Skype expands voucher offer - Sign up now for a free 3-month Skype Unlimited World subscription

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 11:09 am EDT

Back in April Skype offered up free 3-month vouchers for Skype Unlimited World subscriptions. The offer was valid in specific regions and only for a limited time, but they have now expanded the offer so even more customers can take advantage of it.

Skype Unlimited World features unlimited calls to landlines in 63 countries, unlimited calls to mobiles in 8 countries and carries a retail value of $39.87 over 3 months

The offer is now open to users in Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

You can head to the link below for more info and to claim your free 3-month voucher. 

Claim your free Skype Unlimited World voucher

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Reader comments

Skype expands voucher offer - Sign up now for a free 3-month Skype Unlimited World subscription


I got sent this via my PIN on my device. Let's jus say having opted out many times to PIN spam from BlackBerry on my Z10 (never an issue from RIM on my 9900) I'm not exactly happy with being spammed.

This isn't what newcomers to a platform would wanna see and experience I'd bet.

Posted via CB10

Between this and the many unwanted BBM invitations I get (I don't even use BBM), it seems I've bought a spam machine. I won't have it much longer if it keeps up.

I don't know. I love free stuff. Also mine was sent via a notification in my hub. Is that what you're referring to ?

Yip that's what I'm referring to. I didn't sign up for any subscriptions so any company that auto adds me then I have to opt out manually will never have my respect as a customer.

Posted via CB10

@BBThemes=== if i understand you correctly, you're getting unsolicited spam from BB on your "Z"??? wow,,, i'd be piiissed,,, i guess that's where their new "revenue" is coming from,,, that's just plain rude...

Didn't mind the notification myself, although Skype is a rubbish app. Just deleted and on with my day

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

great but the app is buggy and rubbish and hangs constantly ever since release months ago I have the voucher but wont use it as Skype doesn't work on bb?

What message is skype trying to send?? I mean the app is utterly hopeless and is a shame to be running on a robust smooth and phenomenal os that BlackBerry 10 is. I'm very confused, they are trying to promote it on the platform buy the app is nasty.... maybe they are testing the waters before releasing a native one. or maybe BlackBerry is the one who is extending this offer not skype.

Posted via CB10

Just redeem my i can make call to the world from indonesia at no cost at all since i have unlimited data plan here..thx bbry..

Posted via CB10

Will the voucher work if you ALREADY have a Skype account without having to make another account?

Posted via CB10 on my naked Z10 ;)

still cant use it. it says not enough credits when i try to call my friend .. useless information and promo, can someone help me? 10.1, z10, usa

Posted via CB10

Don't waste your time! I registered and still can't make calls - says I don't have enough Skype credits. Two online complaints and several BlackBerry twitter message and no help.

Posted via CB10

Having same issue as post above... filled out boxes but no email for voucher code... :(
Will try emailing support...

Posted via CB10

I copied the code from the Notifications section, pasted it in an email and sent it to myself. Worked like a charm. But shouldn't have to. :-(

Doesn't matter...once BBM goes cross platform with video call functionality, Skype will die a natural death!.
Not hating,just stating....the obvious. So Skype,kiss the sky goodbye!.

Posted via CB10

I'm in the UK and it's not a available for my device has this happened to anyone else?

Posted via CB10

Not available in Ireland!

Why make the offer just a little less restrictive?

Why not open it up to all countries where Skype is supported?

Posted via CB10 & my Z10

Nice, but I'd rather pay for a Cascades version that actually works than use a buggy rubbish Android port.

Buy a lot of 3 months Skype unlimited world voucher.