Skype Mobile Now Available for Verizon Users ... But What About Other Carriers?

By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2010 09:00 am EDT
Skype Mobile Now Available For Verizon Users But What About Other Carriers?

As we already know, Skype Mobile has been rolled out to Verizon Wireless users at this point. The application is being pushed out to devices this morning to make for easy downloading. But now that it is here, we kind of have to wonder what exactly this means for Skype on BlackBerry as a whole. Its been quite a while since Skype made the initial announcement of their intentions to arrive on the BlackBerry platform and in a way, they kind of have really made good on that news. However, I'm quite certain an exclusive deal with Verizon wasn't exactly how BlackBerry users envisioned when Skype released their very limited beta.

So what exactly happened? Was the beta testing phase abruptly stopped and seemingly shut down due to a deal made with Verizon? Could this be part of the reason no one at Skype wanted to answer direct questions about when exactly Skype was coming to BlackBerry? Sure seems that way as I see it. In any case we certainly don't have and likely never will have any answers as to what the future holds for Skype on BlackBerry. But we can still hope that Skype will do right in the long run and make the app available to all BlackBerry users. In the meantime, any Verizon users now using Skype? Let us know in the comments what you think of the service on your device.

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Skype Mobile Now Available for Verizon Users ... But What About Other Carriers?


Just spoke with VZW Rep. It needs DATA turned on to use- If I'm in Mexico and need to make a "FREE" Skype to Skype call to the U.S. I need to have DATA turned on which will cost me!!! NOT FREE! If WiFi worked I could use the hotel's internet (WiFi) and use Skype 2 Skype calling for FREE for real.

Here is an email I sent to Skype and VZW:

How can I make Free Skype to Skype calls if I am in Mexico using Skype Mobile on my Blackberry Storm 2 and I want to call a Skype user in the United States.

Skype cannot use my Storm's WIFI. (I was hoping to use the hotel in Mexico's WiFi service) So I will be forced to turn my DATA on and be charged (Roaming Data) fees.

How will Skype to Skype calls behave if I am using Skype Mobile outside of the U.S.?

With out being able to make free Skype to Skype calls internationally (like advertised) I am struggling to find the major benefit in this application.

Please get back with me on a solution that will allow me to make free skype calls to other skype users while I am out of the U.S. Additionally, please forward my feedback to the Skype Mobile team.

Thank you,

They want your money so I don't see them doing that. This way they ensure themselves data revenue. You pay for the Global data and you get to use Skype. I just wonder if you'll be dinged for the call to the Atlanta call center that all calls are routed through.

Yes you have to pay for it but it works and it's only pay for the days you were travelling. Verizon could have made it available through WiFi but this is all business and revenue. For the unlimited data plan I have here in the US, Skype to Skype (domestic or int'l skype ID calls) works fine and is awesome.

I use Skype with my field services techs and it is great works well for IM and voice when needed. No troubles so far.

I am willing to pay the $14.95 a month to Toktomi and have fantastic service on my berry as well as the softphone ability on my laptop when traveling.

I have punched in my number on both the verizon and skype pages but nothing is showing up in the phone. Link to install please?

Skype wont work on other carriers because of how it's designed. All the calls go over Voice, not Data. Verizon and Skype do not bill for this, but another carrier would, as would Skype when it's from another carrier.

You do realize that's by choice right? My iPhone has Skype on it. My HTC Magic has Skype on's just they chose to lock BlackBerry devices to Verizon only at this time.

I downloaded it and the interface is simple, but nice. Seems like it will work very well. I need someone to get online so I can call them. :-P

I have a storm and every time I click the text message link I get the notice that it is not available for my phone. I have verizon for my carrier. Anyone else havin' a prob?

i had a couple of problems as well. First i tried downloading through Opera and got the same message as you about it not being available for the Storm. then i tried opening the link through the native browser and got an error message. The way i got it to work was by just typing the url in the browser. Good luck.

I have the 9550. The website says it supports it. Not sure whats up, maybe overloaded servers.

I did what was suggested further on by changing from BB browser to Internet browser and type in the link myself. I then downloaded ok.

I have a Storm 9530, and I am getting the same as you. Says "sorry, skype is unavailable for your mobile phone".

