Skype now available for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2013 09:45 am EDT

We saw Skype pop up in BlackBerry World over the weekend for the BlackBerry Z10, but at that point only users running a leaked version of OS 10.1 could get at it. Today with the announcement that OS 10.1 will be rolling out for the Z10, users will finally be able to install Skype from BlackBerry World.

It's been a hot topic for months now and as BlackBerry Q10 users have had access to Skype since launch, Z10 users can now take part in the fun as well. 

Once you update your Z10 to OS 10.1, Skype should show in BlackBerry World for you to download. 

More information/Download Skype for BlackBerry 10

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Skype now available for the BlackBerry Z10


Actually even if you have the 10.1 (which I have on my Z10- official version not leaked) what you would see in BB world is still labelled Skype (preview).
However it works pretty fine so I wonder what the whole preview thing is about

Exactly. It's not just an Android app that was just converted to a. Bar file.

It was written in Android with the specific intent to be run on BB10.

This is a big difference that is lost on many people who don't have a working knowledge of software development.

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If they're going to re-write it so it's an Android app designed to run on BB10, why not just write a BB10 app?

This is almost as bad as BBM being an Android port...
I refuse to use Skype anyway so I shouldn't be complaining.

Don't be despaired. You won't have to suffer much longer as soon as they roll out BBM for cross platform. :-)

For those of us who have side loaded it already, should we uninstall that one and install the one from BlackBerry world? Or will it just install overtop of the side load?

uninstall your installed android port, then install again skype android port from BBW..

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Hopefully the 3-month Skype World offer will still be available in September when Verizon finally moves us to 10.1.


A minute ago Vodafone NL made the update available. It's 333mb and coming in slow, but steady.

No 10.1 update available yet for AT&Y in the States yet. Anyone know it's going to roll out here?

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Just installed OS10.1 on my Z10 but I still only see the Skype preview in BlackBerry World. Anyway, I installed it and it is painfully slow to sign in.

Rocking 10.1 here in the Netherlands but getting only Skype (preview) here. I've understood that word "preview " in the brackets shouldn't be there?

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Can I haz for Playbook? Been waiting two years now....
Honestly, instead of BB10 on the PB, I think I'd be happy with a Z10 emulation hard could that be to cook up in QNX.

I am in the US and have 10.1 through the BETA program, and Skype is still showing as the Preview version in the BB appworld.

This is great news... Now we only need Instagram officially released on BBWorld (no, the sideloads won't count) for people to really start noticing that apps isn't a negative with BB.

I can't download it on my BlackBerry z10. As it says that I don't have the right software

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Playbook UPDATE? Been waiting two years now...
I think I'd be happy with some BBPB10 emulation.

ok we are all aware that skype is here what about the rest promised appps for eg instagram ??????????????????

What BlackBerry needs is to let the Z10 to have full Android SO because they are missing too much apps and now with bbm in iphone and android ppl won't buy a blackberry just cuz they can have bbm in any device with those SO.

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There is so much more to BB10 than BBM. The numbers using BBM in the future is going to go viral. It will be a great way to get the masses to see how much BlackBerry Has changed and how powerful this new platform is. Also they will license out BBM to other phone manufacturers and maybe even bb10 to grow the platform. Android has been doing that for years and look how it has grown. This is a better platform. Great move for Blackberry

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loooong time introducing skype and after updating to 10.1 still didnt find skype and the link in crackberry giving not for this device, i used samsung and iphone before i never faced such problems, whats that hell blackberry ull loose the game

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Yeah I really want instagram
Badly, had a few gripes with my z10 had quite a few problems looking forward to the new update hope Skype is worth the wait.....

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Why does it need access to my pictures, files and everything else on my phone, cloud, memory card etc? Seems excessive to me.

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There's the comment I was looking for. If you read all the items they want access to, and what the want you to agree to, you may as well pipe your identity, files, photos, use of your microphone and camera to the world. I stopped the download, and will wait for BBM to go cross platform. Man those other platforms are nosy. No wonder people stuck with BlackBerry through the bad years for security.

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When I finally upgrade to a "Q" from Sprint and go "Strictly" with Native apps, will it still work??

T-Mobile as always are late to release, so until we get 10.1, we won't get Skype. Also I'm so waiting for Wi-fi calling update, as T-Mobile sucks at reception where I live...

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I called T-Mobile when I was just thinking about getting the Z10, and the rep told me that it definitely would support wifi calling. Then, after I got the phone, I found out that "it's coming". WTF???

Works like a charm! Downloaded it and it's working brilliantly with my z10 :) cannot be happier.. :)

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In case anyone actually cares and this hasn't been posted yet, but it requires you to relinquish every single permission possible to use the app.

Is it just me or do others feel extremely violated when an app nearly wants to know how much fiber is in your feces?

Can I please have access to apps without the company/developer wanting know where I am, who my contacts are and what my camera is currently viewing? Or am I just a schmuck who needs to just stop caring about their personal information?


It's a little different than what you think there.

When it asks for permissions, there's usually good reason. The app isn't being given permission to mine your contacts, photos, files, etcetera, and send them back. This is when it is good to think through why an application may need certain permissions, to help protect you and your data.

Looking at your contacts for example, did you know that Skype can make phone calls directly to landlines and cell phones anywhere in the world? I don't know about you, but I don't have the phone numbers of all my long distance contacts memorized, so it would be great for the app to be able to open up my phone contacts so I can call or message them directly from within the app. Sending a document from my phone to one of my friends for a project we're working on together would be mighty hard to do if the app wasn't given the permission to open up my files, be they local or in the cloud. If it can't detect when I am on the phone, it may try to route calls in. Another thing it needs permission to do. The only obscure one that not everyone necessarily realizes would be the location. Believe it or not, Skype can let your contacts know what time zone and country you are in IF AND ONLY IF you tell it to within the settings of the app. It needs to know even just an approximate location so that such information can be shared if so desired.

