Skype updated with a new UI - Now available in BlackBerry World

Skype Preview updated with a new UI, available in BlackBerry World
By DJ Reyes on 25 Oct 2013 03:07 pm EDT

BlackBerry 10 devices finally got Skype back in April 2013. Initially for the BlackBerry Q10 with OS 10.1 and the Z10 followed suit around May. It has had a few updates since then and today we see another update occur. There is no changelog but upon updating you'll see that it has a UI change. It is still an Android port but it seems to be smoother than it was.

Now that Skype has replaced Windows Live Messenger you can now login with either your Skype account or Microsoft account. It's definitely a lot nicer all around. Really liking the new UI. As a recap, here are the Skype features:

  • Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free* over 3G or WiFi.
  • Make low-cost calls and send SMS messages to mobiles or landlines from your BlackBerry® smartphone.
  • Send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts.
  • Enjoy high-quality sound when you call anyone else who is on Skype.
  • Talk face to face or show what you're seeing with front and rear-facing cameras.
  • Talk to your Windows Live Messenger friends on Skype. Sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account and have your Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook contacts in one place.

Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones, you can get Skype from BlackBerry World for free. Again, it is an Android port if you were wondering.

Download Skype for BlackBerry 10

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Skype updated with a new UI - Now available in BlackBerry World


Anyone know how much better it is? Honestly the sideloaded Skype works better than the one in BlackBerry world. So just wondering if it's to the point where I can get rid of my sideloaded Skype

"If you can't soar with the eagles then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)

PlayBook still makes great ebook reader, video player, games for kids - my 8 year old son & 5 year old daughter love lots of games and art apps available on the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

And it's still a flash demon. I've logged endless hours of out of market sports on it. It's also probably still the best true multitasker available. The sound is still unmatched and it's tough as nails.

Not to mention laggy as hell and you can't even use your front facing cam unless someone has a BB10 or PlayBook, very nice coaster indeed!

You definitely point out it strongest points. One more: cameras and screen quality. Top.

Much better, people are making the mistake of thinking that this is now a native app!

Yeah that good!

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Its still an android port, Skype really needs to get a native application by now, it also means I can not run it because of the BB mess up10.2.0.424 update affecting some people which BlackBerry has told me that they don't have an ETA for a fix, I regret updating to 10.2, I waited for the official upgrade because I didn't want this happening :(

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

Hate to hear that.
The 1791 leak has been great from the get go. And even better with the10.2.1.xxxx runtime.

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Still an Android. I also regret having installed this update. It erased all my previous contacts and added only the ones I have in my hotmail account. Probably I will delete it.

If your sideloads don't work, ypu probably need to reinstall a fresh OS. I did mine and it fixed the android black screen blue bar problem.

I also did not back up my settings, and I used 3rd party contact backup InTouchApp to backup my contacts.

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I know someone who had a botched 10.2 update this week. Something went wrong with the ota download. He ended up fixing by connecting to Link 1.2 and choosing to reload the device software. That downloaded and installed everything properly. Maybe give that a go.

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DJ needs to post in his article that this update will only be pushed for those running 10.2

No update available for 10.1

Poetry in Motion

I had to scroll down to the menu listing that said something like "other apps by this dev". I clicked on that Skype preview icon and I was able to update from there. Weird

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a hybrid and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB

That doesn't really help people voip calling to phone numbers, PC clients, have existing Skype contacts and messaging, etc....

Ignorant statement. Can bbm do cross platform voice and video chat? Can bbm be used on PC's?

Posted via Z10

Oh, about 50+ million SIMULTANEOUS, CONCURRENT users. That's who. And it will stay that way until BBM can do voice, video or communicate with a PC/Mac.

Got it on rogers. Looking good! Had to go directly to the app page to see update button.

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Amen. Bring cross platform BBM Video Chat in HD. Bring the BBRY brand to all devices.with HQ BBM Video/Audio/Chat. And do it right!! There may be hope.

People still need Skype because some people communicate from their desks and don't want to install the IM infrastructure to support something internal, and this lets the mobile force IM the office and vice versa

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First people bitch that we don't have Skype. Then we get it, then it doesn't match up to BBM. Blah, blah, blah. I have no reason why some devs don't want to bring their apps over.

Straight from the Z10 in my hands.

Aha why Microsoft take so long and not even bring a native Skype to BB10 platform? BBM goes Cross platform than they bring update??

Tzzz don't need Skype thanks

Posted via BlackBerry Z810

Supposedly, Skype needed 10.2 to work properly hence the app update "coinciding" with the OS update release.

This update makes it almost as good as native, not cascades but feel smooth as a native app. The UI is positively different. Like it.

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Work 10x better than the other version thanks to BlackBerry team n Skype divs I love it the Android runtime update makes BlackBerry awesome keep me coming port instagram temple run candy Crush put it in app world and i'm happy :D love my Zzzzzz

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To my knowledge I have never gotten an update for Skype and not seeing this one either,still running the preview.

Posted via CB10

I didn't see any updates but when I went to the application page the option was there (where the download button woul be if you didn't have the app)

Nice UI, and I agree the new runtime in 10.2 makes the ports run very well.