What Gives?

Make sure you are using the Default browser and not Opera or something else. Make sure your browser settings reflect your phone as being a Blackberry, not IE or Firefox. Check the options within the browser. It works great on my 9550. Wondering how I will make "Free" calls when in Mexico since I cant use it with WiFi...

I downloaded iSkoot and use Skype on my BB with T-Mobile, but I've only used it for chat so far, and have never needed it for voice, so not sure how good that part of the service might be .

Can someone tell me what is the benefit of SKYPE? I have an unlimited call/data plan through sprint. Does that mean SKYPE wouldn't be of any use to me since I have unlimited minutes already? or are there other benefits?

I use it to talk to my brothers who are living in Thailand. They have skype on their computers and used to have to pay to call my cell phone if they needed to talk to me. Now, because I am logged into skype on my phone, they can call my skype account free of charge and reach my on my cellphone.

I can also call them (at their computer) from my cell phone free of charge.

If I wanted to call their cell phone's over in Thailand, it will be FAR cheaper through skype than it would through Verizon's voice network (pennies on the dollar).

for international calling would be Google Voice, if you have it. But, I like that I can now talk to certain international customers of mine free with Skype, plus have the mobility convenience of Skype. It might just force me to stick with VZW a bit longer than I anticipated...part of their master plan?

I will be vacationing in Mexico. Skype won't work over WiFi - How can I make FREE Skype to Skype calls to people in the US?

Meaning no DATA charges and no Voice charges?

That would make it worth while.

I'm not gonna lie. Its a bummer for me. I travel a lot and to be able to make free calls using Skype would have been huge. I guess I read too much into their marketing... “If it's too good to be true...” right?

It's awful featureless, and the GUI seems minimalistic. It doesn't work over WiFi (yet) but it does do Skype IM and allows me to make free phone calls to my friends in Canada, New Zealand...etc. I suppose that's all I could ask for!

Free calls to Canada & New Zealand? And you're complaining?

What more could you ask for? You want skype to PAY you to make your calls?


@skypemobile How do I make FREE Skype2Skype calls from Mexico to U.S. using skypemobile w/VZW on BB Storm2? Where's the benefit?

If you read my post more carefully, I wasn't complaining, dork. The app lacks features, but I'm glad that it does what it advertises.

It it pretty minimal for now, and I guess it doesn't really need to work over WiFi yet since calls are over the Vz voice network and IM's don't take a whole lot of bandwidth. I would like to see video soon, even if it's just me streaming one way to someone else. We have a baby due soon and family far away would like to "be there."

For something like that, just use your webcam on your laptop over wifi. We can't get it all at once, especially without a front facing camera.

I just did a show all icons and it was already on my storm 2 this morning like our sweet bing icon. Then I just installed it, looks really cool, I wish google voice would get there act together with that app!

I was having the "Sorry, Skype is unavailable..." error also. I changed my browser from "Blackberry Browser" to "Internet Browser" and was able to download.

Is there a folder that this is supposed to be in when pushed to my phone. I don't see it on my tour anywhere. Even after doing "show all"

i dont like that you can not be on wifi it has to be turned off first for it to work. also you can not call usa based toll free numbers.

I think it's ironic that VZW is the FIRST to do anything! BB OS 5 is almost yesterday's news and yet VZW still hasn't released it to all supported devices. This is just funny to me. With that being said, I downloaded and installed it this morning. Cool.

That is exactly the problem if you are expieriencing the your device is not supported make sure you use the native BB browser but make sure all the settings are set to Internet Browser and it works no problem I have a 9550 and its downloading now

Make sure you have the latest software download for your device before downloading the Skype app. And as with any third party download, also make sure you complete a backup for your phone beforehand. I learned this the hard way this morning when my phone completely crashed and I spent the more than an hour getting things reloaded with tech support

did anyone notice that Google has updated their Google Mobile App to be compatible w/ the Blackberry Storm? I just downloaded it and it works great!

Also downloading Skype now. :)

I think that'd be a great idea actually. It'd be a very easy way to get in touch with any one of your blackberry messenger contacts... especially the few where you don't have a phone number to go with it (I have a few of those believe it or not -_-), the service is "always on", and Blackberry Messenger already kinda eliminates texting fees between blackberry users... except when our data networks go down...

