Slacker Radio for BlackBerry updated to v4.0.736

Slacker Radio
By Bla1ze on 23 May 2011 12:23 pm EDT

Although I often switch between Slacker Radio and Pandora, the new services recently introduced by Slacker have caused me to use it more so then Pandora recently. The PlayBook app is great but the BlackBerry app for a while now has always some minor bugs within including a rather long start up time.

The latest version, while not in BlackBerry App World as of yet has been released via the Slacker website recenty -- having downloaded the v4.0.736 release it looks like start up time has been reduced if nothing else. Still, no change log has been posted but you'll likely want to grab it anyway if you're a Slacker Radio user. Thanks, to all who sent this in!

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Slacker Radio for BlackBerry updated to v4.0.736


The new Slacker is AMAZING! Bugs have been reduced to almost nothing, I should know I helped to find them! And the new services are what really makes it worth while. Unlimited skips, creating your own custom stations AND playlists. Remembering and playing ANYTIME you want your favorite songs. Slacker Premium has become a full fledged music service. And they are giving everyone a free month!

Let's be careful about the "unlimited skips" comment. Skips are NOT unlimited on the free version.

Anyone notice that the buffering seems more lengthy? I rode 8 stops on the T in boston and almost got the whole way without losing playback.....when there were times my sing had dropped enough that I was reading "SOS"....

It would be nice if they would create a real PlayBook app instead of the web app that's currently available...that way we could get the new features and caching ability on PlayBook.

anyone getting an "Username or password is not valid. Please try again" message or know of a solution?

I've tried reinstalling, resetting account but still not working. I can sign in through the website no problem.

I like the app however it still has the bug where it doesn't detect any headphones plugged in and upon playing for the initial time after loading it from a closed/shutdown state, it plays through the device speaker.

Anyone else have this issue?

I LOVE Slacker radio. I went from Pandora to Slacker and I don't think I will ever go back.
I'm using the free month and I like it, but not really seeing anything different between the Premium service vs the free stuff. Except for seeing which song is next is a +.

When I had 2.0.91 on my 9700, the album art would not show. Looked like someone put a graphic over the top of each album.
Free caching was nice (2.0.91) last one to offer this. Kind of felt like I was cheating the system, because it isn't really free anymore. That's just me.