skySYNC- Launches In Beta Form, Looking To Serve Up Your Music

skySYNC- Launches In Beta Form, Looking To Serve Up Your Music
By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2010 11:38 am EST

In what was previously a closed beta but now open one, skySYNC is a new service that has laid claim to being able to stream your iTunes library to your BlackBerry. Making use of a downloadable BlackBerry app and combined with a PC/Mac/Linux version of their desktop application skySYNC offers all your music in one place, always synced and always available through your device.

Sounds compelling huh? I was able to check out skySYNC earlier and while thoughts are not fully evolved on the application I can see it meeting some peoples needs. It's not without a few caveats though, if you have a rather LARGE iTunes collection you may wish to look at alternative options. I say this because the desktop application is pretty much nothing more then an "uploader" app where your iTunes library gets uploaded to the cloud. You'll be waiting a while if you want to upload all your music in your collection, especially a large one. Still, I see the potential in the service. Maybe you will too, let us know in the comments if ya try it out.

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skySYNC- Launches In Beta Form, Looking To Serve Up Your Music


Downloading all my songs now. Amazing idea. However, what happens when I add a new song to my library. It's not going to try and upload all my songs again is it?

The uploader will only upload or re-sync playlists and songs that have been added or changed. It will not re-upload the same song again.

So how do we get this to work? I'm on the mobile site and it keeps asking me to download a browser plugin. Also, on the "regular" website I tried to test it via the webplayer and it won't load any songs... when I click on one to play it says loading for about a half a second and then says error.

The WAP site is only for mobile phones not your PC. It's currently optimized for iPhone and Blackberry. It's behavior changes depending on the phone you access it from. The Blackberry version works as a browser plugin with the skysync WAP site. It is not a standalone app. It works in the background on your BB to sync/cache the music you play from the WAP site. As far as the web player failing could be a corporate firewall issue not sure.

Just sounds like another ploy to scour a user's account for downloaded music lol. Upload your music to a cloud. Why can't anyone just produce a app that streams from your computer to a client bb app. simple streaming http/FTP app or something?

Yeah, something like slingbox for just your music library. And dump the middle man. I don't want to pay some company just to get data from my pc to my bb.

Technically, you can do that, if you have a TiVo. I can stream my iTunes to my TiVo, except for the few songs which are DRMed. Thus, if I were to get a Slingbox and connected it to my TiVo, I should be able to stream the music via the TiVo.

I've been running skysync for a lil over a week and it's mediocre at best. I agree if you have a large library you will wait forever and also I have had more songs failed uploading than synched, some songs I get media not supported when attempting to listen even though they synched just fine. Hopefully they can fix whatever it is that's causing this.

Sorry for the uploader problems. We are aware of some uploader problems when going over some wi-fi networks and are working on a fix. Please drop us a note at with your user account and we will work on getting you a fix for the problems you are experiencing. Thanks

I have well over 200 GB of legal MP3's I've ripped over the years from my CD collection. Is this large... I don't know how big most people's collection is, so hard to understand where the issues begin.

this damn thing , either doesn't work or takes for ever to load up a song, screw this. I will continue to just listen to my songs off my sd card or pandora...

Sadly, ever since OS 5.0 on my Storm, Orb no longer streqams live TV or videos properly. BB Media Player keeps choking on it.

However, Orb does still work streaming any music on my PC and also viewing pix still works fine.

No uploading necessary. Install Orb 2.5 on PC, create an account, from BB Browser go to and login.

I really wish they'd fix the broken bits but for music lovers or those with large picture libraries it is still a viable and relatively secure alternative.

Not only does this thing take FOREVER to sync your songs, it doesn't even seem to work correctly. This is way too complicated for what it's supposed to do

I uploaded my iTunes library (only a very small percentage failed, maybe 2-3%)but when trying to stream to my berry I get "Unreliable network. Move to a different area and try again" or some such thing. Now, I can stream Pandora like a mo-fo on my "unreliable network" (aka VZW!)and I even tried going through my wifi. I'm thinking this is more of a software issue than a network issue? Cool idea though, I hope we can get the bugs worked out...