Slacker Radio Now Pushed To Verizon Tour?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2009 12:48 pm EDT

Slacker Radio Icon

Just a week or so back we found out that Slacker Radio was being pushed to the Verizon Storm, and today it looks like the Tour may be following. A quick reboot of my device after updating an application, and there was a lonely Slacker Radio icon sitting on my homescreen. I clicked it and sure enough it dragged me along to the download page. If you are a Verizon Tour owner and don't seen the icon, try rebooting or sending your service books. Could this be a sign of things to come? And is it only happening on Verizon for now? Leave a comment and let us know you thoughts and findings.

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Slacker Radio Now Pushed To Verizon Tour?


I also noticed this after a Quickpull reboot around 6:30 this morning. Personally I use the iPhone to stream XM and Pandora so this is a waste of space; would like to see this push for the App World for those that don't already have it.

i was wondering where the hell that came from. it ended up one icon over from the existing Slacker App icon, to make things more confusing.

I didn't even realized it got pushed out. I have Pandora. But I like the variety. They're both free, so why not? I can always uninstall.

Ah, I noticed this on my screen last time I rebooted my phone. I thought my Tour froze but guess it was updating.

I was wondering where that came from cause I noticed it there this morning and I didn't remember putting it there so I was a little leery about it and didn't wanna go ahead with the download.

Already have a G2 and love it but still a nice add to the phone Tour has good sound
By the way what are those 2 icons in that screen shot the wierd 4 leaf clover and the bubble with 3 spots been looking all over and cant find?

It was there this morning. I don't like the fact that they are pushing software out without notifying me or giving me the option to deny the software. Oh well, I guess I can always uninstall the thing.

after applying Phantom Skinz and truning on the phone I saw it and thought something was wrong because a had a slacker icon already.

I'm an AT&T customer, not a Verizon customer. I downloaded Slacker from the CrackBerry site. I like it better than Pandora. I tried Pandora on my PC and didn't like it. Slacker is good (bigger library than Pandora). It's nice that you folks on Verizon get it pushed. I had to actually go look for it.

i just saw this icon before i came to this site and was wondering where it came from! i have no need for it but i may as well try it. is it better then pandora?

If I wanted something like Slacker on my phone, I would like the option of downloading it myself. I really don't like the fact that I don't have much of a choice or that there was little to no announcement that Verizon was going to do this.

Its just an icon. Hide it. It does install it. Did you do the same thing on spam when it comes Google Talk, AOL, MSN and Yahoo. All are pushed to the phone but not installed.

I personally didn't care for Slacker on my Storm so I removed it. I prefer Pandora.

Just did a battery pull on my Tour and lo and behold! the Slacker Radio icon appeared. Installed it and it works fine.

I don't have a tour, storm instead, but have done battery pull and resent service books and still no show...dont really care, but was wondering why app wasnt pushed thru on my storm....?

It now appears that the Wireless Cellphone Providers have decided to sell advertising space on everyone's cell phone. Seems to me that if this continues, the phone AND the service should be FREE, as we are being forced to look at advertisements that we have no interest in. If I wanted it, then it would already be on my phone. At least give me the option of removing it. Like the other pushed icons, you cannot remove them, just "hide" them.

I could see the push if our phones and service were free, but this is just another way of shoving advertising down our throats so that the powers that be can make some extra bucks. Remember, that's what made TV programs "FREE." We watch the commercials, and we get FREE TV programming. A fair trade. What's next, an ad playing before we are allowed to connect to our dialed party? If you want me to advertise for you, then provide compensation.

Very low blow if you ask me.

You cant be serious....

Magazines have advertisements... not free
Newspapers have advertisements... not free
Movies have previews to entice you to see other movies... not free.

I could go one and on.... but I wont.

Well ok they want to push out a product I guess it's something we have to deal with; however, when you already are using it a second icon shouldn't appear on my tour with a link to sign up when you click on it. It's a shame they can't verify whether it's installed or not so we don't have to hide yet another icon. Just a thought but I do like the product alot so no complaints there.

i did a battery pull and nothing happened...I was so excited...thinking..."HMMMM...i beat the system"...but sure enough, I look down as i was typing the first sentence and saw slacker pop up...Damn.

it just occured to me, wow, they can push a folder out and push 10s or 100s or even THOUSANDS of applications into a big folder with links to downlaod and VOILA instant app store- in fact, utilities, mabye even 10 different FEATURED apps every week or whatever they want- the ability to just push out whatever they want is amazing- it's really badass! I can really see the potential that can be utilized-

I recognize many of the apps, except the blue clock. What is that? Because I need a good multi-alarm app for my tour.

mine came up as a browser icon lol but when you scroll over it is says slacker... weird

EDIT: it turned into a slacker icon

Like VZ Navigator and other preloaded apps on the phone it is NOT installed. You still have the option to install and use it or Hide it away and never see it again. I repeat, it is NOT installed on your phone. Only the icon appears as a link to download it.

