We take a look at the new Skype UI for BlackBerry 10 - and it's real sweet!

By James Richardson on 26 Oct 2013 08:33 am EDT

Skype (Preview) for BlackBerry 10 got a bit of a overhaul recently which we posted about. What we didn't show you though is the BIG improvements to the user interface which now make the Android port much more BlackBerry 10 like. 

Without wanting to sound too negative, the 'old' version was a bit drab, however things are now beautiful and with lots of swiping action going on it certainly feels more like a native BlackBerry 10 app than it actually is. 

As you will see in the video, once Skype is opened you have three tabs at the top of the display. These are Recent, Favorites and People. As well as being able to tap on them you can scroll left and right between them - which is a great improvement. To add a person to your favorites list you just perform a long hold on the contact where you will have three options that pop up in a box. These are: 

  • Add to favorites
  • Block contact
  • Remove contact

Down at the base of the display are two icons - one for the phone dialer and one to search for contacts. Jumping into the overlay menu (three grey dots) will allow you to add people, add a number, mark all read , sign out and also access the settings. Settings are not too different - you can alter the options for signing in automatically, syncing contacts, notifications plus more. 

But it's all about the UI with this latest version of the app and what an improvement it is. Nice work Skype - or BlackBerry. The new update rocks!

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We take a look at the new Skype UI for BlackBerry 10 - and it's real sweet!


Spell check, was meant to say best command of the English language....EVER....the irony.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

Worst app ever installed since I bought my z10. Crashed after first use. Screen went black. Tried re installing but froze up half way through install. Would have been nice to have! Needs a lot of work.

Posted via CB10

You got 10.2? You should try it now it's a lot smoother I was frustrated with the 1st version since the update it works nice

Posted via CB10

Hi DM Cake,

The Android apps since update is not working. Does it have something to do with the carrier? Do you have to call Rogers?

Posted via CB10

It's nice but as you can see from the video it lags alot. They really need to work on a proper app. I still prefer to boot up my Android to make calls than use this.

Posted via CB10

It is working great and looks great. Had to delete/add a couple times but after it started humming it's solid..

Posted via CB10

The new UI looks great, I really hope they improved performance with this update because the last version left me not liking Skype as much as I used to (Nightmarish)

Appears to be as I haven't gotten a notification in the past two days on my Q10 running 10.1, and I don't get the option to update when I go into Skype in BB World. It would be nice if it was noted accordingly in the article...

Posted via CB10

Same here on Z10STL100-2/ Basically I cannot run all Android apps as the Android runtime crashes upon startup.

reboot your phone wait 2 or 3 min to let phone settle, if it still crash just side loade the same runtime(see the leaked os thread) reboot the fone ,wait 5min your runtime should work

I have no idea what version this article is referring to. "New" isn't exactly a descriptive word when doing a story on software. A version number is a more effwctive method of referring to the "Latest" release.

I don't see an updated version on BlackBerry World. I have the latest; Version 3.2.439.50 which was released in June. BlackBerry World also shows the same version. I don't see any of the features described in this document on version 3.2.439.50 either.

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Wouldn't it make sense to list 10.2 in the article then? Same thing in the release notice article about the new Skype. It says for all devices, but doesn't say anything about it being just for 10.2.

Absolutely agree. I was confused not seeing any update on my phone. US people don't get the 10.2 yet.

Posted via CB10

Yep. Mentioning that it is for OS10.2 would eliminate a lot of questions.

...still on OS10.1 myself here on AT&T. I'm looking forward to the official 10.2 carrier update whenever that happens.
(tick, tock, tick, tock)

Posted via CB10

I have been using Skype for a while now on OS 10.2. Obviously, the version you refer to cannot be the latest. As a matter of fact, the latest update in the Google Play Store was on October 14th. Try sideloading that one.

Even though it's still an android port they've managed to remove the Android bar, it's doesn't show when swiping from the top of the screen. Instead they put the navigation bar within the UI of the app .

It's great

Posted via CB10

Isn't the display of the Android bar a persistent property of the Android runtime itself, and independent of any one Android app?

I noticed that Skype syncs contacts even if it's set to not sync in the app. The only way for me to have them disappear is to uni stall Skype.

Maybe there is some combination of things I need to do to have it installed and not sync my contacts but I haven't come across it yet.

Other than that, the new Skype does perform quite well with OS10.2 and it looks good.

Posted via CB10

So this is the updated android app which they released around July 1st for android and iOS?

There is nothing about it being written for BB10?

I hope this is the kick in the ass BlackBerry needs to get bbm video and bbm Voice out to the masses asap

Posted via CB10

I can't try it on my Z10STL100-2/ After I upgraded my Z10, I could no longer run any Android app. The Android runtime simply crashes.

It seems that Skype don't want to be under BBM.
BBM should improve its service. It should add calls and video calls for android and iPhone.
That would be good reasons for android and iPhone users to use BBM.

Posted via CB10

This update works fine for me. It is much better than the version we had before.

One small pain in the a$$ issue for me though is that when sending a contact an instant message, it does not send when you hit the carriage return on the keyboard. You have to hit the send button on the screen. Is there a way to change this? I couldn't find it. I'm not writing full paragraphs and don't see the need for the carriage return. If I do though, I think it should be similar to the desktop version where I believe it is a shift+return to perform this action.

YES, this is my big complaint with this update too. I'm pretty sure the original version had an option to send on enter, but I can't find it here. :( Also, the addition of ads is annoying--hopefully there is a premium ad-free version at some point.

10.1 z10 and app world not showing any update . Could it be a regional thing?

