Skype for BlackBerry update brings cloud based chats and other improvements

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jun 2014 12:34 pm EDT

It's been a bit since we've seen Skype get an update, but today a new version has landed that brings along some new features and improvements. It's still a bit wonky at times — as most of Skype's apps are — but it's certainly come a long way. New in this version you'll find cloud based chats, updated registration flow, performance improvements and various other bug fixes.

The update is available now for BlackBerry 10 devices across the board, so if you're not yet seeing it in BlackBerry World, just check back later. Be sure to drop a comment and let us know how the new version is working for you.

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Skype for BlackBerry update brings cloud based chats and other improvements


Android port still? Oh well as long as its still on BlackBerry world.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Ability to do offline messaging is way overdue.

Thought they were going to implement this when they put in dedicated Linux servers (when M$ bought them out), but they didn't.

Bring on BBM video and voice please, thanks.

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Agreed, even on my windows 7 laptop, there this glitch that I cant login to my microsoft ot facebook account because there is no option to...

Even on mobile I cant even see contacts who are suppose to be online online. They are shown offline when they are actually online. Anybody have the same problem? I looked for solutions for sooo long I gave up

Skype is terrible, but I really love it cuz all my friends are on it

When you use the Skype app it requires you to sell your soul to the devil to close it completely.

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I have had the same problem. I have found that installing the android app from Snap enables me to close the app completely simply by closing the app.

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I use "Device Manager" which installed from Snap to shut it down, but it doesn't seem to stay shut down. Dang thing is a battery drainer and if I'm not using it I want it off, dead and gone.

I have found that it works reasonably well on my home lowspeed WiFi though.

At least selling your soul to stop Skype is an improvement over BBM. Nothing apart from a large hammer will stop that running in the background, data mining your device for the NSA

The NSA is going to be pretty bored looking at my device. No banking apps, no photos that I would mind seeing in the next edtion of the NYTimes, same for emails, txt's etc.

Hahahahah. But wait on a serious note. How d hell do I shut down that thing completely?

Posted Using the magical typings of da "Q"

Amen. I had deleted it all together several times to get it from popping back up yet have it reinstalled later for some reason.

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There are two steps to close Skype, after you finish the call go back to your favorites/contacts and press the 3 dots on the lower right corner to open a menu, select sign out, Skype will be minimized as an active frame and close the active frame that will close it completely. If you just close Skype without signing out it will continue to work in the background.

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I just use awesome launcher, reload the apps list (only need to do it once), launch Dev tools, then Bad Behavior, then Crash system server. KABOOM!!! Every android application, including skype, is closed until YOU start it back up. Saves a shitload of time and battery draining waste of resources. ;)

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

The recent mobile versions of Skype have addressed the battery drain issue by (1) not continuously searching for presence information and (2) changing the notifications protocol: From the Skype website:

"The cloud is helping improve Skype-to-Skype calls, too. On your mobile devices, Skype can now go into “sleep” mode until you use it – thus preserving battery life – by using push notifications. This is a feature you’re probably familiar with from many other mobile devices, such as weather apps, email, and breaking news services. To send a push notification to a “sleeping” Skype app, the cloud collects information from the calling app (the Skype ID and IP address of the parties, plus the time and date). When we send the push notification, we collect and store information about the call (Skype IDs, IP addresses, time of the call, call duration, and whether the call was successful). If you are away from your device, your missed Skype calls will synchronize across all of your devices, ensuring you never miss any important messages."

At this point battery drain is not an issue on my iOS devices, Android tablet and BlackBerry 10.

Let's get BBM working on ios, android, windows, linux, mac, playstation and xbox, so we can ditch Skype.

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That would be my first choice as well. However I'd need BBM working on laptops as well as my contacts use Skype from their laptops....

When there is an update, you all complain and say let go to other platform. When there is no update, again bad mouth about the company. Very hard to please.

Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808

I dislike Skype, but I'm very happy there's an update. I have to use Skype for a couple things currently, so it might as well be updated!

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We all complain and say to "go to another platform" ?? The CB community saying to go to another platform? We are worst than Apple fan boys, almost rabid. Are you high?