That said, odds are pretty good that'd never happen simply due to the fact that BBM is exclusive to blackberry users, and Skype.... most definitely is not.

Finally!!! Ive been waiting for this for a long time. Woke up this morning to the Skype app icon, already on my home screen, just waiting to be downloaded.
IM'ed my sister in DC and then made a call to my brother working in South Korea. The best part is skype to skype calls are free!So far so good! Call quality and app interface went smoothly. Im using a Storm 9530. Verizon you have made me proud.
I think all I need now is a webcam on my BB, and Ill never need to use a PC or laptop ever again. HAHA.

ok i have a stupid question?? what are the fee's that come along with skype? or is it completely free? sorry for the noob question!

Its free just as if you were using it on a computer. You still have to use skype credit for land lines and such but skype to skype is totally FREE!!! :D

Google Voice seems better! If you are a vzw subscriber you can add the Googlel Voice access number to your friends and family list and call anyone in the US for free and get low international rates as well. Include US calling and Skype may be worth something.

I am on a S2 and Voice isn't supported for that device to have an application yet. So this works much better for me

But the fact that all friends and family overseas have skype, and I can now call them for absolutely free (Skype to Skype) gives this app a huge advantage over GV. Plus, you can use the Skype app while overseas if you include the global roam/email plan for the time you are abroad. This app rocks. I still will keep GV as a back up though.

One thing that I am disappointed about is that when a skype call comes in you don't know who it is from... it just says "skype call" ...also there is no way to link contacts with your existing BB contacts.

Call quality was good... when I was testing it out this morning with a Storm and a Tour I was in the kitchen which has service...just not very strong service... and you could definitely tell it was a VOIP call... there was so much delay it was slightly amusing.

I don't see what is so bloody great about this. It doesn't use WiFi, and calls are made through your Verizon voice plan. So for those of you who were looking at this for a possible remedy in a low or poor connection area, you're SOL. US Skype to Skype calls are free (big whoop), international calls require you to purchase minutes through Skype. Non-Skype calls count towards your minutes. So, basically, if you make international calls this may be cheaper, but it's really no different than Verizon to Verizon calls.

Wasn't the whole point of Skype to let you make calls over the internet so you didn't NEED to worry about minutes?

Maybe this is handy for people who have friends and family off the Verizon network, but without support for WiFi this is pretty much worthless. Maybe I'm missing the point...

"US Skype to Skype calls are free (big whoop)" — Yes, BIG whoop! This is awesome! I will use this all the time, now that I don't always have to have my computer with me to be connected to Skype. Also, Skype to Skype International is free, you don't have to buy minutes. Seeing as Skype is free anyway, whomever is International can just get it and boom, free calls. Most of my friends are off Verizon as well, so this is über-handy.

My Tour doesn't have WiFi anyway, and I'm doin' just fine.

THANK YOU VERIZON! Now just get the damn OS update already...

And for $69.99 you can get an unlimited calling plan to any phone in the US, so it's really not as big a deal as it's made out to be. So what you get here are free calls to other Skype users but calls to domestic US numbers still use your minutes. You get International calls at heavily discounted rates, provided they are not on Skype, and no WiFi.

I'm sorry, I still don't see what the huge deal is. If it used WiFi, I might reconsider since it would help in areas with low or poor reception. As it is now, this isn't anything stellar IMHO.

the big deal is that some of uss have family overseas. ;) So we can call them from work/home/train/wathever when we have free time, rather than getting a calling card ;) or waiting till you get home. Plus some of us have actually clients that are not located in US and once again skype lets you keep in contact with them for .001 ;) Finally you can get international number for the country you get most calls from and they can call you now for the same price as they would be calling your office in the country ;) and the call will get to your cell in states ;) call me stupid but this is the best thing that could happen to BB users since sliced bread ;) I love it ;) Plus my grandparents love me now more ;) because I can call them any time ;) rather than when ever I am close by my PC :)

Just tried this. This app works just like iSkoot did. It calls some landline 404-941-8599 and it bridges the call with Skype. Sound quality seems a little better than iSkoot though.

