to Slacker Radio. It is absolutely essential to my day. I'd love to win any length of a free subscription. Thanks for the opportunity!

To be completely honest I originally started using slacker because it offered stereo bluetooth support where pandora didn't. Then I got hooked into the caching of music on my SD card which was awesome for those times I was in the server room at work which had no cell service. But alas once they upgraded to the new version, the caching became a paid only deal. And being a lowly government employee I didn't have the money to shell out for the subscription so I was left searching for other ways to get my music. I have found workarounds for some things but nothing compares to slacker. I would love to have a years subscription to it!

I love this app but am too cheap to buy it haha it rlly is an improvement from pandora when I did pay for it so it wud b sick to get a memebership again

Would love to win a free subscription. My friend Just Got his up and running and he say's it is Amazing! I need to try it on my Torch.

I would love to win a subscription. I used to have slacker before you had to have pro to cache the stations and I loved it. The channels are so much better than Pandora and all other music apps I've seen. Hope I win

WooHoo! Slacker is the only radio station I listen to, on both my BlackBerry Torch 9800 and my EVO 4G. Would love to win this for my Torch. Love ya' CrackBerry Team!

I feel like I should win this contest because I am a college student and music is MY LIFE everyday, I walk to my classes and am listening to my music on my Blackberry 9650 with OS 6! and having a subscription to Slaker will make sure my little jamming sessions while walking to classes wont end.

This looks like just the ticket for music on my new Torch. Since Sirius doesn't want to play on the Torch, I'll be a Slacker!!

I already have a Slacker subscription but would love to get one free. Love Slacker, esp unlimited skips (unlike others) and ability to cache on my Blackberry and iphone.

...Because music it pumping out of my blackberry 24/7. I have portable speakers next to the bed when I sleep, I have giant full ranges attached to my computer/media center, and I even get to wear my headphones all day at work. With no decent radio stations over the air here I NEED a place to hear new music. =p

This would be great to win whatever free subscription is offered. Unlimited skips and reduced adds are perfect addition if you have an unlimited data plan. Love to win it.

I would love this! Ever since the require us in Canada to pay for a subscription I have been suffering without it!

Help me slack again!!

ah.. i've been spreading slacker all around JMU! converting pandora kids like its a religion.. I would love to have the subscription version

You know what your problem is're a Slacker. Reminds me of your father when he went to school here, he was a slacker too!!!

my commute to college and back home sucks to the core, having a full subscription to slacker is gonna be just super awesome!

i LOVE Slacker Radio...I listen to it all day at work, and on my iPhone on long drives...I've recommended Slacker to so many of my friends...just wish I could get a subscription so I don't have to hear the same commercials over and over again, just want the great music! :)

I've been using Slacker Radio since i got my Blackberry. I love the fact I can cache the stations and safe the life of my battery. Thanks Slacker!

Because SiriusXM has not developed an AP that works on the BB 9780 and slacker radio has not been slacking on us BlackBerry 6.0 users like SiriusXM!

My work just blocked all streaming audio, so I need a slacker plus account (with my portable slacker unit) to keep my sanity.