Z30 Vivo Brasil

We "all complain and say to go to another platform" ?? The CB community saying to go to another platform? We are worst than Apple fan boys, almost rabid. Are you high?

Z30 Vivo Brasil

While my problems with Skype on Z10 may be WIFI related, I found that there was a significant lag in the voice relay. I hope this new upgrade overcomes the problem.

I dumped BlackBerry's port a while back. I'm now using an android apk. Why? Because it gets so many updates. I felt the BlackBerry port was ignored.

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I have a dream that someday... soon... BBM will support WP and BBM Voice conference calls.

And then I dream that I could convince the others I converse with periodically on Skype to switch.

Ah, dare to dream...

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If it performs, it will sell. Slowly but surely.

Everyone I show BBM Video is amazed. Even the dude at the supermarket filling the shelves when I go hunting for bargains while my wife is already at home cooking dinner and telling me what to get....

"Wait, what was that? Wholegrain pasta $1.99?.... Olive oil $4.99....? "

(Prices for food are ridiculous here, thanks to Coles / Woolworths duopoly...)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Exactly what i was wondering, i purposely stopping using it for this reason and have deleted it. No more duplicates!!

I used it just a couple of days ago for the first time in ages. Contacts appear to be ok. But, I could just have got lucky!

Had to reboot to kill it off completely though. App manager was not an enough. :)

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That issue has been fixed in the previous upgrade. If necessary Uninstall Skype (to remove all the Skype entries in your Contacts) and then an hour or so later, once Contacts has "caught up" with the deletions install the latest version.

who cares it is Android port. it is what it is. I am happy to have it. It works well on my phone. Many times I did call to Europe for very little money right from my car. The app has never crashed on me and call quality is good. We should be happy to get those updates.

Exactly. The app has been solid for me since day one. It has never crashed and there is no battery drain. It seems a little slow but its not a problem. I don't understand why people complain so much about this app.

No OS? You mean like iOS? Where it works just fine. It doesn't even have to be running to receive messages or calls (unlike BBM for some reason).

The Skype update for BlackBerry was okay, but it was nothing compared to what iOS users received today.

My bad, I was unaware Skype for iOS/WP use actual push services.
I should have said: for Skype alerts to work on Android/BB10, a portion of the app (core) always has to be active in the background.
It can still be considered headless, the process will only show in the task manager.

Perhaps a fully native Skype could use a push service, but I only know one or two apps that actually do it that way (sports apps).

BlackBerry 10 signed.

No, that is one result of "cloud based chats". Messages are stored in the cloud until the recipient comes online again.

mehh ;) ... BBM all the way !
They ask for my skype ID ? Unless they are on desktop (only), they'll get a BBM invite !

Skype messes up my contacts when opened on BB10.

Just about bearable on Win8.

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Same here. Every Skype contacts data was deleted completely expect Skype name.
In general i,m not completely against ports but Skype won't mess up my contacts anymore.

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To repeat: That issue has been fixed in the previous upgrade. If necessary Uninstall Skype (to remove all the Skype entries in your Contacts) and then an hour or so later, once Contacts has "caught up" with the deletions install the latest version.

It's a mistake that they want to do something different. Let them stick to doing windows for pc. It's the only thing they're good at... disregarding wpvista ofx

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And after the first and second service pack it's almost as good as 7. Initial grievances had a lot to do with missing drivers (especially on 64bit), and 512MB laptops sold with it, that barely ran XP properly. It needs 2GB RAM, minimum.

The major overhaul of Windows was with Vista (6.0), so Win7 (6.1) and 8 (6.2) wouldn't be what they are without it. Sure things may be buggy and laggy initially when you change a lot of things under the hood. I wouldn't wanna miss UAC (that divides the camps, I know).

Yeah, Windows 7 is Vista SP3, LOL

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nov 2006/ Jan 2007 vs Jul 2009 / Oct 2009?

