Skype Coming To BlackBerry In May!

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2009 08:18 am EDT
Skype Coming To BlackBerry!

This information has been floating around for a while now, but it seems this time around we can toss the 'official' flag over it rather then just the 'rumor' one. With CTIA just around the corner, it seems as though a lot of companies are already giving up some of the goods as to what they will be announcing at the Las Vegas Mobile showcase event, Skype included.

Come May BlackBerry users will be able to get in on the Skype action as reported by Reuters who spoke with Skype's Chief Operating Officer Scott Durchslag who also verified it would become available for iPhone and iTouch users as well.

One thing that was brought up was resistance from carriers to support the services as it may be revenue impacting for them to which CCS Insight Analyst Ben Wood declared carriers need not worry as the usage of Skype on mobile devices actually increases revenue for the carriers due to other services customers may utilize such as data. The only other concern may come from roaming agreements, but thus far have been unfounded and he used carrier 3 UK as an example where Skype has been used on their network with no detrimental effects.

IM+ for Skype has been available for BlackBerry for a while now, but can be a bit tricky to setup and will set you back $29.95. Good news about the official Skype client is that it will be free. Anyone been waiting for a true Skype client to use on their BlackBerry? 

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Skype Coming To BlackBerry In May!


It is about time an official skype program is coming out....ive been using iskoot, and it works, but is not optimal. it will be good to have an official program for the software.

If this is full Skype on BlackBerries, then this is great news! I also use iSkoot and it does work. But since it uses SkypeIn and SkypeOut, it is not truly full Skype. I'm definitely excited to hear more...

I have read that this skype application is going to run on Wi-fi only, does that mean that non-wifi blackberries won't be supported?

The whole point of Skype is so you can use your phone and not burn up minutes of airtime. Why would you want Skype over a Cellular connex? That makes zero sense.

No - not a duh question.

Why would you not want to use Skype when making international calls and/or when you are on overtime minutes. Most people in the US have an unlimited data plan, but fixed number of wireless minutes.

I use skypephone with 3 here in UK, I can make free skype to skype calls over my network and yes sir it does make a lot of sense particularly when most of your contacts are overseas.

I am sure once skype is available on Blackberry I can use it over my network too, it would be a useful addition to my bb. Check out 3 uk website for further details, they are marketing their service solely on this.

CNET report "Also, unlike the iPhone version just released, you won't need Wi-Fi to connect to Skype. Skype Lite will work over your BlackBerry's data plan, so long as you have a calling plan."

All I need is for it to be able to make calls and take calls, and this will have become the best thing ever!

I don't have a very high minute plan, and make a lot of calls to landline phones still, so this would be PERFECT

I have IM+ for Skype, and it works most of the time. But it seems to take forever to connect sometimes. I really only want the chat functionality to be honest. For my domestic needs only, it doesn't make much sense to me to use it for voice communications. However, if this app is leaner and connects faster and more reliably, I'm all for it.

I've been considering buying IM+ for a while but now I guess I will be able to hold out easier, knowing it'll be free in just a month or two. Do we know if it will do voice and text messaging or just voice, or what? Maybe the article said but I missed it...

If this is really going to be yet another great program supported on Wi-Fi then how can Verizon keep saying that Wi-Fi is unnecessary on their upcoming Flagship BB???

On the article I read, it just referenced AT&T not allowing skype traffic over the cell towers. It did not mention Verizon or any other carrier, so I wonder if this will just be another case of AT&T disabling something via service books and such.

What does this software do that iSkoot doesn't do? iSkoot seems to work just fine. Now, combine iSkoot/Skype with UMA over WiFi, such as provided by T-Mobile USA, Rogers and Orange, and you have a great combination of almost free calling to/from almost anywhere.

I am confused with iSkoot. Unless I am missing what value does it bring. It seems that iskoot routes the calls over the cell voice plan so if you are using your cell minutes, it is not voip nor is it free since you are using your cell minutes. Now if the skype application works over the data network or wifi then you bypass the cell minute that would be free with unlimited data plan or if you are connected via wifi just like the PC version of skype. If i use iskoot in another country then i have to pay for roaming charges as well vs. finding a local hotspot and making free voip calls via skype. Unless i am missing something.

If it can let me make calls to my brother who only uses Skype currently in Iraq. And use only my included T-Mobile minutes then I would be all over this. If it's akin to the iPhone app that's comming out and only uses WiFi then it totally defeats the purpose for me.

You did identify one possible value of using an application like iskoot which routes your your call over the cell network as a local call but then allows you to call out of the country and with no additional charges except your local cell minutes. At least this is my understanding of how iskoot works. However, if you are traveling in another country and trying to call back to your home area, then it doesn't seem to be a lot of value unless you have wifi access leveraging true voip and bypassing the cell network completely.

