We go hands on with Skype on the BlackBerry Q10

By James Richardson on 25 Apr 2013 07:28 am EDT

We told you that Skype had become available for the few lucky folk that have the BlackBerry Q10 or the Dev Alpha C, so in true CrackBerry fashion it's time to show you how it looks on video. Although the app is an Android port it seems to work perfectly for me as you will see.

All the features you would expect are there - such as instant messaging, phone calls and video calls so I'm currently a very happy chap. The word on the street is that Skype will be available for the Z10 in the next couple of weeks so fingers crossed that happens.

As you will see, the quality of the video call I made to Bla1ze certainly wasn't as crisp as we have seen with BBM video calls but that may just be down to our network coverage. I'm not sure if he was connected to Wi-Fi but I was just using 3G as I have unlimited data. And that's another thing to think about - if your data plan is restricted you may want to keep an eye on how close you get to your allowance if you use Skype a lot over the mobile network.

So although this test lacked a wee bit in video quality it still works and that's the key factor. I'll test out some more video calls later and edit this post if needed.

  • Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free* over 3G or WiFi. 
  • Make low-cost calls and send SMS messages to mobiles or landlines from your BlackBerry® smartphone.
  • Send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts.
  • Enjoy high-quality sound when you call anyone else who is on Skype.
  • Talk face to face or show what you’re seeing with front and rear-facing cameras.
  • Talk to your Windows Live Messenger friends on Skype. Sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account and have your Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook contacts in one place.

Hands up who's excited for Skype on BlackBerry 10?

Download Skype (Preview) for the BlackBerry Q10

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We go hands on with Skype on the BlackBerry Q10


why does he have to press things on it like 2 3 times everytime, opening, slecting a contact, swiping and trying to slect the twxt box to input a message? is the screen poor for touch gestures?

Nah, the app is still kinda of slow. Hence why it's only a "Preview". Plus, I'm sure being behind a camera didn't help much.

This is great! But I really do hope the z10 version comes out soon enough. Skyping with relatives abroad should be great on the z10! Loving this phone!! :D

Posted via CB10

At least its here and working.
Now I can only hope they keep improving it over time!
I guess there should also be another increase in performance once BB10 gets the 4.1 Android player.

I will only be really excited when I see "Skype Built for BlackBerry 10", as opposed to an Android port. Having to run the Android VM underneath Skype is going to be a bigger drain on battery and doesn't use the "peek & flow" UX paradigm of BB10 optimized apps. Here's hoping that MS's Skype business unit comes to their senses sooner rather than later.

I wonder how much of the video lag was due to 3G?

Now for the ketchup song until it is available for the Z10...

Posted via CB10

What version of the app was released for a10? My version on the Z10 is a little buggy. Missing contact integration but then I'm using

P.S. Already tried on the Playbook and it doesn't work

Posted via CB10

You should probably wait until the 'preview' tag gets dropped before passing any real judgment on it.

Posted via CB10

why? The official app in Blackberry World will be out by BlackBerry live. Why let people sideload a preview app when the real app is available in two weeks?

Hi James,

Can you try Skyping between the Q10 and a desktop? I'd like to see how two officially supported Skype versions compare to the Q10/Z10, and move the Q10 to WiFi!

We're getting all excited about an Android port. Really? We haven't had enough time to come out with a native??? I'll toast when there's a native Skype and instagram. Come on BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

In order for dyed-in-wool iPh*one and Android users switch over to BB10/Q10/Z10, WhatsApp and now Skype are some of the big marquee names that one would expect to be available. (And I'm not talking about those BlackBerry fans who have temporarily switched to other platforms and returning to BB10).

So an Android port of Skype is a (minimal) start.

As more and more iPh*one and Android users switch to BB10, developers would devote even more resources, eventually a native BB10 App would appear!

Certainly the WhatsApp is going in this direction; hopefully Skype would also be following this path as well!

Things are looking up!

What's with the asterisk next to free? If this costs to use im or video over network (apart from bandwidth) you should let us know.

Posted via CB10

Skype offers different services. Skype to Skype is always free. The asterisk is for the other services they offer such as Skype to go numbers, calling landlines. Etc.. visit the Skype website if you need the full run down.