Posted via CB10

definitely a big step from the previous version. Other oner took 15 seconds just to load up and sign in. This is much faster

It wasn't shown as an update in my world. You have to go into the original Skype (preview) and when you do, it shows an update. At least that is how it was for me.

it's for 10.2 os, if you are in this case uninstall the one you have and download again, or check the menu from dowload page scroll down, you'll get "other apps fron dev" click on it, you'll get the up date

I just tried this on my Q10 and found it too slow compared to the other apps on the phone. I stopped using Skype 6 months ago anyway so it's not that important to me.

Skype. Pfft forever to log out. Useless service. Get everyone to bbm. Then all good. No need for Skype

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I've used the new Skype interface, and it's cumbersome. Definitely "more" bb10-like. But almost unusable at the same time. I'd love cascades, but if BlackBerry can bring BBM video chat to iOS, Android, AND Windows Phone, then there will be no need (though I'd love a desktop client).

UI updates are welcome but I need performance updates. Glad someone said the latest version on Android is available for sideloading. I may do that. The one in BlackBerry World didn't work properly when I was trying to video chat with someone on an S4. I won't be holding my breath for a native version coming for us anytime soon.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry just needs to add BBM video and multi person video chat along with channels to cross platforms and it will decimate Google Hang out and Skype. Just put the nail in the coffin blackberry and wipe Em out.

Posted via CB10

The only problem I've found for this app is that it doesn't set you as busy for phone calls, so a lot of times a phone call gets it when in a skype conference and the skype goes to hell. They have to set the phone busy and block incoming calls sending them to voice mail or busy tone.

Doesn't work properly, if only my carrier hasn't disabled BBM voice / video I would have never used this crappy app.

Posted via ZCB10

Yes running on 10.2.
Can't answer calls, a lot if app not responding messages with Wait and Force Close, freezing black screens...

Posted via ZCB10

Is this update is for devices running 10.2?

At this time has not shown on my BBW...

Please feedback, thanks!

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Much better than the previous version, still needs some improvements but gets the job done for now .

The UI has been on all Android 4.x initially released last spring, but this is a port of the recently released 4.4

The new UI is great and it is running very smooth for me. I will use it for family over seas. But, I must admit, the video quality all though good is now where as good as BBM video. It is smooth just the quality is not as crisp.

Posted via CB10

Ya euro...that's sort of what I think. The bbm video is good plus everyone that matters to me have BlackBerrys. So I don't have much use for Skype.

BB Proud

You can set it to show tech specs during a video call. On the Z10 it will go up to 512 x 288 (sort of half-1080p) - a significant improvement over the 320 x 240 (or lower) sent in the Preview release. But I do believe that BBM Video is running at either 720p or 1080p. While it is very good, what you get on this version of Skype for BlackBerry 10 is quite acceptable.

Be nice if my runtime actually worked so I can actually see what the update is like

Posted via Vader10

strange sound worked for me both video and audio conversation over wifi (not the same access point or internet I talked with my brother 800 km away

Posted via CB10

Should have been stated in the article that it's for 10.2. All you CB bloggers should realize that not everyone is on 10.2. Many of us do not have access to official 10.2. I.E. Verizon Z10! Don't talk to me about leaks either. Also everyone who asks the same questions about what version it is for ought to take a moment to actually read the other comments!

Never, but Never, Question the Engineers Judgment!

Truthfully, phuck skype,BBM IS THE BEST,THEY HATTED ON BlackBerry, DIDNT WANT TO MAKE A NATIVE FOR BlackBerry 10,SO FUXK EM(thats not a typo)

Posted via CB10

Nice but with big issue: cannot display Vietnamese Unicode font.. All turned to "square" and unable to read.
Same happens with sideloaded 4.++ android version.

The #1 question everybody will want to know: Does it kill the battery any less than the old version did?

James, can you fix the typo in the first sentence "Skype (Preview) for BlackBerry 10 got a bit of a overhaul"...

That should read 'an' overhaul.

Sorry, I'm a writer by profession and these things jump right off the page at me. ;)

hi all I downloaded the new Skype but the problem is that it syncs all contact from Skype to my phone book even though I chose "not to sync" from the settings. its really annoying
can anyone suggest how to do this ?

Works fine for me, with OS 10.2 updated with Sachesi. The only question I have, is possible to use the enter key for send the message?

I updated my AT&T BB Z10 (STL-3) to the OS version (through Sachesi) last week; but sadly, haven't got the Skype update pushed to my through the BlackBerry World (tried checking many times).
Is it because of the leak I updated to? Or is it some other issue? Or does it need BB OS 10.2?
Please help.

On the official BB World link (http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/26382880/?countrycode=US...); it shows the new version of October 25, 2013 (Skype version - 4.4.507.33580) is for devices running OS 10.1.0 and up.

If you go to BlackBerry World you will find that the Preview moniquer has been removed; it's just "Skype". This is a full port of the recently released Skype 4.4 for Android, including new features such as video messaging. It needs OS 10.2 as it needs the new Jelly Bean Player for best performance. There is some native integration using Notifications and Contacts integration.

So you can remove the word Preview from the first sentence.

Does anyone know how to use the back camera when sending a video message? Since I've updated I can't find any way to switch the camera when I'm sending a video message.

Posted via CB10

Currently this is the case; keep tuned for a future upgrade that allows camera switching in video messages. You can switch them in a video call.

Whoa! If not for CB I wouldn't be informed about Apps I keep waiting to see and then stop waiting and the apps pop up when I finally stop. Thanks CB! We need a Lyft and Uber app for BB10.