Straight from the Z10 in my hands.

Yes. It does on iPhones too. I recommend a full battery and keep it plugged in during Skype session.

Poetry in Motion

Still not available... :(

Hope it hurry up as my girl is in Jamaica so wanna try this out this eve!

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from Skype preview click on 3 dots menu ," scroll down to the menu listing that said something like "other apps by this dev". click on that Skype preview icon and you will be able to update from there.

Right so this no longer works since ive updated my Z10 to 10.2, in fact earlier today i downloaded flipboard and that does not work. So im beginning to think that my 10.2 update has broken the android player as no android ported app will work ie it will load up very slowly, get to the permission screen then automatically shut itself down.

WTF???!!!??? seriously i cant understand how the hell an OS update broke the android player even though we were promised a better experience. If anyone has any advice or know of a way to fix this issue please comment.

I don't understand why this happening to you. I never had Flipboard on 10.1 and I just downloaded it yesterday after I upgraded to 10.2 and it works for me on Rogers in Canada. I also just tested Skype and other than re-logging in, it seems to work (although no sign of any updates). Netflix that I side loaded didn't work properly as I couldn't see the video but I could hear the audio. I swiped until the player type settings option appeared on the main page, chose SW player and presto, my video returned and my side-loaded Netflix v 1.8 is working per usual so I think it's safe to say that the Android player is working. Perhaps not perfectly for everyone but it is working for me.

I like this built better then previous one! It's smoother and runs faster.

Posted via my awesome Z10 !

I got it. I'm really liking the updated Android 4.2.2 runtime on BlackBerry OS 10.2. My Z10 runs Android programs better than most Android devices. I have no complaints on native vs Android. Options are good people, be happy with what you have, a secure device with the flexibility to run android programs.

Still can't logon because I have special chars in my password and it doesn't accept them when typed in the password on my Q10

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Not native, even either sideloaded or bbworld version drains my battery quicker (aren't all android ports are like that?), won't try to install skype on my q10 for now...

Posted via CB10

Sorry to hear about the battery drain. I am using the sideload and have not noticed any unusual battery drain. With or without Skype, my battery discharges at approximately 5% per hour with moderate phone use.

No unusual drain for me, and I keep track with battery guru.

Maybe try reinstalling your OS?

I support BB10, NOT BB Management. Fire Frank Boulben NOW!

Cliffy Clavin quote of the day:

"BBM is the legs that Microsoft can't kick out from under BlackBerry."

Ok, he didn't say that, but that does not mean it is not true.

This article piqued my interest in Skype once again and sucked me in to downloading it. Then I saw the permissions. Then I realized why I never actually had it installed in the first place.

/me goes back to BBM

Ok, that is a lot better. You can FINALLY make a telephone call OR a Skype call from within the "Contact" record... they were separate before which was mind-bogglingly idiotic. A step in the right direction for sure. I'll have to change my terribly critical Skype "status" message to reflect the improvement.

I love the new feel. I actually don't mind the fact that it is and android app anymore!

I really do hope that this facilitates othr android apps to create BB10 apps! So simple!

In the Recents screen tap the menu button on the lower right (three dots), Select Settings, select Notifications - it gets quite granular from there in terms of selecting what you want Notifications for. You can also turn off all Notifications at the top of the Notifications screen.

Looks like it's for 10.2 only. Link just takes me to old version

I support BB10, NOT BB Management. Fire Frank Boulben NOW!

Contrary to what was said about sharing photos & videos via the update Skype, it seems. After trying, I couldn't find any way to send photos or videos through Skype. Can anyone guide me? Thank you.

Posted 2 CB via Z 10

In a chat session with an individual (does not work for group chats), touch the "+" icon (plus icon) to the left of the text entry window. You should then see three options to Send: File, Take Photo or Video Message.

Hola a todos! Veo q hablan acerca de la última actualización de Skype a través de BlackBerry Mundial, pero no consigo q se actualice a la versión 4.4.507.33580. Alguna recomendación?? Gracias

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Flat out awesome.. love BBM but a high performing Skype is something that I have needed..

Posted via CB10

Is this headless app? Does it run in the background even when it drops out of 8th place??
If it drops out, it is useless...

I dont think we will ever get a native unless BB climbs into high 3rd spot but anyways glad to see its almost up to date with the android version

They should have named it Skype (Lite) or something like this. The word "preview" implies more is coming later. There has not been anymore that has come. In this case, preview implies a full version is coming, and it has not. Preview is not an appropriate word for the status and performance of the Skype app.

This is a full port of the recently released Skype 4.4 for Android. It's no longer Preview and is a full release with all the Skype features, including the recently released video messaging.

I was just thinking in the same. Obviously never gonna get a full native version. But at least we have Skype, just drop the preview part and the pre tense that comes with it.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

It takes advantage of the Android Jelly Bean player on 10.2; also it has incorporated some Native features such as Notifications, adding a Skype ID to your contacts and the background processing.

I see that on BlackBerry World it's still called Preview; it should just be called Skype. On the BB World Details page it is version 4.4.507.33580; that is the Skype for Android version that is ported.

