Skype for the BlackBerry Q10 now available in BlackBerry World

By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2013 01:33 pm EDT

If you're one of the lucky ducks that happens to have a BlackBerry Q10 or Dev Alpha C, you'll be happy to know that Skype is now available for download in BlackBerry World. It looks like it's still in somewhat of a beta for now as it's called Skype (Preview) but it should be pretty solid overall.

We did get a chance to check it out on our BlackBerry Q10 review unit and it's running great overall. Voice calls, video chat and IM are all there and ready to rock. 

Features include:

  • Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free* over 3G or WiFi. 
  • Make low-cost calls and send SMS messages to mobiles or landlines from your BlackBerry® smartphone.
  • Send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts.
  • Enjoy high-quality sound when you call anyone else who is on Skype.
  • Talk face to face or show what you’re seeing with front and rear-facing cameras.
  • Talk to your Windows Live Messenger friends on Skype. Sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account and have your Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook contacts in one place.

Q10/Dev Alpha C users can head to the link below to grab Skype now. Z10 users will sadly have to hang tight a bit longer.

More information/Download Skype (Preview)

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Skype for the BlackBerry Q10 now available in BlackBerry World


Before anybody rushes to BB World the pants full of happiness, I'm stopping you right there, skype is only available for 10.1, so unless you have the alpha c or z10 with 10.1 you can forget about it.

Amend that: even the Z10 running the 10.1 leak from last week does not have Skype available.

Now, if someone were to find the .bar... ?

I am wondering about a BAR too. I wonder if the program will naturally recognize the larger screen though.

As far as I know the screen size won't matter as the q10 shows same size just less of it, as I understood it

Regards, Tino Chiko

no, surprisingly the app is running in helper mode, so you can close it and you'll receive calls and messages in your hub

...says the Z10 owner to the new Q10 owner when he/she shows off Skype. Then the Z10 owner walks away, head down in shame.

There's a chance Microsoft is throwing BlackBerry a bone by making Skype available for the Q10. They don't want to give up ground in the full touchscreen war when Windows Phones are collecting dust in retailers stockrooms. It is not guaranteed Skype will ever be released for the Z10. Yes, insiders have said it's coming. But Microsoft could change their mind in an instant. They are not obligated to anyone in the BlackBerry Z10 community. Commited on paper, maybe. Obligated, not so much. Sitting in a distant fourth, Microsoft realizes Windows Phone will never attain #1 or #2 in the touchscreen smartphone race. I doubt they're in a hurry to accommodate their immediate competitor who is making a comeback to solidify the #3 spot.

How can they release an app for a device which is not even released in a lot of countries yet. But not release one for a device which has been out there for a long time....

Are they thinking?

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Need 10.1 zed 10 is at 10.0 that's how, there are things in 10.1 that Skype needs simple, just be patient young padowan:)

From the Zed of Rockivy

I totally agree, just another case of legacy neglect...can anybody remember the lack of love felt by Torch 9850/60?

via BB z10 on cb10...

So you think they don't want Z10 sales? Skype had been promised at launch, id have thought they'd have it ready for both devices now.......however, i don't wanna think it's gonna be exclusive to Q10.... doesn't seem like a wise thing to me.

Yes they are thinking alright. It's a good reason for a lot of folks to pick up the q10.

Post via CB Z10

10.1 hybrid does not work sadly.

I really hope 10.1 for the Z10 comes sooner rather than later - all the people buying Z10s are expressing their confidence in BlackBerry.
Say when the Q10 launches, release 10.1 for the Z10 as well please?
(Most likely won't happen...)

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Will you ever be happy? You sound like a journalist, BlackBerry did something good, but is it enough.

I'm happy with my Z10. I'm happy to see the Q10 is ready. I'm happy with Skype as an android port. I'd rather see development in BBM video than wasting time with a native Skype app.

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Other than the last line of his post - which is agreeable - can you quote a statement that proves his discord? Or from any previous posts? Just sayin'

That is bs, why differentiate between devices. It is BB10 isn't it?! So Z10 owners are now the underdogs... My BlackBerry World is still not working anyway... Sad

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Did you not read the other posts in this thread? The z10 requires 10.1 to run Skype. Once the q10 is released with 10.1, they will release 10.1 for the z10 which at that point it will get Skype.

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

I had that too...go to your music folder and click the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right and open BlackBerry world from there; do it once and it should be back on track

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Hold onto your shorts mate! Your wait is probably 3 weeks tops. Just be glad in
all this BlackBerry goodness!

