How to send a Skype video message on BlackBerry 10

Did you know you can send video messages through Skype? Here's how!

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2013 11:00 am EDT

Skype has announced that their new video messaging feature has left the beta stage and is now available as a full-featured service for users. The free video messaging service allows Skype users to send short video messages to contacts even when they're offline.

Video messaging is available from nearly any platform that supports Skype, so you can record the video from your BlackBerry 10 device running OS 10.1 and when your contact signs in they'll receive the message.

At this point you're probably wondering just how it all works, right?

Well it's very simple to send a video message using Skype on BlackBerry 10. Stay with us and we'll walk you through it.

First, sign into Skype on your BlackBerry 10 device (if you don't already have Skype you can download it here).

Find the contact to which you want to send the video message. 

Tap on their name in the contacts list. Scroll down, then tap More.

Choose Video Message.

Record your message (up to 3 minutes). When you're done, you can add a short description to the video if you want, or just tap the envelope icon to send.

You're message will send to your contact and they'll be able to view it next time they're online. Done and done!

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How to send a Skype video message on BlackBerry 10


That was relevant to this topic...

Wonder when bb10 will get an official version to Skype.

HooliGanG ™ 10

This has been available on iPad for a few weeks

Kind Regards, C0008DDD1 TechCraze Featured Channel Check It Out!

Same with bb10. The first time I ran the leaked version way back when, I was offered to leave a video message when my called party was not available.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Try uninstalling it, restart and go back to your BlackBerry World under my apps go to available and reinstall it again

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that's impressive! Skype apparently converted a portrait recorded video into a landscape video! whoops lol

Sounds good and I'll check it out,BBM should be similar,when it arrives to the other platforms.Can't wait to see what innovation BB is going to offer.The Skype tutorial was really well done!

Yes, I get the same message. So looks like it will be pay per use. No indication if costs.

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The team is currently updating all the Skype platforms with Video Messaging. During this time, some legacy messaging from the “preview” period about '20 free video messages' may still be visible. This will not limit you from sending video messages to your friends and family.

Dows anyone know how to get skype without it freezing up. That's all that mine does. Freezes on me

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When you first run the app after installation, it needs to sync your Skype contacts with your Contacts. This can take a while if you have, say, >100 contacts. Just let it run. For my 800 contacts it took about 30 minutes. (And now I'm culling down my contacts.)

Sometimes I'll get a Force close message; close it and open again and it should run. (This is probably an issue that gets addressed with the forthcoming Jelly Bean Android player later this year.)

Also make sure you have the update that became available late last week.

Check your free memory in your 16GB Flash Memory: Settings | Storage and Access | Device Storage Details --> Free Storage Space. If this is <~1GB it will freeze up on signing in. (Don't ask how to free up that memory .... I have that question into BlackBerry. In my case I uninstalled a 2.3GB map data file associated with Mireo Don't Panic mapping app.)

Yup. On opening it looks like its frozen. Be patient. It will ultimately load. Too bad it hasn't got an hourglass or something similar to let one know its synching. Even on the PC Skype can take a long time to fully open.

When is AT&T going to have 10.1 available for my z10. I'm pretty upset with them not really supporting it like the other smart phones. Does any one know?

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We're in the same boat at Verizon. I tweeted Verizon Support last week and they said something like "Updates can be exciting. We have nothing to announce at this time." Wow...thanks dbags

Deleted Skype last night on my Z-10 because of it constantly freezing and never showing my video to the bother person even though the camera option was on it was just a black square. To buggy. Will wait for better version.

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Yes, Skype is a pain in the bumb on the Z10. How do you actually know if it is running in the background (w/o active frame) or not. After restarting the Z10 it seems to start automatically but then it alerts me about the same old messages again and again. More useless than usefull, I'd say...

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

When in the Recents screen tap on the three dot menu. You will see "Mark All as Read" come down from the top. This will get rid of the orange indicator on what it thinks are "unread" messages.

Skype does buffer chat messages and on Skype for BlackBerry will go back 2 weeks, if you pull down from the top on a thread. Otherwise it will only show you today's messages.

Work flawless here, text, calling even video calling both local or to overseas. Slt-1 os 10.1

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Sent a little test message to my wife. (ok, it was a mid day make her feel better cuz I was thinking of her thing, which scores me brownie points!!)

What a painful process. The Android porting showed it trues colours. Painfully slow. Glitchy and buggy.
Not sure I'll be doing that again.

Hey BBM, get this message feature. You'll kick butt!!

20 free messages.....kind of lame that we will have to pay for it afterwards.
I am not going to want to leave a message that badly that I will spend my money. Yet another money grab....
Cool feature none the less though!

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I have confirmed with Skype that there will be no charges for using video messaging. Any references to such will be cleaned out in a future upgrade of the various Skype mobile clients.

Waiting for BBM to go cross platform instead of waiting for this Microsoft ported Skype. I hope Viber for BB10 is coming soon so I can use it and wait for BBM going cross platform. I already uninstalled this Beta Skype because it could make the Z10 feel worse than cheap Android phones!

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Does anyone z10 get really hot sometimes? I noticed I had it on parental control mode and it get hot even when I'm not using it.

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Nice! Thanks for the tip, but as others have mentioned...when will we get an official app.

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@jimcanuck will try what you said. IA have tried out EPHONE on z10 seems to work super great
Try it out. Only voice calls

Thanks @jimcanuck

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Who cares! Fix the Damn sound alert notification for email and text while on a call. Unexceptable for BlackBerry to leave that feature (which every other phone has) off of Z10 and Q10

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Hi I live in dubai, i have a BlackBerry z10in my BlackBerry world it still says skype coming soon, I tired to follow the link to download it from here and it says unavailable for ur device anyone has the same problems, I really want to use Skype seems like everyone is already using any suggestions

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Mine never freezes up n my profile shows I have unlimited video messages :) which I've used already

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Why does my app world market still state that Skype is soon coming to BlackBerry 10? I have a Z10. I read here that someone has the zed 10 with Skype already. I'm lost how do I get it to be available? And is it native or android port?

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