So what happens when I take my Storm to Germany and call a Skype number in the US? Do I get billed for international minutes by VZW?

Yes you would ;) because it uses voice rather than data ;) but skype to skype would be free as it would use just data ;)

The real issue (or savings) is that

1) Skype-to-Skype both U.S. and International are free... Skype->Skype U.S. not such a big deal (Verzon has 69.99 unlimited plan to anyone, anywhere now); but Skype->Skype Int'l is big for a whole lot of people...OR even Skype U.S. -> Skype Int'l is also big b/c it's free...

2) I think we don't know if Skype to Skype across different carriers will work. For example, IPhone Skype AT&T to Blackberry Skype Verizon. Does anyone know about this yet? Would it be free?

Please share your comments about 1 & 2 and if someone has knowledge please share it!!!

Of course Skype AT&T to Skype Verizon will work. That's like wondering if Google Voice AT&T to Google Voice Verizon will work.

Isn't the 69.99 unlimited for data? Does Skype use your data plan or voice plan? If I call from Germany will I have to pay the high voice rates?

69.99 is for unlimited voice only. You'll need to go up to 89.99 for unlimited talk and text and to get unlimited data you'll need to tack on $30 to whatever plan you choose.

If you call from germany you'll need to get the global verizon plan and then when you call out via skype you will be charged:
1) Nothing extra for skype to skype
2) Skype rates for skype to int'l number
3) Skype to us domestic number isn't possible. You'll need to dial via the regular BlackBerry dialer.

I'm in Italy right now on a 3G Network with a Tour and int'l data. You'll actually get a message that says you need to be on Verizon's national 3G network to use the Skype App (as stated on the VZW website), so you probaby won't get anything in Germany.

Is everyone running Skype in the background? Is the battery drain noticeable? I tried it for a while this morning and it seemed my battery drain was more than normal. I will only be using this app when my son is in China for school (Skype to Skype), so I closed out of the app, but will let in run when he's there.

ALRIGHT!!! Skype is working flawlessly, and I'm finally not hanging my head in shame that Verizon is behind on my Tour OS update, but giving me this, all is forgotten! WOOHOO!! Calling England as I speak

8530 user here. I have 2 8530. One that was updated with the recent OS update. This one that had the OS updated does not have Skype pushed by big red. I attempted to download from the site and no luck.

My other 8530 with no OS update had the Skype pushed and works fine.

Any one else out there with an 8530 that was updated and doesn't have the Skype app, nor able to download???

I didn't have the app this morning. Tried using the link using Bolt and got the not supported message. Copied the link, used the native BB browser set it internet browser, and was finally able to get it downloaded and working. Running very smoothly.

Despite linking into an existing account, I'm a little disappointed with the fact that my friend's and my profile pics do not show up and no way to add them over the phone. That is only a minor annoyance, though. So far, I have not had the chance to make any Skype-to-Skype calls, so I can't comment on that. The GUI is simple, but that is not a bad thing. There is a reason why the KISS method works. Unfortunately, I run a theme with a dark background, so I can't see my contact's names unless I highlight them. Oh well. Any way, these are just some of my observations.

Skype is on it's way out the door anyway, ebay has tried to ditch it off several times and nobody wants to buy it. And the fact they're making a mobile platform over and over again without voip makes me laugh. Sorry but this is beyond useless, just one more thing google will end up destroying.

On the one hand, this is great for folks on Verizon! You've got access to an amazing calling service.

On the other hand, it sucks for anyone on any other carrier in the USA and Canada! Even those of us in Canada with the exact same model of phone can't use the service. Skype had better work on developing something to work with Canadians too... we may not have as massive a population, but we're still existing up here -_-

First, the link for Skype has an extra "." on the end that throwing the bb browser for a loop, and opera wont work because it doesnt id the phone as a bb from verizion.

Second, I tried to call a few people on skyp and it makes a call using the phone to the "SKYPE CALL" number, so from the looks of it this could be using my minutes, not certain yet, gonna research it.

Still getting the error?? Totally confused? States my phone is not compatible and to switch to VZW Blackberry???

