Slacker Radio Now Pushed To Verizon Storm

Slacker Radio
By Adam Zeis on 16 Jul 2009 12:47 pm EDT

If you're a Verizon Storm owner and you've been having difficulties deciding what streaming radio service is best for you, let us help you out. Starting today, Slacker Radio is being pushed out automatically to all Verizon BlackBerry Storms. This is one of the few applications out of the social networking genre (IM clients, Facebook, MySpace etc.) to be pushed to devices directly from a carrier. The icon should already be on your device, but if not it should be popping up sometime today. The cool feature of this service is that while playing songs in Slacker, an icon will appear allowing you to easily purchase the track from V CAST Music with Rhapsody with one click. While some users will no doubt be upset that you can't avoid the Slacker push, it is definitely a cool addition to the already stellar Slacker service. Check out the full press release after the jump.

Press Release


Slacker Radio Application Lets Music Lovers Play Personalized Radio Everywhere and Buy Songs from V CAST Music While They Listen

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., and SAN DIEGO - Verizon Wireless has made it easier for music lovers to not only listen to their favorite music on the BlackBerry® StormTM smartphone, but has also given customers the ability to purchase and download those tracks - while enjoying the songs at the same time.
Over the next several days, customers using the BlackBerry Storm smartphone will see the Slacker Radio application icon appear on their handsets' home screens as it is pushed over-the-air. The Slacker Radio icon gives customers one-click access to a free version of one of the most popular personalized radio services available today.

This version of Slacker Radio also connects to V CAST Music, combining this exciting music application with Verizon Wireless' industry-leading mobile music service. When a song is being played using Slacker Radio and is one of the more than 4.5 million available in the V CAST Music with Rhapsody catalog, a V CAST icon will appear on the screen that will let customers easily purchase that track while it continues playing on the smartphone.

"Verizon Wireless is making it even easier for customers who want to experience music on their smartphones to find Slacker Radio, then connecting them directly to V CAST Music so they can take that music with them wherever they go," said Ed Ruth, director of partner management for Verizon.

"This combination is great for both serious music lovers and casual fans who want to listen to music when the mood strikes them."

"With the largest music library of any personal radio app, Slacker Radio makes your BlackBerry Storm smartphone the ultimate music player," said Jonathan Sasse, senior vice president of marketing at Slacker. "By integrating with V CAST Music, Slacker listeners will now have the ability to easily purchase music as they listen to their favorite stations."

The Slacker Radio application provides BlackBerry Storm smartphone users in the United States with a personalized music discovery and listening experience, pulling from more than 100 expert-programmed Slacker stations, over 10,000 artist stations or a nearly unlimited number of the listener's own custom-created stations. Features include station caching to storage memory, an intuitive interface optimized for touch operation with support for vertical and horizontal orientation, as well as "peek ahead," allowing the listener to see a preview of the next artist and album in their stations' rotations.

Customers who don't want the Slacker Radio icon on their home screens can hide it or move it to a folder.

Slacker Radio is included with Email and Web for BlackBerry plans, which begin at $29.99 when added to any Nationwide voice plan. For more information about products and services from Verizon Wireless, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or visit

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About Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless operates the nation's most reliable and largest wireless voice and data network, serving more than 86.6 million customers. Headquartered in Basking Ridge, N.J., with more than 86,000 employees nationwide, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). For more information, To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at

About Slacker, Inc.
Slacker is the world's first Personal Radio company offering "Your Radio Everywhere." Slacker allows music lovers to play highly personalized music online at the Slacker web site or on the go with Slacker Personal Radio players and mobile phones. Visit for more information.

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.

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Reader comments

Slacker Radio Now Pushed To Verizon Storm


I hope they're not sending it to people who already got it OTA. I really don't need or even want the option to buy a song with the Slacker I already have.

So does this mean that I can not even delete it? This worthless service is going to take up storage space. Gee thanks.

On a side note since I am on a business plan and NOT BES can they turn it off. I do not WANT or NEED this garbage.

Push something better like SiriusXM

I wish people took the time to understand the way pushed apps worked. They place an ICON on you phone that can choose to press to get the app. It's an advertisement. It's like a 2kb file.

Is it really that big of a deal to you? The fact that they are pushing something on to your phone that you do not want is annoying. If I want it I should have to go the vzw mobile page and download it. Hiding it get to be a pain it if appears from time to time because you change themes, etc. Oh well it isn't on my phone yet anyway.

