Skype for BlackBerry 10 updated to improve video calling and messaging

By Bla1ze on 8 Feb 2014 12:50 am EST

Back in October Skype for BlackBerry 10 got a nice update that brought a new UI but since then the app hasn't any other updates. Now though, a new release is filtering through BlackBerry World that will hopefully improve the overall experience when using the app. As noted in the change log, the update addresses some bugs with video calling and messaging. Outside of that, Skype just noted 'other improvements' as being the biggest change. In any case, the update is live now in BlackBerry World.

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Skype for BlackBerry 10 updated to improve video calling and messaging


When BBM Video is available for iPhone and Android so the rest of my family has it then yeah, I'll be ditching Skype.

It sounds perfect, by I use a Skype TV cam for video chat with my parents overseas, unless BBM video can make to my parents camera I don't think I can ditch Skype,

I downloaded Skype when it first came out...haven't been impressed. I prefer BBM Video Chat.
Still, good to hear have it. First.


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+1 it has improved a lot. 10.2.1 and the new skype update makes it feel almost native.

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LMFAO You didn't get first!!! Makes you look very ummm childish... and I don't care if it makes me childish, the fact remains, you said first and didn't get first!! SO that is HILARIOUS!!

Anyone brave enough to see if they've solved the issue with Skype duplicating contacts even when the option to sync with the address book is turned off?

No, the contact duplication issue is still there!!! For me it is since October not usable application, it is totally spying your phone, which I really hate and unfortunately if you need to use Skype, then only desktop version. I tried the latest skype version for BlackBerry and seeing nothing big happened to it, no changes to UI I just removed it form my BlackBerry 10...

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Ya I booted it awhile ago. Couldn't take the multiple duplication if contacts anymore. I had one persons contact info 15 times. Drive me nuts!

...we are all connected...

The contact duplication has been solved with Skype, Viber and Tango. The only thing you might think is a bug is when you first open Skype and it seems to add a new contact, it doesn't. However it adds the skype details of your skype contact and you have to link it to your existing contact (if you have one).
That only happens once and it doesn't duplicate anymore like crazy. As a matter of fact is the key to solving your duplicating contacts not the messaging systems out there.
My wife had 1200 contacts including duplicates, when she updated to, all her duplicates went away and dropped down to 812 without deleting anything...
If you have your contacts issue should not be a problem anymore. Now the question is, is the new Skype compatible with That I'm not willing to venture.

Thank you for that clear description. Puts my mind at rest.

Contacts mystery was getting me down now and then and I love the Z10.

I'm on 1925 and have been much happier with things. I think there was some proximity sensor error before also, which was causing me grief with lost calls. Not anymore. It's really sweet now.

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Got it on my Z10, which is on 10.2.1

Not getting it on my Q10, which I left on 10.2, because I dislike the Android call buttons. Prefer to swipe down instead of sideways.

Please, BBRY, bring it back as an option!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I agree that the call answer screen should be an option to toggle. I'm not updating to 10.2.1 until that is addressed because I too think it looks like Android and I don't like it.

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Skype is dead to me after their aversion to developing native app for BlackBerry. Sooner BBM goes cross platform video the better.

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I'm guessing you weren't around when people were crying to have a Skype app on their Blackberries.

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And we still don't have it. Just buggy Android port.

Read the reviews in BBWorld, they're still crying.


The contacts bug has been fixed. It's still on by default, but when you turn the contact sync off, it removes the added contacts like it should. Looks pretty good so far, although I haven't tried video calling.

Ha! Spoke too soon. It ran okay for a while and then started making duplicate contacts again. What garbage!

Okay. Last thing I've noticed. After it made duplicates, I checked the settings and it still said "don't sync". I selected it again, and it deleted all the duplicates automatically. So better than before, but still not fixed.

What I'm interested in is does it now sign in automatically when phone is rebooted? Used too when first released but been unable to get it to work ever since. Also I have no Skype icon in the hub.

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I was curious Blaze( incorrect spelling) as to want you and yuan were saying, even though it's none of my business? 8}

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Go to your PC or use browser, and try Google or Bing translator. Can't copy and paste from the app.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

No update yet for me but I don't use it much it's annoying with the duplication of contacts and all

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I'm thinking about deleting skype just so bbw would stop telling me to update skype, lol.

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Since the last OS update the duplication issue regarding the contacts has been fixed. The update to Skype seems to have improved the battery life. I have left Skype running for the past two hours since the upgrade and my battery has remained constant and the battery heating has also stopped. I am impressed. Seems to be working perfectly now.

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Native, native, native.
Permissions, permissions, permissions.
Security, security, security.

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Not on Q10 on 10.2 - not updated yet, because of Droid call buttons. Fully agree with your avatar!

Got it on Z10 on 10.2.1. The Android answer buttons ruined the update for me. That was so unique!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

A huge piece of junk just got updated to an even bigger one.

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This is one update I don't mind not being notified about. That's just me though. I know the rest of you absolutely love it.

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Actually, thanks for reminding me I was going to delete this pschidt! Doing that now. Cheers :)

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Isn't this just another android port? An older one at that. The one in BlackBerry World is version 4.4 but if you download it from Snap it is 4.5.

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BlackBerry needs to roll out the BBM desktop client asap! The Skype app continues to stink. It froze on me and it lags terribly. I had to resort to Google Talk to message someone on their computer. And that app is buggy too. Keep moving, BlackBerry!

I'm using Skype for Android what I got from Amazon Apps!
Working great and it did support UTF-8
The version of Skype for BB 10 didn't support our language!

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Skype update available for phones with10.2.1 (︶︹︺)

What version do you have?