After downloading Skype when I try to start the app on my Storm I am getting the error Module 'skype_mobile-10' has verification errors. Is anyone else getting this or have suggestions to fix the error?


So, I downloaded the jad's directly for the 9630 & 9550, both clients installed perfectly on my old Bold 9000 (Vodafone), sadly when it runs it says:

"Skype mobile can only be used on Verizon Wireless phones."

Aww, even just the IM part of it would have been useful.

Go carriers... !

I tested the app for call quality and texting. No problems other than still need to figure out how to have the computer not intercept calls. I just turned off the computer app and that fixed it but there must be a way to "forward".

On the phone with them... not fining problem. Can you post downloaded for the jad's directly for the 9630? I have VZW BB Tour and not able to work???

I was curious to see what all the hype was about....Had the link sent to me only to get a message stating the app was not compatible with my Storm 2......¿Am I the only Storm user getting this message?

Hmmm... skypes website says that the Curve 8330 is supported but when I attempt to download, the mobile site tells me that my device isn't supported. Anyone else get it installed on an 8330?

So I can make calls to people who are on the computer? Alright fine, but it's only useful if they are abroad and on their computer otherwise domestic use of the program is kind of pointless. Might as well just call their actual phone.

I can make calls to other phones with Skype? I'm not familiar with the limitations on other devices, but I do know that iPhone users still do not have an updated app to talk over the network. So does that mean I can make a call to a WiFi connected iPhone user?

What about if someone calls a SkypeIn number? Does that get automatically rerouted as a domestic call through the app and I get charged minutes?

And what is wrong with Verizon that they cut off WiFi usage right off the bat?

So far it seems that the app, being strangled by the largest carrier, is very limited. It has the potential to be great, but not today...I find no use for it.

Your phone must be connected to Verizon. If you travel off the Verizon network, Skype Mobile will not work. Also, if you try to call domestically, Verizon will route your call through the normal phone plan (minutes used).

So, the only value is if you have international friends that need to call you when you are away from your computer (or visa versa). This makes the product almost useless. If it was allowed to work while you were on a Verizon International data plan while traveling, it would be a great addition...

I loaded it up 45 mins ago, logged into my Skype account, 10 misn later my sister, who is now living in Spain called me. I could hear her loud and clear and visa versa. Great addition to my smart phone, especially as a cheap / easy way for my friends and relatives in Europe to contact me and not run up minuits on my plan. I'll now use this along with the Google voice application for international calls.

*** Correction*** It does use up minutes on your plan. I checked my usage (my Verizon) before a call and then after a call and I see they count the Skype minutes. So I guess it's not free after all.

I guess it's good for Verizon, they make it easy for Skype users to call your cell phone and run up your minutes.

Think I'll call Verizon and talk to someone.

I've made several calls with it today and they are NOT counting against my minutes. They ARE showing up as Mobile to Mobile usage though...but that is Unlimited for all VZW subscribers.

Taked to Verizon, they assure me that Skype to Skype calls are free. They checked my online account but today's calls will not show up until tomorow AM.

At the moment 'My Verizon' shows the call in peak mins. On my Skype account it shows the call 'Transferred' to my cell (no I don't have my Skype calls set to forward).

I guess I'll have to wait and check my account on-line tomorrow and see where th mins show up, if at all.

I guess it's possible Verizon has to modify 'My Verizon' in some way to show 'Skype Mins used?????


I'm confused - does it use voice minutes like Google voice (i.e. dial a 1800 number each time)? Or does it use data like the computer skype?

i used iskoot for skype to talk on the phone with others with skype at first. but after gv came out, i could call canada all day for free on that app. so iskoot was deleted and no need for skype. enjoy verizon customers.

I love it it works better and faster than on my PC. Made two 10min calls to europe already, and the reception was better than on my home PC. It is one awesome app that I been waiting for. Finally I don't have to be next to my PC when making international calls. Love it...

Verizon's network has always been the best I've been on with any carrier, and now that it uses that awesome network for Skype I can use my phone for so much more.

I had it pushed when I finished updating to the latest leaked OS, only problem with anything so far is a little browser click bug that I have half of the time, but everything else works great and my battery life is astounding.

