Skype for BlackBerry 10 updated with bug fixes and stability improvements

By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2013 03:59 pm EDT

While still listed as a preview, a new version of Skype for BlackBerry 10 is rolling out through BlackBerry World right now and it's noted to include several bug fixes and stability improvements. Noted as being v3.2.439.50, Skype was nice enough to include a full change log to go with it, so here's some of the highlights for you all:

  • Bug fixes in preview window and when switching camera during video calling
  • Improvements in contact search in Skype Directory
  • Easy Skype Credit purchase from within the Skype app
  • Stability improvements and other bug fixes

The issue with switching cameras was a big one for me, so glad to that is being fixed up. If you've been having any issues with the Skype app, go ahead and get yourself updated and let us know in the comments how this new version is working out for you. If you're looking to learn more about Skype or download the app, you can hit the link for the CrackBerry app gallery below.

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Skype for BlackBerry 10 updated with bug fixes and stability improvements


Very true. But I guess if we wait long enough it would come but sometimes these updates don't show up even after asking the pone to check for updates. Skype was one of such...had to dig it out of bb world

They aren't wasting any time, you must not be a developer... It would take much more time to make a fully functional native BlackBerry 10 application from scratch, than keep improving on this one.

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Just wait for 10.2 update with Jelly bean Android 4.2. MS or other big names are monitoring how BB10 is doing before investing time for creating NATIVE apps. Prove the volume then request for native apps. There is at least an Android port which works, well not so great but at least it gets the job done.

You also must not be a developer to think porting skype is this huge effort. I am also not a developer, but managed to get a basis understanding of cascades in 1-2 weeks. Professional developers have been able to make amazing apps in a very short time, because they already know programming and can read documentation. The developer of openwhatsapp managed to port his meego code in a matter of months. Whatsapp themselves were not far behind. Skype is a huge company with lots of developers, not some nerd sitting in his room and posting questions on stackoverflow. The linux version is written in c++ an Qt, guess what, bb10 is unix-like, and native apps are written in c++ and Qt. Not to mention the fact that there is a well developed version for meego itself. This is all politics, with microsoft being dicks as usual. Hope blackberry can also develop a desktop client for bbm to make skype obsolete.

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I'm on Fido's network z10 model stl 100-3 running os been trying to update and keep getting an error message. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Works great for me on a Z10 .. always has. Native would be nice of course, but I don't really spend hours a day on Skype anyway :)

That why i notice BlackBerry in USA are last to get all this upgrade and update still with the old version and that sucks.

I work for a US cell company .. can't say who, and I know some of the delays are FCC and Carriers themselves. I'm not blaming every delay on them, but they are a big part of it. I agree with you completely - it does suck. Wish things would rollout on the US market just as fast, if not first.

When I updated today it said it was out of preview (not exact wording but that was the message).

There was no change log.
Any ideas???

Not downloading the current one won't help that come, Skype is most likely monitoring the downloads to see if it would be worth it to make a native application.

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It's the other way round. If they have large volume they could consider to make a native app, while if there are little downloads they will think it's not worth it. Leave a review and let them know that you want a native app!

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It matters not whether it is 'native' or 'ported': IT WORKS!
I have been waiting a L-O-N-G time for this. HURRAY.

NOW there will be no more perpetual threads in the Forums: "When is Skype coming?"

If I can take anything from this, it's that the Skype team is actively working on the BlackBerry 10 platform which is a good sign of things to come.

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It is good to see them updating the current app rather than just leaving it with bugs.

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Forgive me if I'm wrong but, isn't one of the benefits of having Skype on BlackBerry10 so that you can video, voice and message others not only on on other mobile platforms, but on other computing platforms as a whole. I personally do not use Skype on a mobile device as the main form of video chat, instead using the laptop/desktop program for longer or more planned video chats. Also, I believe that even if BBM was not going cross platform, the Skype would have a very large hill to climb to become the most widely used cross-platform mobile instant messaging client.

Good points.
Also, you can call land lines worldwide at low cost, now from your Blackberry.
The per call rates are low and even lower if you purchase unlimited worldwide or per country services.

For those who commented about BBM cross platform being more important, BBM will not call to land lines and as you said, to devices like PC's, or dedicated calls over internet phones.

Thanks for that comment, it made me chuckle.
Joking aside, yes, I had thought of that, and no I don't consider that a valid point at this stage for a number of reasons. The first being that if the roll out to ios/android is going to be staged, with basic us ability from the outset, then a fully integrated, fully cross platform BBM is a very long way off.
The second is based on my previous comment about the cross platform nature of skype and the different uses that the various platforms provide. Sure, it would be great of BBM became an all singing, all dancing application that every single person had access to, but I'm not sure that's the point.

Posted via CB10 on the Zed.

Not likely for a few reasons.

First of all, bbm cross platform will not initially have voice and video. Who knows how long that will take to arrive.

More importantly, there are already many different cross platform messaging apps. Some people will never come to bbm because they already have something they like.

Do you really believe that hard core apple fan boys will use a blackberry app? I would wager there is a large portion of Android and iPhone users who will not use bbm simply out of principal.

So while bbm for all would be ideal, in reality you will need bbm, Skype, whatsapp, viber and kik. And thats just the big ones.

I'm sure your many "apple friends" are a very, very small percentage of Apple users so for the purposes of this discussion, you cannot use them as solid evidence of a pending trend.

No calls to landlines from BBM either. Many people use Skype as their business line. ;)

From the ZED via CB10.. booyah!

Very true. I just hope blackberry has enough servers to go round for everyone and to maintain speed in delivering pings. Cause its going to be one hell of a global village.

