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Slacker has the música to rock your Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Slacker Cinco de Mayo
By Kerri Neill on 5 May 2012 09:10 am EDT

Start your Cinco de Mayo celebration off the right way with some of Slacker Radio's latin infused music stations. Whether you're cooking before the party starts off or chilling with a cool cerveza in your hand out back, these salsa beats are sure to get you in the mood to celebrate!

These stations and more can be found in Slacker's "Latin" station category. Listeners can tune in for FREE anywhere that Slacker is available.

More information / download Slacker Radio



¡Felicidades a los hermanos mexicanos en su gran día del Cinco de Mayo! Un gran país, una gran nación. ¡Arriba los latinos!

Congrats, from a Puerto Rican. :)


Muchas Gracias desde México! =)....
aunque para ser honesto... en México se conmemora el 5 de Mayo (1862)(aniversario de la victoria de la batalla de puebla, contra el ejercito Francés) , pero en realidad no es una fiesta, es simplemente un día festivo como muchos otros, una conmemoración, pero no una fiesta. En México simplemente no se trabaja ese día, pero no existen grandes fiestas o reuniones entre Mexicanos.

La verdadera fiesta es el 16 de septiembre (1810) (15 de septiembre en la noche y madrugada del 16 de septiembre) aniversario del grito de independencia!

Saludos a todos los Puertorriqueños! =)

[Translation for the ones who doesn't speak spanish]
Thanks from Mexico! =)....
Although to be honest... in Mexico we commemorate May 5 (1862) (Victory of the Puebla Battle anniversary against the French Army), but actually it's not a fiesta (party), it's simply a "holiday" (or a non-working day) like many others, in which we commemorate it, but it's not a party. In Mexico there are no big parties or reunions among Mexicans.

The True Party is September 16 (1810) (The Night of September 15 and the Dawn/Early Morning of September 16)
Anniversary of the "shout" of independence!




I got a question (and I don't want to sound rude or anything, it's just a question)

Why in USA, they like to draw "Mexican Hats" that don't even exist in Mexico (like the drawing above)???? (that don't exist and have never existed)


They exist!! Haven't you seen any Mexican mariachi band?


Sorry, maybe I was not clear enough in my post... there are of course Mexican hats, but they are very different from the one above, for example the one above has small hanging red balls (I have seen those hats drawn like if they were Mexican hats in cartoons, products, tv, movies, etc... but those particular hats are not Mexican)

Look here, this is a Mariachi Hat =)

And of course there are other many many many many types of hats (from hundreds of cultures in Mexico, but again not like the one above.

Other hats:

Thanks for your reply =)

PS: the hat in the next link (from Rango) its again not a Mexican Hat and much less a Mariachi Hat!


Nice... but (beating a dead horse here) I have never been able to get the native version of Slacker to work over the Bridge. No mexican music for me.