Anyone notice the Android bar is permanently gone from this app, regardless of if you want it or not

Posted via CB10

It shows up if you have it set to show before you update, but once you set it to hide the show/hide bar doesn't come up again.

The last version kept dropping calls to cell phones. I just finished a 10 minute Skype to cell call and the other person said it sounded like a normal call. Definitely an improvement but waiting to see if keeping Skype running in the background (i.e., not signing out) will kill my battery life.

Skype 4.4 for Android incorporates features for battery life conservation; this came across to Skype 4.4 for BlackBerry. Skype has been working on this issue for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.

This version was designed for use with BlackBerry 10.2 OS which has the Jelly Bean Android player. Best to uninstall and re-install.

Re low cost calls to mobiles and landlines. For mobile beware; it depends on the destination country and whether that country has the wireless user pay for inbound calls. Basically they remain low cost for mobile calls to U.S., Canada, China, Singapore, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Guam and Hong Kong SAR. For other countries you will pay between $0.08 and ~$0.30 per minute for calls to mobile phones. More details on the Skype site under Prices.

The video resolution on Skype-to-Skype calls is significantly improved; with sufficient upload bandwidth you can get up to 512 x 288 (~ half of 1080p) resolution (depends also on the other party's connection).

And it includes Skype's new video messaging feature where you can leave video messages of up to 3 minutes in length.|

Skype has also been working on the backend to improve both audio and video performance, especially in terms of consistency. But calls are still over the un-managed public Internet and can be subject to ISP issues.

Somebody says: "Keep them coming BlackBerry"; Skype developers played a huge role in making this happen.

My post will come out tomorrow with more details.

Rest assured it's not a coincidence. The new version needs 10.2 and its new Android player as a contributor to the overall improved performance; there was lots of co-operation between Skype and BlackBerry to get this done. Note that includes a couple of native features such as Notifications and integration into BlackBerry Contacts.

Skype is well aware of what's happening with BBM. I expect we'll have a world where people use more than one IP communications service, Skype, BBM and Google Hangouts. It really depends on the Contacts you have for each and the features you are looking for. Personally I use both Skype and BBM for different reasons.

is it only for 10.2? i'm on 10.1 and i've tried to update it but it's not showing the update button anywhere, i uninstalled and reinstalled it same thing

I don't have too much of an issue with it remaining an Android Port...

...I DO have a MASSIVE issue with it if it is still labeled as a "Preview".

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Somebody missed out when it was put into BlackBerry World; Preview should have been removed. Rest assured it's based on the recently released Skype 4.4 for Android.

A great update I must say! All new UI smoother app! Some people needs to get a life maybe? :P android Port but dirty Bar has been disappeared after the update

C0001799F sub to my channel! Posted via CB10

Which one is better guys?
I got my Skype ver sideloaded via debug token method or is the new updated one from BB World is better?

Posted via CB10

Someone help me please, why I can't download Skype onto my z10 it says that Skype is not available for this device, is this phone different than everyone else's?

Posted via CB10

Funny how the updates seem to happen right after the successful launch of Cross-platform BBM

Posted via CB10

Now Bbm should never go to Lumia.... screw u biatch you can keep your 41mp cam to yourselves :P

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Hope it fixes the random crashes, the freezes ending in missed calls, overlap calls, notifications in the hub that you already saw repeating themselves. More integration with the hub would be a plus.

You are now in my Bingo Book

for me... it's quite simple. none android port application works at all since I updated to 10.2
So I use all good applications from BlackBerry World. :-)

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Works very well with the unlocked android runtime without wifi issue for Z30

Posted via CB10

New version feels the need to tell me it's available every so often - I could turn this notification off in the last version but can't in this version.


Z10 + + DTAC = BBtastic!

On the Recents screen tap on the three dot menu on the lower right. Settings | Notifications and you can turn them all off or only selected ones.

10.2 only. FFS! When are the US carriers going to sort their shit out and release updates in a timely manner?

10.1 at&t, US.

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Looks like the update is for 10.2. I have 10.1 and all that shows up for me is the Skype version released June 13, 2013.

Don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but in the settings, there's the option of whether to sync or not the skype contacts with the address book contacts.
Well, by default is set to not to sync the contacts. But, for my surprise the skype contacts were there in the address book.
Any thoughts?

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Microsoft gave you native Skype app.
does blackberry is coming up with a native bbm for microsoft windowsphone??

I updated my AT&T BB Z10 (STL-3) to the OS version (through Sachesi) last week; but sadly, haven't got the Skype update pushed to my through the BlackBerry World (tried checking many times).
Is it because of the leak I updated to? Or is it some other issue? Or does it need BB OS 10.2?
Please help.

Edit: On the official BB World link (; it shows the new version of October 25, 2013 (Skyper version - 4.4.507.33580) is for devices running OS 10.1.0 and up.

I really thought my battery was dying, but I read a few comments on the forum re: Skype and uninstalled it, sure enough my battery is just fine. I tried to turn it off but no luck so if I need it I can always reistall. I think I'll just talk everyone into using BBM.