Posted via CB10

3 weeks + carrier approval time =??? Z10 availability.

Effluvial. Was sorta promised at launch.

This is not a plan coming together. Sorry to say as much as I love BBRY I won't be happy till it is here. And I barely use Skype.


Nice, BlackBerry is on the rise. I don't use Skype but this just shows BlackBerry us getting more support. Way to go

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It wouldn't matter if someone posted up the bar, you still need OS 10.1 to make it work, and I know for a fact there is missing code in the leaked 10.1 OS that won't allow Skype to run...

No Z10 love yet!!

And PS, loving that there are no First posts! Thank goodness!! (And don't be smart by posting "First" because technically I just said First) Bwahahahaha

Now hopefully this will put to an end of the endless "What about Skype " threads and posts. But I'm sure there will be something else for people to complain about.

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From the video demo I watched earlier today, this Android port looks to be running quite well

Posted via CB10

It's great to finally see a big name like Skype come to Blackberry 10. I can't wait to be able to download it on my Z10, hoping many more big titles and names heading our way!

The z10 needs the official 10.1 update for Skype to work properly. Once it comes you will be able to download it. Don't u read other people's posts?

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Yeah, right now it seems BlackBerry is testing a preview version of Skype on preview devices. I don't see any problem with that.

BBX-I Said it!

On the Q10??!! WTF!! And the Z10???!! BlackBerry, you re such amateurs people...! bye bye BlackBerry I hope never use BlackBerry anymore...

Posted via CB10

"bye bye BlackBerry I hope never use BlackBerry anymore... "

Do you even OWN a Blackberry? Dude you are more alarmist than Chicken Little at a sky falling contest. You seem to be complaining for the sake of complaining.

Why the eff wouldn't they put it out for both devices
That just killed my vibe for the day
F*cking dumb

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The z10 needs to have the 10.1 update for Skype to work properly. Once the update is released you will be able to download it

Posted via CB10

Ahh the end of an more complaining about Skype or whatsapp, or netflix...sigh

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Every few calls keep crashing the phone (entire phone just suddenly restarts). Its also very slow. All other apps work fine. Im on DAC with I know this is a Skype Preview (as labelled in BB World) and I don't have the final OS/HW, but I have this feeling the whole Skype on BB endeavour will be a disaster.

"I know this is a Skype Preview (as labelled in BB World) and I don't have the final OS/HW, but I have this feeling the whole Skype on BB endeavour will be a disaster."

Preview software on non-final hardware. You are in prime position to have issues. Doesn't spell doom for the rest of us. Don't the Dev units only have 1GB of RAM?

The Z10 can run Skype fine as long as MS wants the application on the BB Platform.

Dev Apha C is very close to final hardware (2 GB ram - its really SQN100-3 in a difference case), but the point is that everything else (including other "heavy" android ports) work relatively good on it while Skype does not. Lets not waste time on this comment at the moment but lets come back to it in two weeks and revisit ;-)

Yip, 2GB, 1.1GB free most of the time. That's w/o Skype running. Crashes my DAC, so couldn't tell you what it is with running Skype.

Z10 owners, chill out. You're not missing much today.

This isn't going to work out so well ...

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I installed it on my Dev Alpha C and as soon as I signed in with my skype account details the whole phone ground to a halt for about 2 minutes, presumably whilst my skype contacts were added and the hub integration set up. Literally the phone was unusable during this period - a bit disappointing given the QNX idea of no app taking out the phone and consuming lots of resources. I think the "preview" tag is justified, but that being said - I haven't made any video calls, but the text chats work well once the app has finished installing.

BlackBerry launch the z10, the q10 is not available but Skype is available on the q10??!!? We don't have Skype, shazam and many of the most used apps on the other platforms...! windows phone on nokia looks even better because they have the apps...!!! thorsten heinz said, we will launch something incredible... I agree but today, if "the Apps" are not available on the OS, the OS is NOTHING...!! Is BlackBerry really professional??! The look fucking amateur...!

Posted via CB10

You are a supremely patient person! :) Obviously BB wants Skype on all their platforms, it's not just UP TO THEM. Skype and Microsoft have something to say about this.

BB10 has MOST of the apps I need and many that aren't available can be easily sideloaded.

IMHO the OS and the Browser are the Z10 Killer Apps!

