Skype email petition and campaign: We want Skype on the BlackBerry PlayBook!!

Today is the day we send our emails to Skype's CEO!
Skype BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 1 Feb 2012 10:28 am EST

If you're like the thousands of BlackBerry PlayBook owners, you've probably been dying to have Skype. The PlayBook is the perfect platform for Skype -- 7" size is super portable and with both front and back cameras it couldn't be a better fit. The native Video Chat is ok, but it doesn't go beyond other PlayBook owners. While some people think RIM is to blame for not getting these apps, it's really the companies themselves that say yay or nay when it comes to getting apps on a platform. Having Skype on the PlayBook would be pure awesome sauce and a head start to having it ready to roll on BlackBerry 10 phones later this year. We thought we were soooo close at CES 2011 when we saw this screen at RIM's booth, but no such luck.


Forums member zethaaron has started an email petition to let the Skype CEO and Vice President know that we want Skype on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's been in planning for a week or so, and today (February 1st) is the day to take action! All you need to do is send an email letting them know that we want it and we want it now!! Full details (including a pre-formatted email) can be found in this forum thread. So if you want to see Skype on the PlayBook, do your part and send a quick email. It only takes a minute and could lead to big things. Lets unleash the power of the CrackBerry Nation!!

Full details on the Skype Petition and Email Campaign

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Skype email petition and campaign: We want Skype on the BlackBerry PlayBook!!


This would be nice to have. If I worked at skype, I would suggest to have this product available on as many platforms as possible. Everyone wins!

There is a twitter movement also. see @skypeonplaybook

use #skype4bb

But the email is priority if you can only do one or the other.

ok, I sent my Emails.....
I am up for a netflix revoltion,
but what about a YouTube revolution(for the phones too)?
and a Crackberry App revolution(not a web launcher, a real app Kevin)?
and an IMDB revolution?
The Chive?

lets do this!!!!

CrackBerry is looking for some one to make a kick ass BB 10 app.(or maybe was, they may have found someone)

This is really crucial to a lot of businesses now. I really would appreciate having access to it and hope somehow the politics behind this all get worked out! I sent my emails and also tweeted @Skype this morning. There were lots of tweets when I tweeted this morning.

What do we need a petition for? Just get android apps working and use the skype app via marketplace :) seems simple

I believe the app is already working except the camera is not accessible by the android player so there is no video

same but i would use it if it was available. that is the problem with the Playbook and blackberry right now. the lack of popular apps that people recognize. fix that, along with the BB10 devices and were golden

sent it this morning, hopefully many people participate otherwise it may seem annoying to them.

I thought it should have been a bit later in the month to fully spread the word around but then again PlayBook OS 2.0 is coming soon (hopefully :P) so we'll see.

Anyone remembers what Kevin Told on the engadget podcast?!
App developpers know that people want their apps, only their using that to black mail RIM to get a good deal out of it.
So i thinkg that we'll end up having skype, but there is a lot going on the negociation side. Making a petition would
only give more leverage to Micro$oft. i don't think we're helping here...

haha nice, sorry my spoken english is way better than my written one. i can write you a better essay in french but i doubt you'd get a word out of it.

edit: *crap i use their instead of they're* ok throw the stones.

I just checked your post history. You are an embarrassement to the grammar cops you propose to represent.

Also, you're criticizing someone's comment to a blog post on a blog that has a worldwide reach. It is possible that English is not the commenters native language. I had no problem understanding what the commenter was saying. Do you feel superior now? Good job.

Grammar cops are usually more annoying than poor grammar.

You may go and die now.


The Grammar Cops Killer

That makes no sense. Skype is ont the touchpad but not the PB. They don't even make the TP any more yet it still has the ability to use skype.

You do make a good point, however; CB nation won't take it laying down nor bent over from those pricks and will try any means necessary to get the apps we love on our devices. I already suspected that the reason some apps are being blocked or with-held from PlayBook has to deal with money and skullduggery, even before Kev mentioned it on that great podcast. I can't help but feel like certain companies are afraid of three letters "QNX" and they will try their best to cut RIM down, but hey, that's just my thoughts.

I remember when I picked up my playbook on launch day, hulu and desktop gmail worked just fine, then all of a sudden poof.......wonder what happened there?

Can't stop progress though, let's go RIMPIRE!

Did my bit and sent four emails. Hope it works. Would really cement its ability to replace a netbook for travelling purposes.