Its rather annoying! They should allow us the option to have new software (not that Slacker is new) pushed to our phones!

I could see the point since a lot of Blackberry users don't even know the model number for their device much less what OS its running or what apps are what.

But, for us that do, its lame! Let us choose what we have on our phones. I'm sure the little file doesn't take much space but, its still not how it should be.

Thats what apps stores are for!

I wasn't so much annoyed by the icon being pushed to my Tour as I was with the fact that apparently it may not be compatible with it. I installed Slacker to try it out and it just gave errors when launching it. If they are going to push it to the phone like that, they should make sure it will work on the phone first. I will stick with the new flycast, since it does work.

This actually pissed me off royally!

I was using my phone (BB IM with the misses) when it rebooted on me. Then I find this icon but I didn't download it and Verizon didn't tell us we were getting it... I thought it was a virus or spam or something.

I tried to uninstall or remove it, but it's not listed, so I can't. All you can do is hide the icon.

Again, not happy!

I didn't ask for it damnit! I have Pandora and love it, why the hell does Verizon do crap like this!

I downloaded Slacker before they pushed it out because I like the application. But, I found bugs with it:

1.) Song stops when you get any sort of notification - e-mail, text, Twitter, etc. - and instead of resuming the song after the notification, it starts over.

2.) When you pause a song, rather than resume once play is pressed, it skips the song completely.

I e-mailed Slacker, and they told me this was a known issue with the Tour and the Storm, and there was no date for which they would resolve it.

So, I downloaded Pandora. But, I do like Slacker better.

I had already downloaded Slacker, and I found I could not delete this new icon, so I had to Hide it. Stupid.
Is this thing taking up any extra valuable space on my phone?

I have to agree with those that don't like this development. I already had Slacker on my Storm and didn't like having Verizons version forced upon me without a way to delete it. I ended up wiping my Storm and reinstalling the OS and loading Slacker from BB appworld. Even with that there's still a shortcut to download songs from Rhapsody even though that's not on my phone! Why is Verizon pushing their BS to my phone without permission?! cost $10 (free 3 day trial)...but its worth the money...probably the best weather app hands down

I noticed it today when i got home for work, was getting ready to play my pandora and saw the slacker icon. I already have slacker i love being able to listen to something other than pandora sometimes. The strange thing was that this icon wasn't where i keep it so i clicked it and yet it took me to the download page which was cool because it was an updated version from the slacker i had,

WTF?! Not that I don't want the app, but why is it on my phone without me adding it? That's both cool and freaky... and something I thought that only Palm (check out the auto-update "feature of the Pre) was potentially guilty of.

i agree with u guys it is absolutely outrageous that Verizon feels free to spam you when you pay over a 100 dollars a month for service. Do something about it before this becomes routine. Complain to the FCC here:

Choose "Deceptive and Unlawful Advertising" under the wireless telephone section. cost $10 (free 3 day trial)...but its worth the money...probably the best weather app hands down

I was waiting for the Verizon bashing reading through this. I read a article online about this and it stated that RIM, not Verizon, would be pushing this to the devices.

Now I am not saying that is right or wrong, but before you go bashing someone you better know the truth of who really is doing it. Could be Verizon and it could be RIM

Yup, I got it, didn't know where it came from. Thanks for letting us know. Really don't want it, Pandora does all I need it to. I don't appreciate having apps PUSHED, I'll pull when I want them!

now i have 2 slacker icons.....
when i first got my tour I downloaded it straight from bb appworld .....everything went great till i did my normal reboot and long behold slacker is there again
I already made a folder for my music/apps and now i have 2 WTF......

I know I can get ride of one but damn rim should have done it when it was first released

I dont understand why these companies force us to have applications stored on our BBs. Why cant we choose what we desire? This other stuff takes up space and its a pain trying to erase them.

Did a battery pull and low and behold there was slacker icon on my tour. Clicked on it and downloaded the app.
I'm off to see if it actually works.Since I've never used this app before. only recently discovered pandora.

yea i have the storm and one day i picked up my phone to charge and noticed 2 new apps on there i was like wtf how the hell did verizon manage to push vcast ringtones and song id on to the phone and then a few weeks later slacker shows up wtf is with that .... a little sketchy if you ask me

I prefer Pandora myself and it would be nice if they had something like this even if I had to install the amazon app to get it to work.

And to those complaining: LOTS of stuff is pushed to blackberries. Before they're activated most blackberries don't even have a browser icon. People are rarely shocked and irritated by the sudden appearance of an internet browser. This is basically the same thing. RIM/Verizon are trying to provide extra services to people who might want them, those who don't are free to delete the app.

I noticed it on my Storm about a week or so ago. I've removed it about 6 times, but it still keeps coming back. I'm sick of it! Who is doing this? What other crap are they planting on our phones? Ads on Web pages are one thing, but unsolicited configuring of a private phone to push products just ain't cuttin' it.