Skype Mobile for BlackBerry A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2010 02:22 pm EDT
Skype Mobile for Verizon released yesterday, and while not the greatest client for BlackBerry, it does get the job done. You can view all of your Skype contacts, as well and IM and make calls through your device. Depending on who or where you are calling, the charges vary, but Verizon has created a decent FAQ page that pretty much explains how it all breaks down. You can also check out some how-to videos on the page that will help with setting up and getting around the app. Check out the video above for a quick look at what Skype Mobile has to offer.
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Skype Mobile for BlackBerry A to Z


I see only one situation where this would be usefull. Skyping with another skype user who happens to be on another network. Other than that, whats the point?

I know a lot of people who also use Skype as an IM client, and this application handles IM pretty well and integrates.

Been using it last two days to chat with my family overseas...all free Skype to Skype. Skype to long distance landline works fine too...although there are cheaper rates out there. I use Skype out as backup. The call quality is fairly good.

Other uses could be chatting with overseas clients or colleagues.

I just love the convenience....we no longer need to be tied to our computer or headphones. Click Skype user id, hit call button, voila...

As arundc said- it is really handy for Skype-to-Skype calls, but the rates could be cheaper for calling fixed lines.

If you're looking for cheaper rates on international calls directly from your mobile without having to use a calling card, you can try out MO-Call which is another VoIP service/callback service that runs as an application on the BlackBerry. The application is listed on the BlackBerry store, or you can check out
(Disclaimer: I work for MO-Call)

Here is why I love it:
1) Friends and family overseas (Europe) all use Skype so they get to call me free. I never really have time to talk when on my computer, now I can be more productive when on the road and waiting an airports.
2) I get to receive and make Skype calls without using up minutes. Don't think I'll have to get that unlimited plan now.
3) I do work with a company who are international and they use Skype a lot for conference calls and long distance calls. Now I don't have to find a coffee shop with internet and power up my netbook to get on the calls.
4) I am on the road a lot and use Google Voice for International calls now I can consider using Skype for these calls and not use up minutes.

Yes, Being able to use my Storm 2 to make Skype calls over WiFi while out of the country would be extra icing on the cake.

Take a great product and limit it - that's progress.

I agree with the above comments - Verizon already showed their colors by not wanting their customers to use WiFi on Verizon phones - with pressure (lost sales) they acquesed and gave us WiFi (i.e., Storm 2), and now they limit Skype to not use WiFi . . . What a joke.

As a long Skype user I had hoped for the day I could step off a plane in another country and be able to use Skype from my cell phone. Verizon makes as much as they can (as all carriers do) from their monthly packages. Leave it there Verizon - and give us some latitude and freedom.

now that i have skype downloaded on my phone and if i were to call my friend in another country has who has skype on their phone, would that essentially be a free call since it is skype to skype?

What a great application. I can see which of my Skype friends are online, click their name and either send them a text Skype message or call them right from my cell phone and I don't need to have WiFi on my Blackberry Tour to do it. My Skype friends can also call me via Skype and my Blackberry rings as normal. If I have Skype running on my computer and my Blackberry, I can choose which one to answer.

One drawback is that when you receive a call on your cellphone via Skype, it tells you that it is a Skype call, but it does not tell you which of your Skype contacts is calling you.

"One drawback is that when you receive a call on your cellphone via Skype, it tells you that it is a Skype call, but it does not tell you which of your Skype contacts is calling you."

This is my only real complaint so far! Well, that and contact linking in the BB contact list. Surely they will come up with a way to show who is calling soon... surely.

Cant you just use Google Voice for VOIP calls? Or is this mainly for cutting cost of international phone calls.


its a kinda like a server number. all calls are routed through there, and then to your handset. i got the same number when my sister and i tried it out last night. and i'm pretty sure adam is no where near atlanta

So I'm on Verizon with my BlackBerry Curve 8330, and download the app. But then I can't run it because the error tells me "Skype mobile can only be used on Verizon Wireless phones." My only option is "Close".

Did Verizon really FORGET that they just bought Alltel, and that this is now hardware of 'theirs' that needs to be included??


I have the same problem as well. I wonder if it would be possible to modify the blackberry's vendorid, if that's how skype can tell it's a Verizon blackberry. PM me or reply here if you find anything.

Has anybody successfully downloaded this onto their STORM 9530 from I got the text from Verizon and put the link into the Blackberry browser but the responding web page said that they didn't support my phone. Double checked with both Verizon and Skype web pages - both state support for STORM 9530. What a joke.

I call this a total whoopi-di-doo..

1. lots of post on the IM?.. IM?.. get IM+ app.. does all your im apps in one place.. facebook/yahoo/gchat/aim etc etc yet another IM app i DONT need...pass

2. The ONLY benefit of this is *cheap* calls from the USA to overseas.. with your own carrier's international plan the savings are from zero to *somewhat*...frinstance calls to the uk.. from 2c/min to > $2/min.. Sprint international plan?.. flat 5c/min so i'll pass on the roulette thx.

3. Does nobody here ever travel? The real value of skype to the consumer is when you yourself are overseas and want to call home without huge roaming charges... but cant do that.. ALLOW THIS WORK ON WiFi ALREADY!!!

Gee thanks skype!

just followed the VZW link and the skype weblink. and it says not available for your phone. running v5.0.0.428.

I am having the same problem on my 9530 and cannot download the Skype app (also running It gives me the same "phone not supported" error when I try to download. Has anyone successfully downloaded this on the Storm 1? I am also curious about Google Voice since they SHOULD also work on this phone but nothing downloads.

I got the same message too and there wasn't an easy to find fix out there. Or I didn't quickly find it anyways. Here is how to get around the oversight by vzw/skype. They are determining who is a vzw customer based on ip/data network.

1. Disable wi-fi (If you have a bb with wi-fi)

2. in options for the browser set the Browser configuration option of Browser to "internet browser" (setting it to Blackberry will use the BES network ip of your bes server and throw off the skype server and the "hot spot" option will use the local ip of the router your connected to).

3. Clear all of your cache in the browser.

4. try again. at

Tried to use this internationally only to get an error message stating it only works on Verizons home network. Total let down.

Missing block user/report spam and messages from: only contacts.

Just got a spam message to my phone via skype and have no way to block or report this user via phone.

you need to just block the request theyre making to talk to you and save it.. it gave me the option when i got spam popping up on my phone

you should be able to text abroad. like the skype version for other devices like the nokias..

Does anyone know if it's possible to receive a call on your Blackberry and then somehow transfer it to your computer? If you know, please enlighten me. Thanks.