Skype quietly runs in the background, call quality is the same as a regular call and it can send SMS to anyone on Skype, from my desktop to a laptop to another mobile phone, it's just awesome.

I have skype on my phone and it works great. I took two skype calls and it worked fine as well. This is a great app especially for people who know people on skype and live outside the country. For me unfournatly I don't know anyone out the country haha. I will still keep it on my phone though.

I have a blackberry 9700 (T-Mobile) w/ Google Voice. I throw ALL applications on the ipod touch. Iphone/ipod touch's platform for any application is way better than blkberry's apps (including skype)

It's a little buggy to me . I might be wrong but it's not as smooth as I thought it would be. I still haven't been able to make a skype to skype call only IM.Plus I click the question mark to add a picture and nothing. It was pushed to my Storm I turned it on the it was on the phone already.

How do I make FREE Skype2Skype calls from Mexico to U.S. using skypemobile w/VZW on BB Storm2? Where's the benefit?

I thought you'd be using skype with your network, but no, you're still using the Verizon network, and your minutes, to make any domestic call. Only International calls go thru the Skype network.

has anyone got this installed on a Storm 2? I tried to click on the link sent from Verizon and I get the message, "This device is not supported" Any idea on how to get this installed on a Storm 2

Download / install went smoothly. Logged in and IM'd my son who was on his PC overseas...he responded immediately. I then called him and it worked awesome from my 9530 to his PC. Then, we ended the call, I left Skype running in the background and he called my BB from his PC and all worked as advertised there as well. Awesome tool IMO.

My understanding is that it does not use your Verizon voice minutes as long as you are making a skype to skype call to correct someone who posted an inaccuracy just a moment ago.

As someone posted earlier, to get it installed on your Blackberry, go into your Blackberry browser and adjust the setting to Internet Browser and then go to and it should install.

I'm running a tour with OS from sprint, and guess what, doesn't work. Shocker. I'll have to wait for VZW to finally release os 5 for the tour before i can use it.

every time I attempt a call via Skype, I get a "Welcome to Verizon Wireless, the number you dialled has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service..."

Frustrating that I can receive calls but not make them. I'll check on my wife's phone tonight, but for now, I can only receive calls.

For an app that was hyped so much I am completely disappointed.
1. Lack of Wifi use, what is the big deal about doing this?
2. Inability to call US numbers. (I have an unlimited US call Skype account and cannot use it with this app).
3. Making calls with the phone shows cell phones' caller ID. I already have a Skype-IN number why will that not be used as the caller ID? (This will be better since I have a business cell phone)
4. Messaging interface is clumsy
5. Still no support for incoming SMS.

In all, there is nothing new here. Useless app in my opinion.

Called my brother in Japan. Call was perfect! I'm stoked to have this. My kids at home today called me from the computer instead of the normal phone (which uses minutes), and it worked great!

CAN'T make FREE international calls when I'm outside the U.S. with Skype Mobile like I was led to believe. Going to Mexico on vacation and wanted to be able to place free skype2skype calls with my BB Storm2, but according to Skype - It's not possible.

Response I got from Skype Support:
"Thank you for contacting Skype Support.

We are glad to hear that you are interested in using Skype mobile?
application with your BlackBerry Storm 2 mobile phone.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use the Skype mobile application
outside of the US.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience."

My original email to them:
How can I make Free Skype to Skype calls if I am in Mexico using Skype Mobile on my Blackberry Storm 2 and I want to call a Skype user in the United States.

Skype cannot use my Storm's WIFI. (I was hoping to use the hotel in Mexico's WiFi service) So I will be forced to turn my DATA on and be charged (Roaming Data) fees.

How will Skype to Skype calls behave if I am using Skype Mobile outside of the U.S.?

With out being able to make free Skype to Skype calls internationally (like advertised) I am struggling to find the major benefit in this application.

Please get back with me on a solution that will allow me to make free skype calls to other skype users while I am out of the U.S. Additionally, please forward my feedback to the Skype Mobile team.

Thank you,
:-( Big Bummer! What's the point of getting the app now? I don't know anyone over seas... I'm the one going over seas and I can't even use the app... I thought Skype and Verizon were much cooler... Big Fat Disappointment.