It seems to me that if my brother calls me (while I am on iSkoot) it will cost me both airtime minutes AND skypeOUT minutes. Is this true? Or will it cost him skypeOUT minutes?


Also, can I be logged on both my PC and my phone at the same time?

I am very excited about Skype coming to Blackberry, hopefully they will have a version for Storm as well. I've been using IM+ for Skype but it sucks. More than 50 percent of the times it connects me to the server but I don't see any of my contacts on the screen lately. Hopefully Skype itself will work better.


I am so ready for this as there are moments where I do not want to use my mins just to call someone on another network

This is exciting. We'll have to wait and see what happens, hopefully it won't require WiFi. Based on what I've read, the iPhone Skype app will make calls over WiFi AND 3G connections. Hopefully we will also get 3G capability!

So why wait when there is already a free program called iskoot that allows you to use your skype account and dial to skype users. Not to mention it also allows you to receive skype-based calls. I have been using this program for nearly 2 years now and I must say it has probably saved me about $2000.00 in wireless fees due to excessive long distance.

Again the program iSkoot google it.

What you are missing is that if you are overseas, then Iskoot is irrelevant. The actual Skye client is exciting because it supposedly will allow those of us who travel the world to use Skype the same way that we do Skype on a PC - solely with the data plan. Iskoot requires finding an access number in the country you are in via cell phone that leads to excessive roaming charges. Iskoot can work well in the US only.

See my comments above. Unless I am missing something the only way this really saves you money is if you are in your local area and want to make long distance/out of country calls using skype. This will just charge you your local cellular minutes. However, this will not help you if you are traveling to another country and want to call back home since then you have to use roaming cell minutes - ouch. This second scenario can be resolved by using the skype mobile app which leverages wifi just like skype for the pc. It uses the wifi for truly voip not voice over cellular network to voip. I may be wrong but that is the way I understand it.

Can we all get over this issue. In order for Skype to Work on a BB you will need a BB with WIFI. FINAL. This leaves out all BB users that are on Verizon. If we don't like it we can switch carriers. I am on Verizon so I feel the pain. Unless Verizon starts making BB with WIFI or allows it we are out of luck. Get over it, protest to Verizon, cry in your pillow or move on PLEASE. The Storm is on Verizon so forget it.

I had read somewhere that the iPhone app that's launching tomorrow would be able to make calls over 3G connections, which gave me hope for something similar on my Storm... after some more research though that appears to have been incorrect. Oh well, perhaps Verizon will wise up and allow WiFi in the future, or the Skype app will eventually allow for calls over 3G. We can still hope.

This is great news! Something I've been waiting for for a long time now. Looking forward to this :)

I'll be excited only if it'll be true voip. I currently use iSkoot and it's a good substitute, but I want to use my Skype over wi-fi just like I do on the computer.

well i thought that the beauty of being able to install 3rd party apps on BB was that it didnt need to be approved by the carrier or anything. Skype in theory could just release a version that would work on VZW 3G network

I have being waiting for skype I have +IM skype and it suck never being able to use it . Wasted MONEY. In particular enjoy the idea of calling long distance and international

Finally, might be a way for my int'l users to reduce large roaming bills, assuming the BB version isn't crippled like the iPhone, and you can use network data and not just wifi

Skype for BB Will NOT work on BB VZW Storm without WIFI. Very simple, as of right now, you must have a BB that has WIFI for Skype to work. It is really that simple. Unless there is some dramatic change in the way the Skyp application works to allow it over a 3G network it must work with WIFI on a BB

I used to use Skype for Mac OS X on my MacBook, where I'd often USB-tether my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry 8830 when I wasn't near WiFi. Video calls worked, and I once had a memorable call with a colleague in Prague while I was in the back seat of a moving car navigating through Chicago traffic. Quality wasn't the same as a "real" connection, but video calling was very usable.

So, at least with Verizon Wireless in Chicago, it seems very conceivable that Skype for BlackBerry can at least technically work over 3G.

this is definitely great news i bin using skype for over 5 years now and must say its a must have for international travelers, IM+Skype is expensive it works pretty good better than the one for ppc and ibought both of them but IMO raw skype is always better than 3rd parties for mobile phones.

thats rumors skype don't need wifi to work on BB bold, just like PPC skype will work either way with or without wifi don't believe the hype.

So what exactly is the point of having skype on youre blackberry? Not that many people use skype. I actually rarely ever even use any voice functionality on my storm.

I use SKYPE when I can to help Hospice patients get in contact with loved one's when time is of the essence but sometimes there isn't a laptop available. To have this option from my BB will be awesome! Terminally ill patients will have opportunities to SEE and say goodbye to favorite grandson or daughter or whoever has been the important people in their lives.

haven't heard of it being released just yet!

I just hope it will allow users to call international for free... pc-pc calling basically!

After so many promises and announcements that skype would be available last year....I lost hope and confidence.
What a joke.
Skype is history soon. Mark my words.