3.2 ☑ or 4.4 ☐ (︶︹︺)

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Skype seems to be working on my Q10 so I might leave this update for a while...

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Already un-installed. No thanks, not when you have a superior BBM Video running circles around it.

Skype is crappy as ever. That is as predictable as death and taxes.

Skype is a perfect example of Microsoft's operating philosophy and why it will never go anywhere in the mobile world. A half a$$ effort by a dinosaur of a company.

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When bb10 first came out, i was hell bent in getting Skype, to me it was the make or break app.
Looking back, i didn't use it as much as I thought I would, and Skype video quality is horrible compared to bbm video.
The quality is so bad, it's annoying, and makes the whole experience a drag.
in no way am I saying it's absolute shit, but when you put them side by side bbm video is hands down better.
Still happy that Skype is on bb10, but i hardly use it anymore.
Also this isn't a BlackBerry issue either, because the quality is the same on android and ios so i am guessing it's a Skype thing

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I have to use Skype "reluctantly" on Q10 and only because many contacts prefer it.
What I dislike the most:
- it stays in memory even after signing off, occupying about 60MB of memory and consuming 0.6-0.7% of battery charge per day. Not much, but annoying.
- Skype Video is reall battery killer. About 1.5% of charge per minute and temperaturs goes up over 40C.

Ditto Ditto and Ditto to all of you. This app made me hate it for the contacts issues. It made a mess for me. The only reason I kept it was BBM video is not available for IOs and android. Once it comes BYE BYE Skype.

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Skype? Seriously?
It can't manage a 1 hour video call without breaking up, dropping the call or making you sound like you're underwater.

BBM Video can easily manage 7+ hours with call quality so good you think the person's next to you (even when that person's 35,000 feet above you over the Atlantic).

Agree! I don't even use Skype any more because BBM Voice and Video are that much better. As CJH_ said - the other person sounds like they're right next to me, even if they're thousands of miles away. Kudos to the BBM team - that's my preference by far.

I switched to the latest version from android using Snap. It runs great but maybe ill download the official... I still feel like they are half assing the BB version though

We need Bbm video NOW cross platform

We don't need Skype to be better than Bbm, it won't help BlackBerry one bit

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I'm on 10.1 on my Z10. I use Skype for both, personal and business means. I've never had a contact duplication issue and the video call quality depends on the speed of my internet connection. The fact is, BBM video is not available in many countries (I never got to use it) and cannot be used while you're on cellular data connection and last, not everyone has BBM as widely as Skype. So I guess the usage of Skype depends on your need, not on your biased perception.

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Thank you to all of you willing to mess around with this & report. You saved me a lot of time. Skype is gone. Hurry up bringing full BBM function to all devices BlackBerry!

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I just did a voice call and a video call on the new updates Skype.
I must say am impressed. The quality was fluid. Not laggy as it was before. Even the UI is improve and does not freeze.

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I truly hope Skype fixes all the issues cause like it or not I have to use it for some important professional /work related interviews

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So after installing it I get a "notificaton" Skype is available...yeah, yeah... so I delete it, and then it re-appears. Shutting it off via Taskmanager isn't enough... any suggestions short of uninstalling it? I'm really waiting for BB for iPhone, Android and Desktop

How does Skype video quality stack up against bbm video ?

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It sucks. My friend and I could never use it when we needed it. Needless to say we never need it. She now has Z30 and is a very happy BlackBerry user ever since.

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This app sucks.

-Bugs while logging in
-Crashes from time to time
-Duplicate, triplicate, and much more contacts to make me think that I have hundred of friends
-Video quality worthing the settings of an old Android phone
-Battery drainer to turn your phone into an iToy
-Turns your phone into a great heater for winter
-Voice sounds a battle droid
-Laggy and freezy
-Settings limited to minimal and non-functional in most cases (contact sync for example)
-Privacy intrusive like the NSA
-Permissions impossible to change
-Droid port
-Microsoft product
-Boring blue colors
-Impossible to have sex with it
-Fart app compared to BBM

Well, I guess I summed it all up...

Why use Skype anymore? For me BBM video calling works more than alright. Sorry but don't need it...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Sometimes I try Skype to pretend being US local for conference calls to lower fees but after years trying Skype is not usable there. No conference system I tried to connect can recognize conference code... Google is full of very same complaint. After recent fail I removed it again.

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So here's a summary of what's changed:
Basically it takes full advantage of the recently released Skype 4.4 for Android with HD video support and fixes some minor cosmetic issues (for instance Picture in Picture adjusts properly between landscape and portrait mode).
It does address the repeated Contact Sync issue; cleaned up the Contacts mess on my BlackBerry.
Also it adds Skype to the BlackBerry Share options; effectively this means images and documents can be sent as a Skype file transfer from any Share screen.
It does require to take full advantage of its features; the new Android player provides smoother operation than previously.
While not a native app, it does integrate with Contacts, works with Hub notifications and, as mentioned above, Skype file transfer is an option in BlackBerry Share. When someone calls me while the app is closed it does open up the app to answer the call.
You can check Battery and CPU usage in the new App Manager's Device Monitor. When idle in background its battery usage is about 1% on two of my devices.

BlackBerry don't put BBM video chat available on android or iOS just improve the call feature if they want video chat they should get a BlackBerry 10 that's it... they've been hating BlackBerry 10 since it came out

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Call me when they allow you to remove the skype contacts from the contacts app (moverover after every update they doube -.- i have 4 different instances of the same skype contact)

if skype ever came out with a native bb10 app , couldnt I, in theory, ditch my cell phone plan, get a Skype Number, keep it always running and use that to make voice calls and texts and use a pay-as-u-go data plan ??