BLACKBERRY?? theres the right spelling : "MICROSOFT" same goes for all the other apps you mentioned, they promised it and its still not ready, thats not a blackberry matter.

We will be able to download it on our z10 when the software update comes?! Please say yes.!!

Posted via CB10

cali10 its only currently working on software versión 10.1 ,which z10 should get in may aswell, and then z10 will be able to download Skype .

Posted via CB10

They are. The only thing that really needs to be done is do is for ill informed complainers to take five seconds to acquaint themselves with the latest facts before posting.

Skype is coming, we've waited for a long time and the extra couple of days / weeks won't kill you. At least now it is visibly near...

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL

Seems Skype is going to be half as* made port with reboots, poor battery life and questionable availability aka that device this os build blah blah.

Skype is available on all major oses since 2011. It is 2013 and so we are told you need 10.1 to run it. So does it mean 10.0 is so ridiculously poor it can not run in 2013 what other oses could do 2 years ago? Or does it mean Skype is poky port? From android. Why not getting android phone then....

Posted via CB10

It would be awesome if they only release it for the q10. Or even more awesome if Verizon doesn't release 10.1 for the z10 until a few months after the q10 is available.

Posted via CB10

R u kidding me I have the z10 since the 1st day it came out. No viber. No Skype and no instagram. Great job blackberry. Now it's time for galaxy 4

Posted via CB10

To be honest. I could care less bout Skype. But I am very disappointed that they would only put a app out that's only comparable for one phone wow. Way to win customers. Lmao

Posted via CB10

Nothing for Z10 users?! To say I'm vexed is an understatement, however I'm glad it's on less app for users to wait on, it is more focused ti business users.

Posted via CB10 by my Z10

This is still bullshit BlackBerry still not getting it right i don't care what they gotta say they are moving at turtle pace.

Posted via CB10

It took apple years to put cut and paste into the iPhone, but a month for Skype is a "Snails Pace". Got it...

Posted via CB10

Lol the childish RAGE that si many people have here is hilarious.


Posted via CB10

Chill, Skype will be out for the z10 once 10.1 is released which should be pretty soon. This is only a preview to get out some of the bugs before the major release.

Posted via CB10

Even after skype come out, ppl will always have another app release to complain about. Thats just life...

Heck, they are complaining about putting so much police resource to catching the boston suspect for crying out loud!

Posted via CB10

Z10 are the first owner of OS10 and RIM is not allowing Skype for Z10 that's really sucks......

Posted via CB10

Please read the other comments: it is not 'not allowed for Z10'. It is not available YET because there is no BB10.1 for Z10 yet. That is believed to happen very soon, most likely around the time the Q10 is launched. And no, I don't think that Blackberry will be keeping 10.1 back for the Z10 for any period of time to boost Q10 sales, just because people would buy that phone over a Z10 for the sake of getting Skype a couple of weeks earlier. The Q10 will sell on QWERTY and battery. So, if I were a betting man, I'd give odds for Skype on Z10 within May. I can live with that!

Some people say it work under android runtime so that means a port but other say it doen't run under android runtime. So is there someone who checked skype ?

From the comments of other posters, you could conclude that this is because (most likely, unless you are holding out on us and you have an official 10.1 for the Z10 in which case you are obliged by CrackBerry Law to share) the 10.1 you have on your Z10 is a hybrid, unofficial OS. There are things missing from it, and apparently it is something needed to run Skype. (Android runtime of the correct version?) So, unless something else pops up, we'll have to wait for the official BB10.1 release for Z10.


Here comes another tease for Z10 owners, life doesn't get easy does it ... oh well on a bright side at least Blackberry has skype now..I'll wait more lol talk about dangling the carrot! Some people need to chill out too..better to have a working App that works..than having to read endless drive, when peeps start complaining

Posted via CB10

Pretty poor planning. I thought they would have learned from release blunders and an incomplete app ecosystem. Can they just roll out with 2 damn phones with all the necessary apps for each... at the same time I might add. Come on BlackBerry. This isn't kindergarten anymore. Also, waiting for an update for z10 so I can start sending emails again. Sending emails with a .me email address results in your email being all garbled and unreadable. Come on guys.

Posted via CB10

I don't need skype, but it still a kick in the balls for people who bought the z10 and boosted blackberry sales so they even can come out with the delayed Q10 looking good. And even a double kick for people with the omap Z10 who couldn't even pass their time waiting tinkering with leaked os and not available games due to hardware restrictions.
Just saying.