As a person who does not get the complete idea of why Skype is really needed I not all to sure if this would work or even why go so far to make it happen. But as a supporter of the Blackberry brand/devices, Crackberry member, and PlayBook user I have done my part and sent the emails and twitts. Its not about me but about the CB nation and being a team player. So let's all make this happen and get this to be a trending topic that my goal. Add the hashtag to your twitts #SkypeonPlaybookcampaign

Thank you for posting this. I too don't really care about Skype on the playbook. But I failed to get past "me" to see the whole picture. Very well...I will do my part, even though I'm indifferent :)

C'mon CrackBerry Nation, Stand Up!! Even if you don't care about getting Skype onto the PlayBook, take a minute out of your day and help your fellow CrackBerry Users & Abusers by sending out the emails.

Email sent...lets go Blackberry nation. The more who send an email, the better the chances we get Skype for Playbook and Skype for OS 10 phones.

I sent my email. I included my Skype user name in my sig. line in case they want to track the huge drop-off in Skype calls ever since I bought the Playbook. I told them my laptop use has gone down about 80% since buying the Playbook.

We need everyone in CB nation to do this, not just PlayBook owners. Remember apps that are developed for the PB are future BB10 apps as well. If you want Skype on your future BB10 phones, join in now!

This kinda goes to what Kevin talked about in the Engadget podcast. Skype already knows that PlayBook owners want Skype. And I’m sure it wouldn’t be very hard for them to make a Skype app for it. However, because they know how much in-demand their product is, they draw the terms of the deal. Why would they bring Skype to the PlayBook and BB10 os for free, when if they wait long enough and consumers get angry enough, that BlackBerry will pay them to make the app. The campaign actually only adds to this. It’s upping the price. I guess this campaign, which is seemly pointed to Skype, is really to show BlackBerry (RIM) how much their users want Skype and asking them to make it happen.

Don't care much for Skype myself but i sent the email in support of the movement. Anything to get the PlayBook up to par with the competition

just received my email back from tony bates at skype with the message deleted and unread.

Sent an email. but for now im using via my playbook browser - works like a dream :)

Android apps coming soon doubt they will do it tho.

The first thing we need to do is photo shop A NEW pic giving skype a 5 star rating insead of the 3 RIM decided to draw.

I bet they are just pissy over the rating :-

I wonder how many other companies are watching this to see how it turns out. If Skype folds to the request of the petitioners then it sets an interesting precedent for other companies. My guess is that other CEO's may send a note of support to the Skype CEO in order to see the campaign fail so they wont suffer the same indignity.

it will be interesting to see how this plays out, to be honest. it could go in the direction that this does get us exactly what we want: skype on the playbook. it could also backfire and cause skype to charge specifically for the playbook edition. that said, i won't lie if it offered desktop-like performance i would be willing to chip in a few bucks for said app.

I hope we get what we're asking for! Why wouldn't we?? There's strength in numbers so I hope ALL of CrackBerry Nation stood up for this one :)

Shame on RIM. I've been a BB fan for a long time but to me this is misleading advertising to get people to buy the PlayBook.

I sent my email and retweetd around 10am. I'm so excited for my new 64GB PB 2 come in. But there is still no tracking # :( aaaahhhh!!

I sent in my email yesterday.

Personally I think we need Skype (yes, video for those not paying attention) on all BB devices - but priority is the tablet since all other tablets have it today.

I sent in my email yesterday and got no reply. Not surprising I guess.

But yeah, it is strange that Skype won't produce their app for the PB when it is available for the GD HP discontinued touchpad!??@#/)!?? Grrr...

I was in Bestbuy last week and overheard a customer asking a salesman if the android tablet he was looking at had skype and the answer was yes. It seemed to be the main app that guy was looking for. There I was standing by the PB's thinking of buying a couple more for family members, knowing that most of them will want to use it for skype too. Most of the under 70's in my family are on skype.

How relevant this is I am not sure but I am typing this from my home, less than 1km from Skype's global R&D HQ in Tallinn, Estonia, and I am in a Blackberry black-hole. There is no Estonian mobile provider offering Blackberry services so we are as far from the consciousness from the clever Skype programmers as it is possible to be.

I know all the outlets for mobile phones in Tallinn, and believe me this a highly tech-conscious society, but you will not find any Blackberry model offered on the local retail market. Anyone who is really keen to own one has to buy from abroad or mail order and accept the compromise of using it with one hand tied behind its back.