I think Skype for Verizon is effin awesome. I just made a couple of skype-to-skype phone calls to my uncle and dad in Taiwan. Call quality was great! I can't wait to use this more with my other friends that live abroad.

Verizon is treading the same path Apple has been on the "only" when ever you can. As much as I liked the Mac, I couldn't find support locally when I had issues and I couldn't afford to upgrade or purchase the software for it. What happens in the end is products like the PC come out. So now people have an option. Skype seemed to be designed for all to use, and by all I do mean everyone. I don't see the exclusivity idea being a good fit for Skype, so I imagine we will see another option soon. If not from Skype, someone else will take the charge. The market and not vendors make the discussion in the end. So if we are all asking for it, someone will provide it. I have already send my email to skype, you?

I think its pretty lame that it doesn't work on WIFI.. when I am out of the country I can use skype and call without roaming.. Guess I will have to continue to use my ipod touch and headset... Come on Verizon.. quit playin us..

You know, its funny, cause while I don't have an S-load of people to call on Skype, the only company that has it IS verizon, and frankly, you get free calls to other verizon customers, lol, plus with BBM, I can message people outside the US for free! Kind of sucks, cause if it was on Sprint and AT&T, I could get rid of my friends and family plan and call other people for free.

dont forget your friends that have iphone...they have a skype app. one called me earlier today and it works.

for the people that already use skype with a skype number this sucks. I'm paying for unlimited calls with skype and i cant use that with this app. Also if someone calls my skype number it just voicemai which really i never know if someone is the skype vzw app doesnt work all that great for my needs.

I have spent too much time today trying to DL this app.... kept getting the message that I need to switch to VZW even though I am already on VZW and have an S2.... I turned OFF the WIFI and it DLed just fine....

---- Start of Rant ----

This is the type of shenanigans that makes me want to quit blackberry altogether and grab an Iphone. Skype available only for Verizon customers, and crippled at that (i.e. no WIFI support for voice).

Jeez.... why does it have to be so hard to be a BB owner? Message to Skype: we've waited enough. Just give us the darn app that you released for the Iphone.

---- End of Rant ----

Installed Skype Mobile on my Storm 2 first thing this morning. No install issues. But have found three things missing/needed:

1) No privacy settings for IM's to help block IM Spam. I have this set to IM's from contacts only on the computer client but there is no setting for this on the mobile client so I am getting hit with IM spam on the mobile side.

2) Skype In numbers do not go to the mobile client. When I call my Skype In number it rings on the computer but never on the mobile client. So I have had to re-enable call forwarding so that incoming calls to my Skype In number get forwarded to my cell (as it was prior to Skype Mobile)

3) And why does Skype Mobile to open and be the active app after a reset? While typing this I did a reset and instead of my BB booting to the Home Screen it booted into Skype Mobile with the "twitter like" dialog asking me to tell my friends what I am thinking? I am "Thinking" Why does it need to open and be the active app after a reset? Why can it just start and login in the background like the other IM apps?

Well, I am hoping that these issues will get corrected/fixed soon.

Without the wifi features, it's pretty useless. It means you cannot use it while oversea, with the cost of data roaming, you may as well just call your friend on their cell phone or land line.
If I often make long distance call, there's already 'skype to go' number I can use with a small costs. So what is exactly the point of this app.

If it were possible to function overseas... why would data roaming be an issue? Just get their unlimited international data plan and you're set.

I hope you are right, i can't see it anywhere mention it online, I am not doubting you, but just unlikely to have free international roaming. when I say roaming, I don't mean canada and mexico, but worldwide, and preferable 3G not CDMA, or maybe they are the same.

So my question is: I want to be able to call my mate in the UK. He has an iPhone, if he downloads the skype app for his phone, do we talk for free if we both go through skype mobile? Sorry if the question is repetative.

I know a lot of people seem to be a little upset with Verizon making this exclusive deal. However, let me just point out a few details that should make this clear.

Verizon, first off, has made this deal with Skype quite a while back. Back so far, as it was even before the limited beta tests for Blackberry users. As a member of Verizon for the longest time, I do have to agree to many users that Verizon should not ignored those devices that have WiFi capabilities.