I had XM for years and watched as audio quality went downhill and landed in the gully. Musical selections were so often repeated due to poor and narrow selections by people in charge. And the final straw for me was the merger, if I had wanted a Sirius service i would have gone with Sirius.
Had Slacker for over a year now and I am sorry I waited so long to drop XM and go with Slacker.
Wider choice of music, I can customize my stations to hear and not hear certain artists, good audio quality. I can develop my own stations if I choose to highlight my musical taste.
They have a portable player while not perfect (yet) will connect via my PC or Wi-Fi and transfer all of my stations (up to 40) on my player. Connects to my PC or Wi-Fi and updates new songs for me, I just let it run. Battery power is good for 8 to 9 hours.
Everyone I talk to is impressed with Slacker and some have said goodbye to Sirius/XM and went with a better choice Slacker.
My opinion, my comments in response to yours. If you think Sirius/XM is better than Slacker great.
Oh yea Slacker is quite a bit less in price than Sirius/XM.
Slacker does not nickel and dime you as Sirius/XM does now.

I removed Slacker after it's last update when I has 148. It was killing my battery even with the app not in use (battery pulls, etc...) Hopefully the new 'pushed' version wont do this. I'm getting 2 days with version 151 with moderate use.

Strange... ever since I got my Blackberry Storm a few months ago(through Verizon), I've been able to use Slacker Radio on it every day since then.

So this is a bit old news, unless it wasn't "meant" to be used with the Verizon Blackberry Storm and some how it just worked on mine?

Very strange.

You could always download and run Slacker on a BB Storm. However, it was up to you to download it. Now, Verizon is pushing a download link to every user, whether they asked for it or not.

Don't get me wrong at least slacker is a good program, but I did not want to use it. So why am I forced to have a program that I do not want on MY phone!

for the same reason you are "forced" to have all the other programs on your phone. Actually the program is not being pushed to your phone...Just an icon link to download it if you so choose. If you don't want it then just hide the icon.

Since when does Verizon get to chose what apps I run on my blackberry? Why is it up to them to push an app, that I am going to have to hide in order to keep my home screen clean? the vzw tones and song id are both ugly icons. I feel like the vzw is doing what the computer companies do and they are going to be filling up the phone with bloatware hoping that you'll use it and they'll make some extra money off you. If they want us to try new apps, they should do what crackberry does and have a weekly or monthly list of apps they feel we could appreciate. they shouldn't use our service books against us.

I have not received the push yet for my phone but that may be in part because I am running the leaked 151. Anyone else with 151 that can confirm this?

What is pushed to your phone is not the actual application. It is an icon for Slacker that if opened will prompt you to agree to the EULA and then download the actual software.

Just hide the icon, it's not wasting any memory.

thanks for the clarification.
i didnt get it yet but i dont want it either.
just more to hide i see.
its too bad, we can erase a whole app, but just this small code we cant. THANKS VERIZON! i can HEAR And SEE you now!

I REALLY hate it when electronics come with required software, that isn't really required. It's like forced advertising. I don't want SlackerRadio on my BB, and don't want Verizon's other apps either.

I'm happy to hear it's simply an icon that will download the app, but we should still be able to delete it, if desired.

Is there a way to go in and remove Verizon's other apps (Like VZ Navigator, their music service, etc)?

Damn there is a lot of whining here! As was said before, just like the stupid vzw tones push, it's just a download link. It's not the whole program, and if you just click HIDE you will never see it again. Is that too difficult? Really?

What are they supposed to do the internet is for pr0n and whining!

Seriously though they need to stop pushing ads to our Storms, I am about fed up wit RIM & VZW

It's not really an ad - it's software that Verizon thinks some customers may have interest in. The icons can be hidden and it will not effect the performance of your phone. If you really do not like having these links sent to your phone I am sure you can ask Verizon to put you on a "Do not push list".

As for the comment someone made about Verizon not pushing BlackBerry App World - I think the reason for that is Verizon plans to release their own application store.

They probably will release a new app store. They already have one at this has like 50 apps, you've never heard of any of them, you wouldn't want to use any of them, and even if you did, they're all absurdly expensive.

I wish I could find the link to download the app so everyone could see how terrible it is. It was posted a few months ago in the 3rd Party Apps sub-forum in the Storm forum.

i am tired of Verizon taking over my phone... soon they will figure out a way to make sure that i can't run .151 os and then the phone will really be a paper weight, i could never imagine going back

I currently have the free version of Slacker already installed on my Storm. I wish at least Verizon would push the full service Slacker and include that with your data plan, then maybe people wouldn't get upset.

I am new to Slacker but I seem to have a problem. I set up the account and all is good. I choose a station and a song plays in full. The next song starts and plays for 15 or 20 seconds and stops. I hit next arrow and it goes to the next song and plays it in full and the next one stops again. Any ideas?

You can even delete the service books for the app, removing all traces of it from your phone...but after a battery pull/reset, it will be back.

I mean, wouldnt it make more sense to send an e-mail with the link and an EXPLANATION of why they were pulling this crap at least? That way those of us who didnt want it could just delete the e-mail.

