Contest: Slacker Radio announces the availability of holiday stations

By David Boyd on 24 Nov 2010 01:12 pm EST
Slacker Radio
It's once again that time of year where the weather gets cooler, the leaves turn colors and the holiday music hits the airwaves. Our friends at Slacker Radio have informed us that they have launched their Holiday Station lineup and to celebrate it, we have teamed with Slacker to give away some Slacker Radio Plus subscriptions! Their holiday station lineup includes:
Contest: We have five 1-year subscriptions and five 3-month subscriptions up for grabs. The contest is open to all US and Canadian residents where Slacker Radio service is available. To enter, just leave us a comment below. While you're at it, make sure to visit Slacker's website and check out all these great holiday stations!

Reader comments

Contest: Slacker Radio announces the availability of holiday stations



I would love to win. I love my Slacker Radio Plus subscription and my year is coming to close soon so i would love to win and not have to pay. Thanks for the contest.

Turkey for me and Turkey for you.......

Eight craaaaaazy nights!

Bring on the Adam Sandler!!!!!!!

It's too bad the Canadian rights holders have made it so that you have to pay for streaming radio with Slacker. Hopefully I win.

Awww ya! I feel bad for my coworkers now. Going to start streaming Xmas music all day..
I love Slacker at work...

And i'm just in time for my renewable...come on CB!

Well, My fiancee's current subscription will run out in February, so this would be timed nicely. She has already declared she wants it renewed. :)

I love SLACKER Radio... it is definitely one of my MUST have apps. Please pick me for the free subscriptions, please... :)

I love Slacker when I tried it for a bit and I would love to be able to get a subscription to show it off to new Blackberry Clients at work.

Holiday music isn't the only thing Slacker is good at. I love their free version but way too many commercial breaks. I would love to test out the full version for a while and get the full experience for FREE!!

You know what would be better than Slacker Radio on my blackberry? A year's subscription to Slacker Radio on my blackberry! w00t! This is awesome ☺

WooHoo! Getting a Slacker Radio Plus gift would be one of the greatest Christmas presents as I do love that radio program! Thanks for this contest CrackBerry.

I LOVE Slacker. The Classic Punk and comedy stations brighten up any day. lol

Would be even better without ads from Dr. Laura. (hint hint)

I love Slacker Radio and I use it every day while driving or just wanting to listen to music. With the holidays coming up, I turn into some of the Holiday channels, I use Slacker radio last year on a Christmas channel during our bowling league christmas party and everyone loved it. Hope I win

I love Slacker Radio! Been lovin it since my first BlackBerry! Would love a subscription for this app!

Oh - and Congrats to you Crackberry on your site revamp! You guys did a marvelous job! Now the look is extra professional!


i could use this for my long drive into work each morning and my boss doesn't like to listen to the radio

Dysfunction Holiday station - brillian! Sue Grafton (writer) said it best: “People talk about "dysfunctional" families; I've never seen any other kind”. Happy holidays you all!!

It is always such a wonderful time of the year, to reflect our sorrows but more importantly, to realize the things we should be thankful for. We celebrate through music. This is a great way to relax and enjoy life. Through this music offered by slacker. Thanks

I would like a Slacker Radio subscription for the holidays. It would be great to listen to the holiday music streaming.....

That's great. The guys at Slacker have done it right. "now gimme my free subscription! I will be your ambassador for life!"

I love slacker. It's a great way to just tune the world out for a few hours and enjoy just being me.

Would like to enter your contest!! Have you installed on phone already would like to hear more!! Thanx

I have been using the free version of slacker for a year and love it so much more than Pandora. I would sure love to win this.

Deck the Halls with Slacker Radio..FA ...LA...LA...LA...LA...........LA....LA....LA...LA
Slacker Night...Holy Night
I'm dreaming of a Slacker Christmas
Can't you just hear it???????????????????????

Count me in. Slacker is the best app to stream music. Their sound quality is amazing. Thanks for the awesome contest!

I need this for my wife...I can't listen to Michael Buble Christmas again or our marriage might b over!

I have been a crackberry and slacker addict ever since I got my first blackberry. It would sure start off my holiday season right if I would win the slacker subscription. Merry Christmas!

Listened last night on the way home to Holiday Classics. It's the most wonderful time of the year you know?


I listen to slacker all the time in my car just hook up the auxilary jack or walking around campus.

WOULD BE AWESOME TO HAVE A 1 Year subscription though.

What a holiday gift this would be.