Now that THAT's out of the way, I love Skype on my phone, personally. I love the fact that it instantly connects right when I turn my phone on from either a battery pull or a mandatory restart. I love the fact that my contacts refresh in-time, unlike the other messengers I've used (MSN and AIM are huge ones that do not refresh automatically). I have, however, encountered a few bugs with the Skype on Storm (Version 1 9530, not 9530T, or Storm2).

Some of the bugs I've ran into, was when I was trying to type to someone using SureType keyboard, instead of trying to correct my somewhat spelling error, it would just automatically delete the word.. This seems to be the case when the spelling correction is happening on the second or more line on the right side of the text.

Another somewhat error that I've ran into is that it likes to disconnect right after I get off a skype2skype call... Which makes sense, since my version of the storm is unable to do Data and Voice at the same time.

One other thing I like about skype, is that when someone calls me, they don't hear just a ring, they actually get patched through Verizon's service, so they hear my custom ringtone jukebox set (I got many a-songs playin in that jukebox at random), so I got some pretty rad comments when I got called from skype.


What's your take? Are you experiencing that error that I've experienced with the spelling correction?

I cannot understand what the big deal is, I have been using iSkoot on blackberries for nearly 4 years, on att, sprint and verizon networks, other than taking time to start, it has always worked fine, the verizon skype app starts up quicker and seems to run faster but it doesnt give me anything I did not already have with iSkoot.

I was told the Skype mobile apps will be exclusive to Verizon for some time. But, wasn't skype available on the iPhone for a short period of time?

Yeah...this is dumb...Skype should be for Everyone...not just VZW Customers. Let the Power of the BLACKBERRY Reign...not the Service Provider.

I am on VZW.



So I had the skype app already on my home screen this morning when I woke up. I have the Storm 2 and I clicked on the app and downloaded it. After downloading it however, I opened it... accepted all the user agreement stuff... and then it asked "do you want skype mobile to use your verizon wireless contacts"... clicked no.. then I got the same message "Skype Mobile can only be used on Verizon Wireless in the US".

So I don't understand how it could be pushed to my phone and installed, but then give me the same message that some of the other people have been reporting.

I also made sure that my browser was put to "default browser" and not something else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I use a storm2 with VZW. Approximately $30 a month gets unlimited data plan domestically. Approximately $65 a month gets you unlimited data plan globally. The global plan can be pro rated so you only pay the higher rate when you are actually out of the country.

I use tetherberry (now tether) without a problem or incurring additional charges when travelling outside of the country on the unlimited data plan. I will be using skype mobile internationally next week.

It does not matter whether this app is true VOIP or not as it only matters how VZW is going to charge you for its use.

For skype to skype calls it is absolutely free and unlimited anywhere you call to and anywhere your call originates from AS LONG AS it is from skype to skype.

From the USA you can use skype out with this app to call international numbers at their low published rates.

You CANNOT, however, call using skype out to a domestic landline or mobile and will incur additional charges from VZW.

Remember, this is a free app that is set up to use your EXISTING data plan at no additional charges to you. If you are in France and want to call your family in Utah for example, as long as you use skype mobile on your cell phone and have the global data plan and are calling your family member's skype account is is FREE. I used to have to hook up my storm with tetherberry to my laptop and skype that way. This is absolutely more convenient and elegant solution.

Yes, it sucks that they do not allow skype out for domestic landlines, but you can tether to your laptop for that or apprecriate that this app is free and is a big step up in enhancing your portability when travelling at no additional costs with skype to skype.

Can you confirm the last part? I read that Skype Mobile's functionality was disabled when roaming on other networks outside the US. I thought I read a post by someone who got the app pushed to his/her phone while in Italy and when they attempted to use it, they got a message saying that it was only functional on Verizon's US network.

isnt it a program to talk on a camera
is it different for phones
and ur saying if i already have a data plan on vsw i got it.dont have to pay extra?

Skype was pushed to my Curve the other day when I woke up. It's been installed and seems to be working fine, then again I don't really know anyone with Skype. I'll probably keep it on here until the next thing comes out and I need the space for it. Thanks VZW, I guess!