I'm sure they think that would mean less people are as likely to download it, but I'm willing to guess the number of people who don't see this press release and understand how it integrates with vcast is more.

I use Slacker everyday ALL day. I tried Pandora again today and blahhh , lame. Slacker IS the way to go! Kudos to Verizon for the support!

I'm assuming the push is for the basic version only?

The only reason I would use it is if it were the full version. Otherwise, Pandora all the way.

The whole idea of "just hide the icon" is missing the point. I don't want a free AOL trial on my home PC, and I don't want pushed nonsense that I didn't ask for either.

Slacker IS a good/great app and it's cool that VZW is doing this. If you don't have it, it is worth getting, even the free version. I'm just wondering if they're gonna send me an unecessary icon for something I already have. I also think the idea mentioned about a list being sent out saying hey check out these cool apps you might like is better than just all of a sudden pushing an app, especially with no description. When the tones and song ID just randomly showed up it threw me off a bit. I don't care for bloatware either.

Ya I was wondering the same thing. What happens if you already have the free Slacker installed on ur storm? Do you still get the one from Verizon pushed? I've tried the slacker that I already have and there isn't anything in the app suggesting to buy the song on VCast Music. I like that idea.

I'm getting pretty sick of verizon pushing crap to my phone that I DO NOT want. I have Pandora, which is much much better than Slacker. On top of that, I don't want to give VZW any more cash then they're already getting out of me by buying music off V CAST (which I don't use anyway). One more pushed icon and I'm gonna lose it. I know they don't take up space, but I'm sick of waking up and seeing their crap on MY phone (yes, it's mine...I bought it). i'm already paying out the ass in a 2 year contract to use their network. Not for them to push ads to my phone. You want to push ads, you better lower my cost and let me share in the revenue.

Just like I posted in another thread I just created a folder called Junk and put all I do not want in it and then use the hide option, less mess when using the show all option.

I'm with erndog on this one ... I created a Folder called Crapola ... all unwanted pushes from Verizon go in there and then get the HIDE treatment. I do use Slacker a lot. If this link was to Slacker Plus and Verizon was picking up the tab for the subscription i'd be all over it. But if it's just a Launcher to the Slacker web-site to get the freeware version it's a pointless beating. However, I'll be happy to get the Icon and I haven't yet. Because if I don't get it then I'll know Verizon is snooping on my frigging Storm and they know what apps I've got installed. I think that would be a WHOLE lot worse ...

I already had slacker radio on my storm, but I kept getting errors the past day or two so I deleted it. I just downloaded Pandora to see how that works. I'll welcome Slacker back if the error code goes away.

Im a fan of Slacker. I already have it installed on my phone along with Pandora and I heart Radio. I think its a good idea for VZW to push this out to phones becase even though everyone on this board knows that you can add apps to the phone other people dont know. I see peoples BB that dont even know about the app world or do much of anything with there phones. When I show them my pimped out Storm the 1st thing they ask is how did I get that on my phone lol.. Plus I dont mind that it ties into V Cast. You dont have to use it..but I wouldnt mind just paying for one song every once in a while instead of paying 15.00 for an album for one song...or trying to find a free download of it online somewhere. Last I checked songs are still .99..not a big deal IMO

Oh and just an FYI BB app store does come preloaded w/ the Tour..just like Myspace, Flicker, the IM apps ect...

well at least this answers our question about if streaming constantly with an "unlimited" data program is cool or not because they pushed one on us.

It hasn't appeared on my storm yet, but I bet after the next bat. pull I'll find something.

I still like Pandora though.

well at least this answers our question about if streaming constantly with an "unlimited" data program is cool or not because they pushed one on us.

It hasn't appeared on my storm yet, but I bet after the next bat. pull I'll find something.

I still like Pandora though.

Slacker will be "PUSHED OVER THE AIR" just a polite way of spamming your cell phone. Best part, like a virus if you do not want it you cant get rid of it. I for one think I'm smart enough to choose what i want not have it forced on me without options.

It appears confirmed. Once again just by having the app installed My battery is draining faster than normal. And yes I did close the app. Even rebooted and noticed a huge difference in battery life than before the install. So I ended up deleting/rebooting getting the push and hiding the icon. The 'pushed' icon is not yet installed (thank goodness).

The radio is awesome I already have it downloaded in my phone and it plays a lot. You can listen to the music and text or go online without interrupting the songs. I love to listen to the music all day until my battery dies.

I just recently recieved a new storm, (on the accounts that my first was stolen :() and it already had a slacker icon on it... as well as a VCast Song ID & Vzw Tones icon that werent on my original phone. they all take up a whole lot of memory. the VCast Song ID which takes up 1.1MB to download and i have yet to actually get working :[...