Skype need to go native because this is crap on my Z10... The app locks up my entire phone... I have no idea what this crazy app is doing to completely make my phone useless. I am deleting this app and not installing it again until it is a native app.

Until BlackBerry has a sizable BB10 base I don't think MS will release a native version. I'm happy with this for how much I use it.

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After been a user of BB for ever, the only smartphone I've used. I feel like it's time for a change. I still love BB, they have great potential, however they are moving too slow. I waited for years just for the Z10, now I'm waiting for 10.1 update. I don't have time to keep installing and uninstalling bootleg apps or OS all the time. If the updates are out they should make the carriers roll them out just like they would do for other smartphones. BB have faithful users but they are not being faithful to their users in return.

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I feel your pain, unfortunately, only Apple has the power to force the carriers to let them do their own updates. Thankfully I live in Canada so I don't have to worry about carrier delays

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While it's great to have, and i really needed it for work, in my opinion it still doesn't compare to bbm video chat
Great to know they are working on it though

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For me, whenever I tried to use the app, it just started taking up almost all of the system resources causing the app to refuse to minimize. That's just how buggy it was and it's probably because it's an Android port. As a result, I refuse to use the app until they address that issue is addressed. I really hope that was one of the issues that they fixed with this update.

Looking forward to native Skype, Viber, Instagram... Port-idea is not bad but it strongly interacts with the image of old good secure BB OS.

[...] and what about future?!

Lol nope still kills the battery and makes the phone unbearably hot...just wish they would make a native app for BlackBerry 10 soon.

Other than that it works fine but it's not something u want to use all the time due to the heat issue and battery killing aspect of the app.

Just for the lulz I used Skype on my s3 and it didn't make my phone hot nor did it kill my battery. Spent 30mins skyping with my brother and my battery on the s3 dropped by 5%. Did the same test on my z10 and battery dropped 20% and made it very hot.

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Glad to hear that camera switching bug is being fixed. That & the App's stability have been a big annoyance to me. I prefer not to use skype at all, but have some cases where I need to use it :( This update will hopefully improve those times :)

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Oh and as for the camera switching fix, mine constantly crashed when I switched from front to for it hasn't been fixed sadly.

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Hurry up Oovoo and give us a great cross platform experience. Clearly Skype isn't doing it at the

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I still find it woefully unreliable. Sometimes it logs in, sometimes it doesn't. I find its stability awful.

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Ok, all this is fine and all but where is the 10.1 update that was promised??? All this talk about new things and all, BBM channels etc... beta this and that... where is the promised update???? great phone, great promises, but no delivery - unless you go and hack the version from some website. Even all the talk about 10.2 and all... they can't even deliver 10.1 ?!?! So sad...

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I downloaded Skype today and I can't get the video chat to work I can see the person and hear him but they can only hear me but no video just a blue screen according to them can anyone please help with any insight?
I'm currently on Z10STL100-3/ tmobile and I click once he video icon and then the lil screen comes up but it's just black if o switch camera option it just makes the black screen fill screen and him camera small but still they can't see me???

It matter big time if its a port. Every ported app I've downloaded has required access to all files, contacts, pictures, videos, stored on my device and servers outside my device. And, the ability to edit or delete such items. That's insane. Why don't you all just send them an email with your SIN, blood type, bank account numbers, address, and an open connection to your home computers and blackberry.

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Make sure you update your OS to 10.1 as Skype needs a minimum of 10.1
AT&T has recently released the update for 10.1

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10

I hope somewhere Skype is working on a Native app as this Android has resulted in a lot of negative feedback for them.

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I think that's the way to help get a native app. Download it, so it shows an interest, then leave feedback saying you'd rather have a native solution.

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I decided to skip Skype because it doesn't allow me to control all the security settings. I hate it when my contact list get messed up...

Hi there, i can't seem to work my own camera while using skype id finish updating it but its still the same, it said that tap the camera as my video is off even if its already On. Need your opinion Cb this is frustrating

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Skype is what? Microsoft? Is this app solid on a Windows Phone 8? They have been hyping quick, out-of-this-world improvements since the dawn of Lumia 920, my other phone. They are still struggling with the ability to share files when many other apps made those features the basics, even on their Windows Phone 8 platform.

While it works, I still don't see Skype becoming the front-runners anytime soon.

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Skype for Blackberry 10 has more Skype features than Skype for Windows Phone at the moment.

As for the Android port, those who recommend install to get the user numbers up are on the right track. But recall this is still Preview. And it works well for me; at least now when I leave the home office I can keep on tracking my Skype chat sessions. (but not when driving - that would be illegal here)

The BBM Voice and Video provide excellent quality for both Voice and Video but only with other BB users. Announced at BlackBerry Live keynote: chat with BBM on iOS and Android in late summer; voice and video by year end.

Skype currently provides cross-platform communications with Windows/Mac/Linux PC's, tablets, TV sets and iOS/Android/BB 10/Windows Phone smartphones. And they have the gateways to the PSTN in over 200 countries with low per minute cost. (Unfortunately in most countries, calling a mobile is caller pays; that's why calls to mobile outside US/Canada/Hong Kong/Singapore are so high.)

More here:

Can someone answer when will the BB Z10 users get the official version of Skype ...I guess the BB Z10 users have already gotten tired of waiting the 10.1 to be officially released.

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Skype just gets stuck at the beginning with skype logo. This happened after the update haven't been able to access it since.

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I keep trying to download Skype on my phone, but it keeps saying that the app is unavailable for this device. Help please???

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