Z10 Flavour since 12.2.13

So, there is an article and lots of comments explaining the situation, but it doesn't look like you thought you had to read it before you mouthed off. It is coming with the BB10.1 update for the Z10, which will (very likely) be pushed out soon after Q10 gets released. And here you are, stating that it is stupid that Z10 does not have Skype. You don't seem that bothered with the facts, huh?
So yes, the combination of the actual article, all the helpful comments and clarifications and then your comment does have one _stupid_ element, to use your own word. Care to guess what it is?

The header of the article is wrong. What can I do. Where is 10.1 for Z10. This is also stupid as you are.

Right. Sure, the header should have been different, if the article had been about something else entirely. Nice of you to demonstrate some more of your logic, it helps me understand how you got to produce such a quality comment in the first place.
Next time you encounter traffic lights, please remember that even if you want to pretend that red means go, it may be unwise to proceed

10.1 will bring Skype. Z10 does NOT have 10.1 yet. Even the beta that leaked of 10.1 doesnt allow it (and cannot download from app world on even later versions). Relax it will be available.

Awesome frigge news. I have the z10. I don't mind waiting knowing that there is an official time frame

Good news for BlackBerry as a whole

Powered by BB10

People here get insane about the Q10 and skype but the fact is that the Q10 will be at store in may and that people who testing the Q10 are now getting skype to test. To test it they need it 2 download. Yes indeed from
the blackberry app world. It's only in the app world for the Q10 so don't look anymore or try it to install :) we have to sit it out till the second week of may.

Dude, do us all a favor and read the article and the comments. It's coming. It will be soon. Wait for 10.1.

This is awful how can these people from blackberry have Skype available for Q10 but don't have it for the Z10 these people retarded and the Z10 was on the market for almost 3 months, the reason I switch from the iPhone was the taught of being able to video call with skype and yahoo messenger and still have bbm was a great feeling and now all this time have pass but they don't have video yet but the Q10 that is not even release have it already!!!!!! I mite have well go back to iPhone

Posted via CB10

We stuck with you and got a z10, facing the harsh ridicule of iPhone users. And you stiff us on the biggest app we have all been patiently waiting for! So sad.

Posted via CB10

like Fnen90 said, breathe... You're not left out. The only people who at this moment get Skype on BB are people with Q10's (which is not officially released yet) or Dev devices (and they are Valuable People, as they actually build the ecosystem, so let them have their perks, please). Who knows, when they roll out the Q10, you may get 10.1 and Skype for the Z10 the same day?! Let's dream about that, and let the iPhone users ridicule whatever they want. I don't usually listen all that closely to them, too busy being productive with my BB...

Just had to post again because im still wrapping my mind over this. The one key app that said that would be available for bb10 during th pre launch an launch of the z10 is now available on blackberry world for a phone that most people won't even be able to get probably on average on may 1st and not for the current BlackBerry 10 people. (guess they should have said Skype is coming with 10.1 and not be10).... dunno, just a hard blow for people that were supporting blackberry through their comeback.

Z10 Flavour since 12.2.13

Question is, when does Skype update their website with the list of devices their app is available for? :-)

I have a Z10. I am not pleased that SKYPE is not available for my device. I can only hope that an OS update will fix this (and other issues). Yes, I love my Z10...

Calm Down and BlackBerry on.

My gosh, you people are frickin annoying... It's on the Q10 first because Q10 is shipping with OS10.1 and the carriers right now are testing BB10.1 and will be releasing the OS within the next few weeks, if not sooner.

Skype needs 10.1 to run, so everyone, chill and stop getting your panties all knotted up


So uh are we talking Z10 10.1 when Q10 gets released PERIOD, or when Q10 comes to your country/carrier?

Not trying to spread FUD just unsure. If carriers in the US don't make approving a 10.1 update a priority we are in for a massive watch paint dry molasses type of situation that is going to cause more Z10 returns.

I think and hope what you mean is 10.1 will come soon after official BlackBerry launch of Q10.