Approximate three year release cycle for new major editions they opted for... now Windows 8 is 2009+3 = 2012

Not much quicker than 8, but I understand where you're coming from, it really felt a lot quicker because XP had been around for soooooo long without a new major release...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

you realize that this update touting cloud based chat means that these actually are msn chat servers that have superseded skype p2p chats.

yes, that's one benefit. Another should be that it is easier syncing several devices that are not connected at the same time, that it may help the starting time of the Skype application (it also depends on how much they want to play nicely with the old p2p clients because while at it the presence of the contacts could be exclusively pushed by the servers which would limit the overhead of a running Skype application). Not sure if push notifications are provided as well for BlackBerry, but technically it is also feasible from the server (cloud) side with using at the expense of latency.

Push notifications are available on the BlackBerry version. Presence now operates as you describe above - that got rid of the main cause of battery drain.

I have no problems with ports... but the z10 have a Naaaaaaaa battery but with Skype... hm I can use my phone for just a few hours :D

Nono, take it home Microsoft :)

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

Nutze fuer calls nach Germany nur noch Skype auf dem BlackBerry. Nachdem ich verschiedene calling cards ausprobiert habe, allesamt mit lausiger Verbindungsqualitaet, konnte ich kaum glauben wie gut e Sprachqualitaet mit skype ist. Ein Segen!! Update laeuft auf meinem Q10 soweit problemlos, subjektiv etwas schneller.

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I wish I could make voice calls to landlines from BBM and forget about Skype once and for all...

No seriously, Skype doesn't have blackberry native app, I hate it on my laptop and I still use it... something wrong with me :)

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Skype... I was so fed up with the person I'm calling not hearing me when calling phone lines that I removed Skype from my BlackBerry...

First I pay for Skype to fail, then I have to pay more to use the more expensive regular phone call (International) to fix the mess...
There were times it worked - but not well...

The only thing Skype does acceptably most of the time is pc to pc calls - including video.
(Don't sharer he screen, it's an insult... TeamViewer is better there)

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Skype with BlackBerry sucks the lay looks poor... android had a better layout then after it got an upgrade it looks just as bad as blackberry skype they shouldn't have changed it smh

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I just updated and now can't login with my id. It's asking me to check network settings and I'm like meh, I downloaded you over this network. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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If I used Skype I immediately after restart my Z10. This way it can't annoy me and doesn't eat up my battery. Luckily it does not load anything after the reboot.

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What we need is BBM video to completely work on ios and android, once that's done, screw Skype, it's crap anyways.

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

Catch-all, it's looks so fishy when you install and first launch it....

Probably gonna delete it off the Q and just leave it on the Z...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I wish microsoft would just get their damn game on and develop a damn native application! They did it for the other platforms, so WHY NOT BLACKBERRY?!?! Are they that lazy? Oh and BBM voice/video is tons better.

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Skype's performance on video quality is close to desktop performance now.. I found having a strong wifi connection while the phone is connected to a power outlet or battery backup.

Connection with verizion 4G.. stinks and actually bbm video chat works perfectly smooth with only 4G.

Blackberry needs to demonstrate bbm video chat conference with commercials. And show how skype and ichat are inferior.. basically stink.

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Skype update on BBW is a higher number that the APK from Snap. Only wish it has the battery drain fix that was updated on Android APP several moths ago.

Posted from my flagship Z30

I use Skype for work every day and I rarely have issues. I haven't tried this update yet but I'm sure it will work even better.

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Cross platform BBM video with aggressive marketing (Head to head comparison commercials) would make a difference.

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The update is asking for too many permissions that wasn't asking before... not gonna use it for that only reason, they don't need device identifying information for example...!

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Can't seem to get Skype running on my Q10!any ideas anyone?when I open the app it just freezes.. same thing with older sideloaded android ports.(runtastic also)


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Since OS 10.2.1 no android port is running on my BlackBerry Z10. But it was said that it should be even better with the new OS. The opposite happened. The latest Skype update crashes after 2 minutes (

My battery life went from an average of 18 hours to 13 hours after installing this. It's a huge resource drain that isn't nearly worth it.

Posted via my beautiful Q10

I have been patient for quite some time but the skype app isn't possible to access what's the problem and so is the viber app

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