Skype offers up free 3-month Skype Unlimited World subscriptions for BlackBerry 10 users

By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2013 09:40 am EDT

Skype finally landed in BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry Q10 a few days back, but today the "official" news came down the wire along with a cool promo. To celebrate the release, Skype is offering up a bunch of free 3-month Skype Unlimited World subscriptions for BlackBerry users. The subscription nets you a voucher to make free Skype calls to over 60 countries.

While Skype is up and running on the Q10, it's noted that it won't be available for the BlackBerry Z10 until the release of OS 10.1. That means Z10 users will have to hang tight a bit longer and wait on an official OS release (which shouldn't be too much longer, hopefully). Some users are already hard at work trying to get the Q10 version working on the Z10 though, so we may see an unofficial release sometime in the near future.

To register for your free voucher or learn more about Skype for the Q10, head over to the link below.

Register for a free 3-month Skype Unlimited Subscription

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Skype offers up free 3-month Skype Unlimited World subscriptions for BlackBerry 10 users


I find that very often people comment on stuff that is on the post like is not there. I cant imagine how frustrating it has to be for the author when this happens.
Lets stop the laziness people and read! this is not The Odyssey is a simple two paragraph post for god sakes!!!!

Now we just need instagram and netflix then people will FINALLY................still find something to complain about.

LOL... yes, you are unfortunately correct. Every phone has its issues regardless of the maturity of the OS. I love my Z10 and went in with eyes wide open regarding the evolution that the OS will be going through in the coming months. Which is rather exciting as the improvements roll out, and devs creating more apps... what's not to be positive about then?

Free subscription makes the wait for Skype well worth the wait.

Sent from my looooong waited for Z10

nice! picked it up. just need to use it before oct 31. says limited number so may as well get it now and use it later!

the app is probably free, but just like the pc version you need to use credits to make landline calls. skype to skype should always be free though.

skype to skype is free, but with this you can call landlines all over the world. seriously for the price of a netflix sub, you can call Timbuktu if you wanted to.

its is restricted normally and you have to use credits to dial intl numbers, now what they offer is "unlimited access for 3 months"

The app is free but for those who choose to use it to make international calls, you can to preload funds for it (actual calls not video chats)

Posted via CB10

Can't download. Says IMEI input incorrect. It's the correct number. Any help please?

Posted via Vader10

My thoughts exactly!! Free Skype World calls is great, but wouldn't we rather have a native BlackBerry app instead?

It's free for Skype to Skype calls. Calls to land lines and mobile are made via the use of credit.

This should still hold true. I will be waiting for it on my Z10. Currently using my iPad mini to make calls to my family in Singapore.

It is unsightly. Hahaha.

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Something the article doesn't mention. According to Skype website: "The Skype Unlimited World Voucher offer is only available in USA, Canada and UK"

Yeah, very important to mention: "BlackBerry 10.1 OS is required to download the Skype app. The Skype Unlimited* World Voucher offer is only available in USA, Canada and UK."

I'm in the UK and it's saying IMEI incorrect. It's not incorrect. What's the problem? Anyone?

Posted via Vader10

Maybe it's because your IMEI is linked to a Z10 and this may be exclusively for the Q10 at this time. I'm just guessing here though, trying to throw around ideas.

If you're sure your PIN and IMEI are entered correctly, follow the link under 'How it Works' for 'Further Support'. That's about all you can do.

""""""This offer is for a limited time only and is subject to change without notice. It is void where prohibited by law and only valid in the following countries: USA, Canada and UK."""""

Lol of course I'm using a Z10. Z10STL100-2/ on UK EE. Have tried 5 times now and still the same problem. IMEI input incorrect. What the crap?

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Skype isn't available for Z10 yet. The offer is available for all BB10 phone owners (Z10 included) but only in the countries the offer is made: USA, Canada, UK.

You bunch whiners this is an android port!boo who cry babies! Hey we are getting the best of both worlds! Android and blackberry what happens if we didn't have android ports! Yah that's what I thought! Bunch of babies!

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Got my voucher! Does anyone know if the three month free period has to start by Oct. 31 or end by Oct. 31? It wasn't in the FAQ. This voucher allows free calls from US, Canada and UK to land lines and mobile phones not just the normal free Skype to Skype.

Limited to certain countries
Calls to landlines and mobiles in these countries: Canada, Guam, Hong Kong S.A.R., Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, and United States.

Calls to landlines in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg only), Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

No China nor India so missing 2 billion people.