I hate these people who are trying to be smart when they are not. The forum is created for all of us to impress our thoughts and feelings. So shut up and don't try to silence those who are free to impress their complaints. If you think that you are better BB fun than you are sadly mistaken.
Don't try to be the blackberry spokesman when you are not. There are more developers with blackberry A and B devices than with C so it is not right to say that developers taking care of by getting the skype app. We all understand the importance of having big developers cause we all benefit from it, however the end user is the most important part of the chain. There are millions of blackberry Z10 owners out there that are anxiously waiting for this app and when thay see it available on Q10, but not on Z10 they get frustrated: no excuses from BlackBerry.
When big developer is not willing to devlop we can say it is out of their control, but when the app is ready and OS is not I will let you to decide whose fault is it.
BlackBerry is always been slow on ecosystem side.

Posted via CB10

bravo!!!! +1000000

it is funny, super-duper-qnx-hot-modern 10.0 os is not good enough to run app that other OSes had since 2010/2011.

i don't care if it is because of Android runtime. It is lack of commitment and seriousness of RIM - release OS with Android runtime which was already 15 month old? What? Either make Skype and other biggies happen native, or include modern runtime.

sheep are easy to ship, they can even fly until they ground

wow allot of ignorant folks out there. It's ok not to know something. It's not ok to fail to properly inform yourselves. No wonder the world is the way it is. Can't believe there isn't someone here asking if the app is coming to the 9850.

FINALLY, all those whiners for Skype will shut on to the Netflix babies.... (I have any desire to use either service...Netflix is utter garbage...but at least all the stupid comments will be gone)

BlackBerry Z10 OS 10.0
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.1
BlackBerry Playbook WiFi OS 2.1

Guys! Chill up! It's a beta and it's only available for the Q10! And guest what... the Q10 is still not available! so what's up with all this failure and BlackBerry failed us? 10.1 is not even available. BlackBerry put out Skype on appworld so that reviewers with Q10 models can download it and try it!

Posted via CB10

Why does the Z10 doesn't have skype yet? I am sure that the Q10 will have viber before the Z10! Skype and viber conspiracy against the Z10 :)

Posted via CB10

What's Skype?

Is it a drug that causes aggression when one suffers from withdrawal?

Don't worry, your fix will come soon enough. Z10 and Playbook users prepare for the update. 10.1 here we come.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

Great progress so far by BlackBerry! First update fixed battery, etc. Now the next BIG update in the coming weeks.

Posted via CB10

We waited a long time for our Z10's I can wait for Skype. It's better than the other day around.

Posted via CB10

I am extremely happy with my Z10 and more than happy to wait for apps the phone itself is an amazing device. It's like some of you can't just be happy and supportive of BBY - its typical of the instant gratification generation - this false sense of entitlement just kills me. Be patient and all will fall into place - have faith and be thankful for what we have. As for those talking about the Z10 being legacy hardware shake your head.

Posted via CB10

We are not whining. In fact we have been patient for 3 months when we were mislead to think skype was available on jan 30th. Whats upsetting is the article says z10 owners will be able to get skype AFTER Q10 gets it... Don't matter if its a few days after or a few weeks, its the principle...Thats a slap in the face to z10 owners. So we have a right to be tad bit upset. But it is what it is, what can we do but wait, moving on :)

Posted via CB10

You're going to start to see a domino effect with this news. Many top apps will follow and soon, The 120,000+ apps in BlackBerry World will reach nearly double. Things can only go up from here.

oh yeah, sorry but it seems to be a port. Android port. No app goodness.

Because RIM will loose with its Androido appies. Why? Simple. Key lime pie 5.0 is released in few month. All apps updated including Skype. New features & etc. RIM? Sorry guys, our runtime is obsolete again. In coming month of 2019 you will have new firmware along with launch of Y10.

Such approach, when competition releases top phones every 6 month = going into popo at full speed.

apple (invincible? lol) tried to play it slow. And? profit is down first time since iphone introduction. Great, RIM you are aint apple

indeed, and the real idiots are those who don't get that the real problem is the app is a port. Android will go 5.0 soon. Apps updated. RIM again will struggle to merely put out upgraded runtimes to support apps for os 10 should be native or they will loose never seeing 2015

When will Skype be available for PlayBook!?


Kidding :) nice to see this "actually" happen! Will have to start using Skype more.

Posted via CB10

That's nice. Software for a phone that is not out yet and is not compatible with the phone that is out.

Talk about assbackwards.


Wow. This post was supposed to be positive since Skype final is coming soon, and everyone is asking questions answered in the first few replies. Why can't people read before posting?

This isn't a final version, dont take it as a working Skype. It's only a developer version, not for regular customers who don't have Dev C anyway, nor Q10.

