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Enter to win a BlackBerry Music Gateway and a 1-year subscription to Slacker Radio!

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Contest: Win 1 of 5 3-month Slacker Premium Radio subscriptions

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Slacker Radio Plus Giveaway - 5 three-month subscriptions and 5 one-year subscriptions to be won

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CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FREE Subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus Up For Grabs!

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Slacker Radio Giveaway - 5 Three-Month Subscriptions and 3 One-Year Subscriptions to Be Won

By Adam Zeis on 16 Apr 2010 12:56 pm EDT

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio just keeps on trucking. Recently released version 3.0 brought in some new users, and with support in Canada, things just keep building. Slacker is probably the best know streaming radio app for BlackBerry, and with the great features and updates, its no secret why. If you haven't checked out Slacker in the past, you are truly missing out. The app is 100% free, and lets you take your music with you on the go, with a great UI, ability to cache stations and other great features.

Contest: We have some Slacker premium subscriptions up for grabs. There are 5 three-month and 3 one-year subscriptions that will go to a few lucky winners. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT. 

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Reader comments

Slacker Radio Giveaway - 5 Three-Month Subscriptions and 3 One-Year Subscriptions to Be Won


maybe the full vs works better and wont freeze so much. ever since the upgrade it has failed my tour :( come on slacker give me a chance to recommend you again

I listen to this in bed falling asleep, out bmx riding, and everywhere in between. Would love a sub. to Slacker, CB =P

lets see if i win this one! have been a roll with these contests - won nothing in the last zillion of them!

I tried Slacker before, had some issues with it...if I get a premium subscription and it proves to be better I would definately use it!

I'd love to have a go with the premium services. I have been trying to decided if I want to subscribe or not for a couple of weeks now. :) Sign me up.

Count me in on this one. :) I love my Slacker... well.. I DID until my wife stole my account for her 80s music XD

Just got a BB 8520, the free version is great - but to get a free subscript from Even betta! Oh yeah!

It would be great to win, because Slacker won't take my money!

I tried to buy a Slacker subscription earlier this year, but they wouldn't sell it to me because all of my credit cards show my PO box as the billing address. Nevermind that all of the credit cards also have my physical office address listed as an alternate address, and I purchase other services and merchandise -- sometimes valued at thousands of dollars -- without a problem.

After an hour of failed attempts to purchase online, I finally called Slacker and was told "you will have to change the address on your card." Uhhh... I don't HAVE to do anything, including buying your product. Pandora got my money instead... but I'd like to have Slacker, too.

I've used this app almost everyday at the gym for 2 years. Can't beat it hands down! Constant updates with great music. A must have.

This would help me drown out the idiots I work with..... please pick me.... please... LOL For my own sanity.

i would love to win one. it would save me money on renewing for the service as this happnes to be my last month with them

I conduct BlackBerry productivity seminars and when the client allows, I always recommend SLACKER. Great service.

I love Slacker and have entered all the contests to win a Slacker Subscription, but I haven't won one yet. Please let this be a winner!

I have always loved slacker radio every since the first time I downloaded and gave it a listen.

Please pick me!


I loved slacker on my desktop. More recently, I have really loved Slacker 3.0 on my Blackberry Storm with all my favorites available that are also on my desktop, accessible from anywhere. Slacker for BlackBerry, Tastes Great, Less Filling (more portable)

i love it when you give away slacker subscriptions! havent won any yet but... maybe this will be the time!it would be a great birthday present since my birthday is next week! A one year subscription would be awesome!

I have been a long time user and nothing beats Slacker Radio ! Would love to win one of those free subscriptions.

Slacker on my ipod is sweet.
and my BB, technology so petite.

love that musical code
that helps create the auto-tune mode

keep us in the loop
with your beautiful soundtastical soup.