Skype Mobile for BlackBerry updated to v1.4.0.7

By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2011 09:04 pm EST
Skype Mobile for BlackBerry updated to v1.4.0.7

Not sure how many of you all out there are making use of Skype Mobile on your devices but if you are, you'll want to hit the Skype Mobile download page to ensure you have the latest version installed. It appears Skype Mobile has now released an update, letting loose v1.4.0.7. Sadly, at this time we have no change log or anything to go by but users in the forums are suggesting that it's just bug fixes seemingly and a minor UI enhancement. If you spot anything else, please let us know in the comments or in the forums so that we may pass the word along. Remember folks; this is only applicable to Verizon users, as the service does not work on other carriers. No mention of what devices the upgrade is applicable for either. Thanks Maurice!

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Skype Mobile for BlackBerry updated to v1.4.0.7


yeah, that sucks!
It was understandable when there was no WiFi connection on the BBs and we were just running 2G so it had to dial up a number for the calls... but now??

DAMNIT, you could've put the Verizon disclaimer at the beginning of the post... such a huge let down just now lol

Dont' worry about it, Verizon SUX....when i downloaded skype to my verizon 9650, Verizon message said all texts or calls made using skype will be considered ROAMING and time comes off your minutes....Cant wait to change to SPRINT.....

Verizon SUX?? I don't think so.

My daughter is currently in college in Europe, and whenever she wants to call me, she gets on her laptop and calls me skype to skype. With skype mobile, the call comes directly to my phone, wherever I am, and its a free call.

Does it use my minutes? I really don't know - I have unlimited minutes!

All I can say is it works for us. She can call me whenever she wants, without me having to send her "extra" pocket money for international calls.

Thank you Skype Mobile.....and thank you Verizon.

Even if you are in a big red area,skype texts and calls are considered roaming?they just want you to use your minutes.big red lol...."RULE THE AIR"on our time only lol.

not entirely true. If you call someones skype number its free. If you are a moron and call a local number thru Skype then you will get charged. The update makes it easier for you to make this mistake because it adds everyone in you phonebook to the skype contact list... not cool

Does anyone have a link of where you can download the previous version? I have tried MULTIPLE times to download this update and can not get it to work on the Storm 2 (9550).

By the way, after an hour on the phone with the useless Verizon "Help"Desk they did say this "Upgrade" does NOT work with the .1015 OS. Luckily there were more then enough bugs in that OS release to say that I never upgraded to that version.

Can all our CB Member shout out together to RIM and skype to make this available to all BB user. Skype is the great tools that we are using everyday in our business and lacking of skype on BB is the other main factor why all of business user abandoned the BB.

Verizon? What about the rest of us?!?! I can't believe there is no Skype client for Blackberry besides Verizon. Many businesses use this (including mine) and it would make sense for RIM to push Skype to make a client, or partner in making a client for ALL carriers and countries.

Skype is LAME! OoVoO is the best now! Works great on Android and computers. They just need to bring it to Blackberry too. Prob haven't brought it yet because Blackberrys don't have a front facing cam.

You can use Nimbuzz or IM+(Lite is free)

Yes it would be nice for it to be released for all BB users, but it doesn't seem it will be happening anytime soon

This update is lame! It now adds everyone from you phonebook to your skype buddy list, in hopes that you will call someone that doesnt have Skype so they can charge you. I want to downgrade now!

lets see i have tmobile 9700 os 6 but when i go the site it says my device is 9330 lol lets see how it turns out when i dl it

--lol ok so i downloaded it and rebooted and i open the app and it says "skype mobile can only be used on verizon wireless phones." darn! thought i got it for a quick second

Ok, this is bull, especially with the Playbook about to be released, what the hell is the point having the web meeting capabilities with the two cameras unless Skype is available for use on the Playbook and other carriers.

Didnt one of the slides or videos RIM showed off of the playbook show a skype icon? Pretty sure we will see skype on the playbook. Still would love to see a real voip skype client on BB.

You got to wonder as to whether Blackberry already has a voice solution integrated in their BBM software, but are not allowed to release it. In theory there is no reason why it wouldn't exist, after all isn't BBM just "Messaging OIP"....

FFS, it's been almost a year since i got my first BB and i've been waiting for skype to be released to everyone since then. Still no luck. Now i've got bloody iPhone users telling me, "look what i can do" and they actually have something that the iPhone can do better that i want. This is BS! As others have mentioned, to be a player in this game you need to stop restricting apps to specific carriers and countries, ESPECIALLY if they are free apps that are so potentially useful. Grrrr, loosing patience RIM!

Yeah cause its RIMS fault Verizon and Skype made a deal together for this app to only come out on their network. Its not even a real voip app. This has nothing to do with RIM at all. But Im sure people will still find a way to blame them for this.

It just crossed my mind, that it may not be Skype's fault, but the carriers' not wishing the users have the ablility to use Skype on mobiles. This way, when necessary to call, you use your minutes plan.

I just realized that thing is $30 what a rip off. I also miss my iphone for skype. If it wasn't for work and bbm and I would of switch phones.

Get proper VOIP apps on BlackBerry? I don't care about the Playbook and the upcoming new devices - if RIM does not give us VOIP/SIP support and native turn by turn navigation with the next round of "upgrades" - I'm seriously gonna jump ship. Tired of RIM lagging behind.

WHAT THE big Effing EFFFFFFf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not compatible with ur handset .. Lay off then!! Whatever..

another reason i waited in line to buy an iphone... didn't get rid of my bb though.

bull shit

another thing RIM.... get these two things done:



Don't you love all those fools who don't bother to read the EUA and then spread the wrong information around to piss off the masses?
As a Verizon customer who's been using skype on my Storm and now Storm 2 since it was released and "pushed" to my phone, I'd like to make a few corrections:
1. Using your skype account on your phone to call other SKYPE users is FREE of charge and minutes use. You will be charged only if you make calls to land lines and cell phone numbers from your skype app.

2. Using the Skype app to IM other Skype users is always FREE and has nothing to do with your minutes or texting plan.

3. When you launch the App the first time after downloading it you are asked if you wish to have your address book contacts integrated wirh your Skype contacts. Click Yes or's that simple!

Now I'll admit that the IM is still buggy even with this new update and I don't use it often, but for those with family or friends abroad the FREE Skype to Skype phone calls feature is PRICELESS!!

i live outside US here there is no Verizon and use a older BB model 8320. i can never use Skype on my BB :( Why s it so hard to make app that works with all BB and all carrier?

Hey All, I have a blackberry bold 9700 on Rogers network, and am running a leaked version of OS6. I was able to download the skype mobile app (assuming the leaked OS created some sort of override?), but when I try to run it, it tells me that it is available only to Verizon wireless devices. Is there any sort of work around for this? Also, does anyone know how skype mobile verifies that your device is with verizon? is it through the SIM, or the OS

Latest version of Blackberry Skype bricked my Blackberry Tour! Not happy. I cannot sign out of it. It just says "signing out" and never ends. The only way to get out is to shut the phone off. But when I turn it back on, Skype starts again with "signing out". So I not only can't use Skype but can't use my phone! Had problems with the latest version for the Mac also and had to uninstall it. Skype, I wish you would test your new versions better before you release them!!!!

ETA a battery-pull got the "signing out" to go away, but it throws an "unexpected error" on boot-up that wasn't there before installing Skype. It also runs very slow. It takes a very long time to sign in or out. If I could go back to the old version, I surely would.