Permissions aren't there to say "The app WILL do this, this, and this at any given time, tough luck". They are there so you know that the app is capable of doing certain things when you ask it to. On Android I can understand being very cautious about the app permissions, as malware has resided within the Google Play store before. There was and is the rule of thumb, if a permission doesn't add up, don't download the app. If a wallpaper wanted access to see your contacts, unless it was displaying information about your contacts that would be a red flag to most. BlackBerry checks their apps more thoroughly with privacy and security in mind, but the same rule of thumb can be applied. If you can think of any reason a permission could be needed by the app, odds are good it's fine. If you haven't the slightest idea why an app needs a permission that it's requesting, ask the developer or just don't download it.

Just my two cents...

I do thank you for the reply.

Perhaps I'm just paranoid but your rationale does make sense. I suppose I would just feel little more at ease if I could opt out of some of the permissions. Granted some of those permissions may make the app work more fluid should you choose to use it for certain things like long distance phone calls (which I would rarely have the use for). I suppose I would just prefer a prompt before using certain aspect s of the app.

Buy again, I may just be that paranoid and it's really a non-issue.


You my friend, are not the only one. I am more paranoid than you lol.
I will never install any chat apps (whatsapp, line, kakaotalk, etc) on my blackberry. No thank you. I'd rather buy a cheap android and use it only for those chat apps if I really have to use them.
And if I may add, I prefer legacy devices's app permission settings than (currently) OS10 app permission setting.

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Good to know I'm not the only person who doesn't feel right giving out every permission under the sun for apps.

Let's be honest, if an app as big as Skype is free to use, money is being made somewhere. Nothing is free. The only logical conclusion is personal information is being sold to a third party. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's the only conclusion I can come to.

Obviously it's easy for me to avoid having my personal information being sold by just steering clear of apps that want all these permissions, but there are a lot of great apps that's I've had to pass on simply due to not wanting my personal information to end up in the wrong hands.


I can understand not wanting to give out every permission under the sun, but I'll be honest with you... last I checked, skype is not 100% free. On the desktop, if you don't have a subscription or have any credit loaded into your account, they have adds that scroll. This generates a bit of income for themselves. I, myself, am a subscriber, meaning I pay for my Skype use. It's not a 100% free service, only if you are placing calls or messages to other Skype users are your calls free.

If you're in doubt of Skype's advertising support rather than the selling of your personal content (which is illegal on many levels to the best of my knowledge, just as Facebook's stance on photographs loaded into its servers has led to many pros who know of Facebook's policies no longer posting their images to Facebook), here's a link for where Skype owner Microsoft is asking companies to check out the advantages of advertising on Skype.

If they were out to mine your information, it's tough to say they'd actually have gotten as big as they have in recent years, nor would BlackBerry have allowed them in I think, regardless how demanded an app they were.

I agree with what you are saying, but it does warn you that your info could be used elsewhere. That to me is like Big Brother 1984. I will wait for BBM cross platform and keep my security with BlackBerry.

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I'm pretty sure that warning is generic and is the OS manufacturer covering all bases so no one turns around and sues them... but I could be wrong.

Hi, I've read what you have said and I've just completed an update to my Z10. I then used the link which directed me to the Skype page on BlackBerry world. At the top, it says Skype preview not available for this device. Am I doing something wrong or have I just read incorrectly?

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Rather than using a link, why not simply open bb world on your phone and search the apartment for Skype. Should be there as skype preview. A 14Mb download

The title should read “ Skype now availible for Blackberry Z10, but not for US customers”.......that way it wouldn't be misleading. I don't mean that towards Adam Z, just saying

I don't know what it is about my phone but I installed Skype (Preview) yesterday and it killed my phone in like 3-4 hours. The app itself was... pretty sluggish. Uninstalling Skype, I swapped to my other battery and that seemed to return me to the kind of battery life I expect from my Z10... So I'm not entirely convinced that this is ready for prime time...

i deleted the sideloaded skype and tryed to downloaded it from BlackBerry world after updating to 10.1 i got that not for my device any help

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10.1 is out SKYPE is available. Forever freezing and locking up. Funny as it was great with 10.0 and sideloaded?

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This is an android port. I hate android port. Why can't BlackBerry come up with a custom built app for bb10 os?

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why i cannot sign in my skype accnt. and it propmted please check connection settings,while i have my net mobile network,or does it net wifi? or both net mobile network and wifi? help

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I'm Vodafone UK and downloading 10.1 now... do I need to back up my phone? Will it reset? I'm a little worried...

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Skype and my UK Z10 with 10.1 dont really work ... stiffs the machine ..... more times than it doesn't. Pity cos when it does work it works quite well..... dunno what the problem is..

I got skype by searching and side loading it it took me two tries but now that I have it works great. Def like BBM video better. And me on Skype @therealvictor

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Having issues with the service/app over wifi networks. Got the voucher with it for the unlimited 3 months worldwide access and it was enabled, however can't seem to make calls to landlines and mobiles.

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I just got an email saying Skype is now available on Blackberry 10, but why can't I download it...Help me Please:)

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BlackBerry 10 is being jointly skype do promotions, get one free voucher (3-month Skype Unlimited World subscriptions).
Each phone can get a voucher, please do not miss it.
If you do not intend to use skype, I can bulk buy this voucher. Format is: SKYPE-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

This would be perfect IF it was available for my phone!!!! Says not available fir my device... but funny that here it says it's available for BBZ10... huh? Wtf