Posted via CB10

Generally people would expect to have seen a footnote explaining the asterisk at the end of the article.

We need native Apps for BlackBerry not android app. We need Spotify, Instagram and Full completed Skype apps.
Can you at least post the. Bar file for the BlackBerry Z10? (Skype)

Posted via CB10

Could someone (of the lucky Q10 owners) did try "Call to land lines" ( or cell phone) using Skype. I would like to know if it is running well with clear voice over WiFi and/or 3G, LTE.
Obviously I'm not expecting sounds & video quality to be better then BBM 10, but when calling overseas to land line ...BBM did not offer the option.

I called Rogers customer care over it using WIFI and they had no issues hearing me and I, no issues hearing them.

Posted via CB10

I just saw a comment in Blackberry World saying Skype is apparently running in background !?!
Is that right, because that may also means that OS 10.1 is now allowing running apps in background.
Please someone confirm that..

It took this long and with all the hype since the Z10 launch just for us to be served with a laggy android port. What a disappointment.

Posted from my Z10

its a preview app, not the final release... I don't understand why this is so hard to comprehend. it came out months ago that it would be an android port. I have it on my Q10 and it runs pretty great as is.

how about judge something when you actually get a chance to put it to use.

Also, think it's about time kevin et al stop being hc fanboys just for a while and let thorsten and the rest know this is just not gonna cut it. Yes, im that dissapointed.

Posted from my Z10

If you're so gd disappointed with a 'preview' app, then don't download it when it comes out. Everyone else, quit asking for the .bar file and just relax until it's available through the proper channels. This is not a matter of running a currently available Android release through a converter (which has already been tried countless times.)

Posted from my Z10

Oh good, another gd blind man on a bb stick. My concern is more towards the slow development of Os10 apps which is obviously the only handicap of an awesome platform that is bb10. I don't fu*ki*g care about skype, im dissapointed with the way they've managed to build up false expectations. Don't start with the iphone argument since its 2013 and app development is miles ahead compared to 5-6 years ago.

This kind of attitude is what got bb to its situation for the last 2 years.

Posted from my Z10

Yeah, you sound like you don't care. You don't know me at all, nor my attitude towards BB, nor BB's attitude, or are you a mind-reader?

An automatic attitude of its a port or the performance isn't yet good enough so this is a waste of time is just pointless though because a port like this at least reduces one of the barriers that somebody might have to moving to bb10 and once more people are on there it obviously increases the chance that they can use the vastly superior bbm video with contacts instead.

"Although the app is an Android port it seems to work perfectly for me as you will see." Doesn't matter if it works perfectly, I bought a BlackBerry, not a damn Android. I want apps made for a BlackBerry, not shit Android ports.

'Enjoy high-quality sound when you call anyone else who is on Skype.'

Wow, sounds better than every other version I've ever used ;)

Hi am loyal to blackberry but they let me down on the Z10 with Skype as until now it's not available. To make it worse they announce the Q10 will come with Skype. I just don't believe it that we BlackBerry Z10 users have this petty issue of not having Skype.

Posted via CB10

Definitely looking forward to Skype for my Z10, not in a panic but it will be nice as it is my only phone and my Telus plan slays me when I call the USA, till then I will Skype from my Desktop like I do now.

At least you will be able to communicate with people through skype in an OK way. It opens the door for a native app aswell as drawing more people to the platform as BB is able to say "We have skype." Would it be better to not have Skype at all? Hell no. Give it time for a native application, will be considered by Skype once the platform has evolved.

Well... for the time being, this android port of a video chat client will suffice, till OovoO release their (what should be) native app. Which then, I hope all you whiners jump the skype ship for a more superior chat client.

BlackBerry 10 is my heart and soul but are you for real? It's almost offensive for them to be saying Skype is on the q10 and NOT on the z10 wtf is that about, absolute bull

Posted via CB10

i know its an android port but does it have blackberry hub integeration would IM messages , call show there??

Posted via CB10

Works perfectly no issues here, Z10... Well happy we finally have skype. Runs pretty smooth call quality is awsome. Does this run background or need tab open ?

This is the only app I have been waiting for. After this, I will only be looking forward to enhancements in the OS.

Although, I guess I could do with Path.Inc in the app store.

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