I don'y really use Skype but I did use MSN messenger which is no longer available for BB10. I did hear that Skype will become the new MSN messenger. Is this true? I tried IM+ but no offence it sucks bag! Can anyone confirm that you can add your MSN messenger to Skype?

You do realize that this is like complaining about the fact they are actually planning in advance for thé z10 version "blackberry 10 devices " is mentioned and not just the q10

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You can still take them up on the voucher offer, if you're in one of the supported countries (UK, Canada, USA) and have a BB10 phone, even a Z10. You just can't use it yet.

Correction: you just can't use it on your Z10 yet. Skype credit is good from any device with Skype.

Yup, Skype is free for landline within U.S. and Canada. Other international calls are not free. Maybe I am wrong or they may have change all that. Now they probably need money:) I have it on my desktop and don't really use it. There are other VOIP apps that are free. Look up on BlackBerry World. There are some Skype users out there and they sure need it on their BlackBerry Phones. This is good for BlackBerry user. Welcome Skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend signed up for this, using the info for his Z10, then redeemed it and received an email with a $41 charge.. Can anyone explain this or tell me who to contact about it please?

I got one just now with my z10 info. Sweet. Now all I need is os10.1, but it is attached to your account when you activate it and can be used from any device.

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To get your IMEI code open up your phones keypad and type in the following without a space and the code comes up *#06#

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Worked fine. Just got voucher for my Z10. Also once you activate the voucher it's good for your skype account, so you can use it from any device.

It seems we will get Skype for Z10 before October 31, 2013.

At least this is what their plan.


The app I really want is called Fongo.

Wow. Good stuff for those eligible. But please mention that it is only for US, Canada and UK. I got so exited after reading the heading, reading the article and clicking on the link just to find out that its not for everyone with a BB10 phone. I' am sure the website has a a lot of readers outside of these three countries who would like the heads up.!!

Bleh....I'm more excited for Oovoo to come but maybe for the time being I'll get skype for my Z10 when it is officially released. Big named apps and games are always welcome though. BE BOLD!!!

Cool stuff, got my voucher, got 10.1 on my Z10, now just waiting patiently for Skype to be released for the Z10.

The more people that gets their hands on the device the less Skype will be used IMO. BBM Video beats Skype hands down.

What do they mean by " free 3-month Skype Unlimited World subscriptions"? Does that mean you cannot call someone Skype to Skype for free anymore? Or is this Skype to cell/phone anywhere in the world

Anyone try to get the voucher with a non BB10 imei/pin?????

Inquiring minds want to know!

Before someone asks... it could be used for people who want to make sure they get a voucher for use when they purchase their BB10 device in the future or, creative types might like to try the voucher code even if they are running a non BB device (gasp!)

Just curious, so our Skype call will be charged?? Else what's with the unlimited promotion thingy that is written in the post

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Hey Adam,

It states in the footer during registration, that this voucher is only available in USA, Canada, UK.

It might help people if this bit of info is mentioned in the Blog post.

CB10 is a fantastic experience!

Should not be too long as the headline on blackberry world is ' Skype is coming soon '

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Base of the comments, there seems to be a huge disconnect when it comes to the number of people that were crying for Skype and those who know how to use it! SMH

Thanks BlackBerry/Skype! And thank you, Adam, for the heads up! Should be great for when I head up to Canada next year (if I can plan it right with that October activation deadline)

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Forgot to add, found it awesome that all I had to do was type "Mypin" and my phone automatically populated the field for me. Not so helpful for the IMEI number but whatever!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

That's great news! I just got my voucher. Now I just have to wait for 10.1 to be released for my Z10.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

I need someone in a valid region to apply for a voucher for me (although it probably won't work when I try to use it of course!)

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Dev Alpha phones in the regions are also eligible for the vouchers! I've just used my developer device details to get a voucher and added the subscription to my account and tested it using the leaked Skype app on my Z10 running the 1483 leaked 10.1 OS.. Everything worked flawlessly..

After get promote code, then find out this deal only made for US, CA and UK. Hey, why leave China out?BTW, Skype should know that we hate TOM version of skype that made for China.

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No waiting for 10.1 on Z10 any more, just sideload the official version which was extracted from Q10, then you get it.!

Via my lovely Z10...

I'm experiencing the same issue as what one lady on the Skype forum posted:
"When I log into Skype on my Q10 with the exact same login, my account shows that I have no credits. Also, I can not make any calls, because of lack of credits.
What can I do to get the app to populate with my credits? I tried reinstalling the app and also login in and out."