10.1 is also coming to the Z10, but they obviously need to focus on another flagship phone that will probably sell better than Z10.

Skype will also come to Z10 quite soon.

And my personal opinion: now that both screen resolutions will be out, all future apps will come out at the same time on touch or Qwerty phones.

Posted via CB10

Reading should be a prerequisite to posting.

Good job and get it out to all now.

Posted via CB10

Wow, all these people complaining about Skype not coming to Z10 and that are saying that they're getting stiffed are either really stupid or really lazy not reading the article properly or other people's comments. Skype is coming to Z10 when BB 10.1 is released for Z10(which will be around the Q10 release). The reason why Q10 has it for now is cuz it will come with 10.1 and is getting tested. Funny how everyone is quick to judge BlackBerry. For God sake apple took forever to make their phones LTE capable and still don't have NFC and their "Fans" weren't even mentioning it let alone pulling shitfits.

Posted via CB10

Why would u have an app for a phone that's not even out yet??
Like we all have z10 push it out for us.

Posted via BlackBerry z10

Posted via CB10

The first bullet point is "Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free* over 3G or WiFi."

Does this mean that Skype currently does not work over 4G LTE or should we expect this functionality in a future release ?

The comments on this article make me fear for the overall intelligence of the BlackBerry user.

The Q10 and the Z10 are different devices with different OS versions due to screen resolution and some key features like type and go, and keyboard shortcuts, and dark theme in bbm and contacts, etc. Carriers will not evaluate two OS's at the same time, so I ask you, what is more important, getting the Q10in the market for the millions waiting or get Skype on the Z10 first.

Also BlackBerry didn't promise Skype for launch, if you go back and watch, they said, and I quote "Skype is committed to blackberry" and that's it. There was no timeline.

You selfish, whining Z10 owners who refuse to comprehend common sense will have your 10.1 upgrade, and thus, Skype by BlackBerry Live.

Give it a break and get off your high horse "what about me" complaining BS.

Posted via CB10

Great news for the BlackBerry users.

Hope in Malaysia BlackBerry users have BlackBerry 10.1 update to their bb10 devices.

Like those days, why Malaysia users bored about BlackBerry, because the mobile networks and the BlackBerry distributor didn't update the OS always, that's the worst part!

Posted via CB10

Wtf we Z10 owners should of gotten it first.

Bad bad bad BlackBerry this is terrible to launch it for q10 and not have it for Z10 first.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Pésimo, primero nos tuvieron a la expectativa por mucho tiempo del Z10 y luego nos tienen esperando una actualización del OS, deberían conservar a los usuarios fieles que son los primeros que compran un nuevo blackberry. Realmente muy decepcionado

I'm tired of carrying around 2 devices in order to answer a Skype call from my kids. Get your butt in gear BlackBerry! Make it happen for the Z10!!

Doesn't that suck? The first ones to get the new blackberries will be the last ones to get most of the new apps.

Posted via CB10

FINALLY! Now we just need a BlackBerry with convenience keys (a dedicated camera key & another to make anything you wish), IR Blaster and USB Hosting.

P.S. We also need OS10 for the PB.

It's a tad bit on the slow side, but slow Skype is better than no Skype!

I really do hope that they eventually make a native version to harness the full potential of the device

Just got to wait until after a10 launch and then will be available for z10. It could sway people to get the a10 since it will have Skype.

Posted via CB10

Since Skype will be available upon launching of device, hope WhatsApp and Viber will be available too so that would make the Q10 a more comprehensive business communication tool. Just can't wait...

One thing I've learnt, wait for at least 3 months before buying a phone with a new OS. I had my 9900 set up just right, but I just had to have to new Z10 the day it came out (error)

Posted via CB10

F*ck you blackberry until now no f*cking skype z10. This mobile phone is waste of money.

Posted via CB10

What about Skype for z10!! Is there any chance to add this application in z10 world? I bought this device and still waiting for many applications to be added.

Posted via CB10

I can't believe this has come out for the Q10 and not the Z10, the people that rushed out to get and support the Z10 getting the shaft....

Posted via CB10

I got my Q10 device May 2nd and downloaded Skype preview. Tried it twice and it worked quite well on Wi-fi. When I go under my profile, it says I have 20 video calls left. What happens after that? Is not not useable anymore?

When people update their status on BBM, it shows all the updates. How do you clear these off on the Q10? On my 9360, I would just hit menu key and click clear all.